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What To Do In Cancun Mexico, Fishing Trips, Scuba Diving, Jet Ski, Parachuting, Tours And Excursions

Updated on July 19, 2017

Beautiful Cancun - In Rush Hour

What is there to do in Cancun Mexico? The list of trips or excursions is virtually endless. Cancun is a paradise islet, set on the coast of subtropical Mexico.

Deep sea fishing trips for the compulsive angler, extreme sports activities for the adrenaline junkies, family shows, amusement and water parks, swimming with whales and dolphins for the family.

Historians and just keen or nosey people may like to look over the ruins of the ancient Mayan civilizations temples and buildings, scuba divers will be enthralled by the corals, wrecks, and statues in clear waters for them to inspect.

Hikers and campers would enjoy the beautiful and surreal surroundings of the mountains, rain forests, and ocean views. Eco tourism in Mexico is excellent, with tree top hotels and guided tours of some of the most unexplored areas of the world, teaming with diverse wildlife and exotic vegetation from dinosaur times.

So what is there to do in Cancun Mexico ? You could always sunbathe !!

Cancun Itself

Cancun is situated on the North East coast of Southern Mexico, and is one of Mexico's most famous tourist hot spots, only second to Acapulco. Formerly a fisherman's island, Cancun has become a paradise for every nationality on the planet. The warm, clear waters of the Caribbean Sea lap gently on the golden beaches to the envy of the world.

Cancun is an island which has been created for the sole purpose of tourism, and every visitor has been more than delighted with their stay, often wishing that their vacation was longer in order to soak up the tropical atmosphere.

Water Sports

Jet Ski Hire Cancun Mexico

The smooth waters surrounding Cancum offer excellent facilities for Jet Skiers to strut their stuff. Jet ski hire is obtainable through the hotel reception or at various places along the beach.

The Nichpute Lagoon is used for awesome jet-ski jungle tours which really take your breath away. Watch out for the local wildlife of crocodiles which seem harmless but who knows.

Scuba Diving Cancun Mexico

Scuba divers of all levels are in for a real treat. Visibility is excellent and the water is warm. Take your time to swim with some of the most colorful fish around as they come close to see what you look like in your funny goggles and wet suit. Stand side by side with underwater statues of times gone by whilst searching for artefacts.

Wreck dive and find the missing treasures of the ancients whilst watching out for the amazing swimming capabilities of the local octopi and the sharks !! Scuba diving lessons in Cancun is a must for all visitors, it is a different world under the ocean. Scuba diving equipment in Cancun can be hired by Padi qualified divers with a deposit and passport.

Swimming With The Sharks Cancun Mexico

The warm waters off of the coast of Mexico make this area an ideal place to swim with sharks. Shark baiting from the ocean bed whilst the divers sit around in a circle watching the sharks swim by their heads is scary stuff.

Sharks over 10 feet in length graciously swim inches from the divers as they converge on the poor man in the middle, holding dead bits of fish. This is an exciting trip for any daredevil visitors, swim with the sharks in Cancun and have a video taken of the experience.

Deep Sea Fishing Cancun

Deep sea fishing trips in Cancun are excellent value and loads of fun. Keen fisherman battle with mighty swordfish, sharks or Marlin of the deep ocean as they try to land the catch of the year.

Sea fishing trips are a fantastic experience for anybody, all trips include food and drinks with on board toilet facilities. Sea fishing trips can be organised for half or full days, night-time or earl evenings.

There are many other water bound adventures to have whilst vacationing in Cancun. Water skiing is fast and furious whilst the kids take a ride on the famous banana boat ride. More popular than ever is wind surfing with many competitions being held here. Kayaking to discover the coast is excellent and parascending is a smooth alternative to parachuting.

Cancun tours can see you in all sorts of exotic locations from Mayan temples to glorious waterfalls. Cancuns night-life is electrifying with an 24 hour party atmosphere if required.

The awesome water parks in Cancun offer swimming with the dolphins at a little extra charge and excursions to tropical rain forests can be booked for almost any day. Cancun is paradise on Earth.

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