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What funny things do some Donkeys think about?

Updated on May 12, 2012

At Work and at Rest

What do Donkeys think about as they go about their work?

Do they look at all we people and wish we were not here?

Do they think of nothing at all as the toil beneath the sun, dragging heavy loads behind them

or carrying great weights upon their rumps.

I wish I could speak Donkey, I wish i could see their thoughts.

These "backbones" of Egyptian life, these humble ,longeared servants.

But much as many think they have not a mind to think, I know they are intelligent, not stupid as some would say.

So when you next see a donkey resting from its toil, head down, and looking sad walk up and look into its big brown eyes and you will see!!

Donkeys think of ALL

Luxor, Egypt


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