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What To Do In Los Cabos Mexico, Deep Sea Fishing Trips, Jet Ski Hire, Scuba Diving, Extreme Water Sports, Mayan Temples

Updated on December 17, 2015
Mexico Vacations In Los Cabos
Mexico Vacations In Los Cabos

Visiting Mexico is a must before you die.

What to do in Los Cabos Mexico ? Mexico is an amazing country offering totally different vacations for everybody from the adrenaline junkie to grandad.

Deep sea fishing charters, jet skiing, and scuba diving will definitely keep some of the younger adults entertained, whilst dad goes and plays a round of golf. Los Cabos vacations are going to blow your mind.

Eco tourists will be blown away by the phenomenal Mexico tropical rain forest tours whilst whole families can take advantage of swimming with the dolphins or visiting one of the many theme parks in the area.

If history is your thing, a special trip to one of the temples of the Ancient Mayan civilisation may take your fancy, these insightful tours are out of this world.

Tourist Warning: Police and Taxi drivers kidnap tourists, a continuing threat.

If relaxing on golden beaches whilst crystal clear waters gently lap on the shores, then Los Cabos is the place for you.

Take a scenic balloon ride or travel on a parascending boat trip to enjoy the fabulous view from the sky above the sea. Join in the many street carnivals or parties and enjoy the 24 hour party atmosphere whilst the electrifying nightlife envelopes your soul.

Parachute jump over the depths of the jungle with a tandem or solo exhilarating parachute jump to bring in a new day in the tropical country of Mexico.

Or you could always sunbathe and enjoy the local fantastic cuisine, maybe a spa day and a massage, or a romantic coastline cruise. Day trips Los Cabos offer diversity, culture and whatever your pleasure, you can find almost anything in Los Cabos.

Jet Ski Hire Los Cabos
Jet Ski Hire Los Cabos
Sea Fishing Charters
Sea Fishing Charters
Learn How To Scuba Dive
Learn How To Scuba Dive
Whale Watching Trips Los Cabos
Whale Watching Trips Los Cabos

Water Sports In Los Cabos

Jet Skiing

Strut your stuff whilst getting wet and wild with jet ski hire from around Los Cabos. Power your way into the ocean with a mean machine between your legs, show off your aerial acrobatics and put the locals to shame. Or you could simply try one and travel at a slower speed enjoying wet romantic moments, or take the kids for a joy ride of their lives.

Seep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing excursions or charters are excellent for half or full day trips into the blue yonder. Charter a boat with a captain with all the equipment included as well as bait, or take the mother-in-law as extra bait just in case. Fish for sharks, Marlin or other fantastic creatures of the sea with these cheaper than you think sea fishing trips.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving equipment is for hire as well as scuba diving lessons which are cheap and utterly fantastic. Dive into a surreal world and swim with the fishes. Take the mother-in-law with you and give her the concrete flippers, the vacation would then be awesome.Scuba diving is classed as extreme sport but even after an hours lesson on the beach you can go diving in the sea with your instructor.

The clear waters allow for excellent viewing and the underwater kingdom of this planet is magical. Experienced divers can wreck dive and explore underwater caves teeming with marine life and search for treasure in the silky smooth sands.

Whale Watching

Watch whales from the comfort of a sleek motorboat which is ideal for a kodak moment. Or take the plunge and don scuba diving equipment and swim with the whales and have a stroke or two in the warm water with the worlds biggest fish. This experience is second to none as the huge mammals display there friendliness. Please move out of the way if they are jumping out of the ocean for a big belly flop.

Ancient Mayan Temple Trips From Los Cabos
Ancient Mayan Temple Trips From Los Cabos
Rain Forest Trips Mexico
Rain Forest Trips Mexico

Land Tours And Trips Los Cabos

Los Cabos is uniquely situated on a peninsula of Mexico and is virtually surrounded by sea. Some of the spectacular trips include tours of the Mayan Temples.

Walk in the footsteps of an ancient civilization that lived and died thousands of years ago, but left their homes for us to walk around in.

Seek out the original birth place of your dreaded mother-in-law and discover the mysterious answers to her origins and how she has lived for so long. Although not to close to Cabos, trips are available from hotels and tourists centres.

Historical Note: The Mayans invented the first solar powered battery. Scientists discovered that the Mayans used a ceramic pot, straw bung, and a metal rod to harness the suns heat. But, they still do not know what it was used for.

The Mayan were also allegedly wiped out due to various diseases brought over by Europeans.

Tropical Rain Forests

Eco warriors can visit the magical rain forests and get a taste of paradise. These rain forests provide indigenous animals with shelter and food, and also provide tourists with an in-depth insight into these natural wonders of the world. These tours can be educational and fun as well as slightly dangerous, be careful.

Tourist Warning: Violent girl gangs in Mexico.

Other fantastic trips include quad bike riding where adventure is the key. Rapid jet ski trails through the local jungles where viewing, or at least not hitting the local alligators, is recommended. Banana boat rides for the kids, snorkeling adventures with the marine life, dance the night away with calypso music or modern tunes from around the globe.

Mexico, the land of wonder, land of beauty, an exotic paradise where the whole family will always find something to do almost 24 hours a day. Enjoyyour Los Cabos Vacation.


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    • profile image

      devon-bred 6 years ago

      I'm off to Cabo next week and there has been no information so far about Mayan Ruins or lush rain-forests... The only information I have on either shows that they are on the 'mainland' some 4-6 hours flight away with the Mayans in particular settling on the Yakatan Peninsula (near Cancun).

      I'm just wondering if you've been to Cabo and visited these places, I'd certainly like to check them out if they're nearby...

    • profile image

      gogogo 6 years ago

      very good info for travelers to Cabo

    • ehow101 profile image

      ehow101 6 years ago from LA

      I'd really love to go there one day.