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What do you Know about Bolivia?

Updated on January 16, 2013

What do you know about Bolivia? I can guess that you know its approximate locations and you probably know that the country is pretty poor. All of it is true and it make a journey to Bolivia even cooler because once you got there you will open a whole new world of fabulous nature, unbelievable people and very interesting culture.

When I was in Bolivia I was super lucky to order the simplest tour around Bolivia. When I sat in a bus I was not expecting much, this turned out very nicely because what I got to see was adventurous travel. Crowded with people who still wear their national costumes, Bolivia showed me real natural treasures, presented in high mountains, deep turquoise lakes, endless valleys, tropical forests and many-many deserts.

The country really made me fall in love with it. It was something special, the moment when day by day you feel that you are changing. Truly spiritual place was Solar de Uni. It is one of the most popular places in Bolivia and you have probably seen it in the numerous commercials but just as I did, you didn’t know where it is in the world. The land of white sand cracked like there was a huge earthquake is changing into a massive volcano plant, where thousands of little eruptions are making an amazing glove, which makes a simple sunrise a real fantasy.

Bolivia shocked me to the core when I got to the death road, a so-called real danger, which is ridden by crazy tourists like me every day. So you can make a picture of it, imagine the highest mountain with the narrowest road on it, now add some fog and crazy animals and look down. I believe that this place was the one to inspire the directors of avatar.

The end of my journey was pretty cool as I got to know local people who are very well educated and good looking. I was offered to stay with one family for a weekend which was the best present I could ever ask for. Friendly, nice and super fun they took me to their festivals and local football (soccer). These were the best days, so if you think about your next vacation, consider Bolivia because it is so much than one can expect.


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