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What To Do In Liverpool

Updated on June 21, 2016

Liverpool is a fascinating city with great attractions and lots of places to stay. Liverpool is home of The Beatles and Billy Fury, and was targeted in World War II due to its location and the importance of the ports in Merseyside.

How to travel around Liverpool

Getting around the main sites of Liverpool is easy with public transport. A Saveaway Area C travel ticket will cost you £3.60, for a day of travel on the buses and trains.

Alternatively, you can walk. Liverpool is very walkable. I bought a Saveaway for the first day only- after that i just walked. The signage is excellent- there are lots of signposts showing the way to various attractions, and the estimated time it will take to reach them. I never needed to refer to my map.

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral
Liverpool Anglican Cathedral

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral (free entry)

This is a very grand building with interesting architecture and beautiful stained glass windows, with little nooks for prayer or meditation.

You can pay to go up to the tower and see a nice view of Liverpool if you wish. Try to do it on a day with clear skies!

Also outside, down a ramp there is an old graveyard. It's definitely worth a look if you go to the church. It has a lot of interesting graves, including the sad graves of old orphanages.
Also inside it is Liverpool's only surviving spring, which was discovered in 1773 and was believed to have medicinal properties. Drink some if you're game: I did and can now say I've drunk from a medicinal spring inside a graveyard!

Merseyside Maritime Museum (free entry)

Honestly, I had low expectations for a Maritime museum. But I was pleasantly surprised, and I'm sure you will be too if you give it a chance.

In the basement was the UK Border Agency's museum 'Seized! The Border and Customs Uncovered', which was very interesting and had on display confiscated goods, such as products made from endangered animals, counterfeit branded items, and various items in which illegal goods had been attempted to be concealed, such as inside a walking stick and in hollowed out areas in wooden statues.

The International Slavery Museum is on the third floor and well worth a look, as are the other exhibits in the museum, including one on the Titanic.

Upstairs there is a community room with a desk, a sink, a power point and free Wi-Fi

Merseyside Ferries

Liverpool is on the water, so what visit would be complete without a ferry ride?The River Explorer trip lasts around 45 minutes, with audio commentary and a couple of different stops that you can stop at for a visit. The audio commentary mentions the various attractions at each stop. It can be cold in the outside area, but it's well worth a trip. Listen to the commentary- part of it compares a Liverpool building to the Taj Mahal and Great Wall of China.

Williamson Tunnels

Joseph Williamson was a man who hired workers in the early 1800s to build a series of tunnels underneath Liverpool. The reason he did this is unknown, with theories ranging from 'he did it to give people jobs' to 'they were used for smuggling'. The tunnels are still being unearthed and excavated by volunteers today - the tunnels were filled with rubble after Williamson's death. A mysterious place with secrets yet to be revealed.

It also has a quaint opp shop/charity shop.

St. Luke's Church
St. Luke's Church

St Luke's Church

This is an old church that was bombed in the World War II, in 1941. It has no roof and ivy climbing up some of the walls. This is interesting and well worth a look, but don't expect to stay here too long.

The Beatles attractions

Liverpool is the hometown of the Beatles, and has many attractions dedicated to them. Among the best are:
Casbah Coffee Club
John Lennon's home, Mendips
The McCartney's home, 20 Forthlin Rd

All in all, Liverpool is a great place to visit! Why not stop by during your trip to England?


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