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Visit Mt. Washington In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:Ranked As The 2nd Most Beautiful Places In America

Updated on April 26, 2013
Atop Mt. Washington
Atop Mt. Washington | Source

The Beautiful Mt. Washington

Mt. Washington in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is one of the best steep hills overlooking a beautiful city skyline in America. Attached to Its side is the Monongahela incline which is almost parallel to Mt. Washington's peak. It is a precipitous climb to the top.

Red electric cables cars are open for public transport at $2.50 per trip. It is a very short ride but it will give you front row seat of the breathtaking view of Pittsburgh and the Ohio River.

In 1760 this was used to be called Coal Hill. Coals were mined in this area and subsequently became the most valuable individual mineral deposit in the United States.

Breathtaking view of Pittsburgh on top of Mt. Washington
Breathtaking view of Pittsburgh on top of Mt. Washington | Source
Monongahela Incline. A Historic Landmark in Mt Washington
Monongahela Incline. A Historic Landmark in Mt Washington | Source

Monongahela Inclined Plane

The Monongahela Inclined Plane is one of the two oldest inclines in the world. This oldest operating funicular was built by John Endres in 1870. It transported coal miners through and fro the Mt. Washington (or Coal Hill) that time. The cliff-railway runs a three-door red cable car that can seat approximately 20 people per trip.

Carnegie Library

There is a Carnegie Library in Mt Washington. It is located at 315 Grandview Avenue, alongside quaint houses, apartments and St. Mary of the Mount Church. The lamp posts alongside the road have flower pots hanging from it. As know to its residents, the Carnegie libraries are the most visited libraries in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

St Mary of The Mount Church. A Historic Landmark in Mt. Washington
St Mary of The Mount Church. A Historic Landmark in Mt. Washington | Source

St Mary of the Mount Church

The St Mary of the Mount Church stands eye-catching and distinct along Grandview Avenue. It faces towards Pittsburgh and the Ohio River. Its huge doors seems to be inviting tourists to visit the church.

It is closed to public if there are no scheduled services. But the church has provided one pew on its vestibule where you can see the inside of the church through its glass partitions. The vestibule is open during normal hours of the day.

Overlooking Views

I couldn't get enough of the overlooking views from Mt. Washington. Every few meters, there's a ledge along Grandview Avenue where you can stand to marvel on the sights. To my left, I can see the different stadiums. For sports fans, the Pittsburgh Steelers have practiced and played for the NFL's in those arenas. To my right, I can see the city bridges that are designed differently from each other. One bridge looks similar to the Chicago railways and another looks similar to the San Francisco bridge. Right in front of me is the Pittsburgh skyline where the Ohio River and Monongahela River meets. The tall building with four unique protruding corners on top (center from the picture below) was used to film the movie Batman, the Dark Knight Rises which was released in July 2012.

In 2009, Mt Washington was ranked among the 10 Most Beautiful Places in America by USA Weekend (

Captivating view of Pittsburgh skyline
Captivating view of Pittsburgh skyline | Source

Liberty Tunnel

Below Mt Washington is the Liberty Tunnel. This a well lit tunnel that runs almost 1,800 feet in length. It opened in 1924 to traffic. Upon exiting the tunnel, the road crosses the Monongahela River towards downtown Pittsburgh.

I should say it is worth exploring the beautiful panorama from the peak of Mt. Washington, its steep side experience and the tunnels in-between. What a beautiful place indeed!

Liberty Tunnel

Mt Washington, Pittsburgh PA

Mt Washington, Pittsburgh PA:
Mt Washington, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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    • ajwrites57 profile image


      5 years ago from Pennsylvania

      the girls--yinz did a great job of writin' abaht Dahntahn and Mt Worshington an' 'at! Loved the video of the tunnel. You should do one coming out of the Fort Pitt Tunnel. I did a hub about three places to visit in Pittsburgh the other day! Go Pens! Thanks for writing this hub and nice photos!


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