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What is the Weather Like in Dubai?

Updated on December 14, 2017
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Marian (aka Azure11) lived in Dubai for 7 years and now travels over there once or twice a year for business and pleasure.

Visiting Dubai?

So if you are thinking of visiting Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah or any of the Emirates of the UAE, then you may be wondering what the weather will be like when you are there. Dubai in particular is a popular holiday destination although Abu Dhabi is slowly catching up.

Although Dubai does have seasons, most of the time it is actually pretty warm. If you visit from October to April then you will get much better weather than if you visit between May and September as that is the hottest time in the summer. There is plenty to do in Dubai but most things happen in the 'cooler' months outside of summer, particularly outdoor events which are near impossible in the summer.

It used to be the case that it did not rain in Dubai, but this is no longer true. In the last few years there have been quite a few periods of rain and when it does rain all of the roads tend to flood as there is not much of a drainage system in place.

The Rain!

When it rains in Dubai, quite often the roads get flooded as there is little or no drainage.
When it rains in Dubai, quite often the roads get flooded as there is little or no drainage.

Month by Month Guide

So here is my personal opinion on the monthly weather in Dubai, taken from over 5 years of living there:

  • January - Pleasant temperatures in the day time usually in the low twenties (degrees Centigrade), not usually getting much lower than 15 degrees at night. A jacket or jumper can be required if you are outside in the evenings and there is a chance of rain as well.
  • February - Temperatures are around low to mid twenties but can get higher on a good day. Again, some small chances of rain but should clear up in a day or two.
  • March - the weather is starting to get really very nice this time of year - people are down at the beach and the temperature can reach high twenties or even low thirties on a nice day. Lovely blue skies and a great time to visit. Some chance of rain.
  • April - Still a really good time to visit and head to the beach - temperatures high twenties to low thirties on average. Again, chances of some rain but not so much.
  • May - Starting to really warm up now but still bearable for most of May. This is when residents really start to feel that summer is on it's way and perhaps get itchy feet to go somewhere cooler, not much of a chance of rain but don't place any bets!
  • June/July/August/September - Temperatures are now in the high thirties and low forties. During the summer months it gets very humid and temperatures of 45 degrees are not uncommon, particularly in July and August. In fact it has been know for temperatures to get up to around 50 degrees. Most residents stay indoors in the air-conditioning during this time as the sea is often like a hot bath too! If you have not been in this kind of heat before, don't underestimate it! The humidity is also quite high which makes the heat oppressive.
  • October - At last the main heat of summer has started to recede and Dubai becomes bearable again - the beaches are getting fuller and everything starts returning to normal with more outdoor activities planned.
  • November - A really nice month to visit with warm days and evenings - sitting out at a restaurant or bar in the evening is a pleasure and days at the beach are usually pretty perfect.
  • December - Chances of some rain again and at Christmas the weather can vary between beach weather and a jumper being required - still very nice and warm though in the low twenties.

There are lovely beaches to visit in Dubai when the sun is shining (a lot of the time!)
There are lovely beaches to visit in Dubai when the sun is shining (a lot of the time!)
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Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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A great place to visit for a holiday or even to live for a while!

Dubai's Best Weather

So if you want to pick the best time to travel to Dubai when the weather is beautiful and pretty sunny most of the time then you may want to travel in October/November or March/April. In between these months the weather is also still nice and warm and perfect for a warm sunny break away.

In December and January temperatures are slightly lower on occasion than some people might want to actually sit on the beach and sunbathe but you might get lucky and be there in a warm year.

Having spent 6 Christmases there, I have experienced sitting on the beach on Christmas day both with a woolly jumper on and with my bikini on so it can be variable. In any case it is much warmer than spending the winter in Europe for example.

Sun in November

November is a great month to take a boat trip around the Palm Island
November is a great month to take a boat trip around the Palm Island

Dressing Appropriately

Don't forget that regardless of the weather and in particular how hot it is, you should respect local customs by always covering your shoulders and wearing clothes below the knees.

The exception to this is when you are on the beach or around a hotel pool when obviously swimwear is acceptable. However, if you do pop to a shop make sure you take some kind of cover-up with you.

Also keep an eye out for the timing of Ramadan as it is not acceptable to eat and drink in public during daylight hours during that time.


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    • Amber Vyn profile image

      Amber Vyn 5 years ago

      My brother-in-law's sister lives in Dubai, so this article gave me some more insight into her life there. I never knew it rained so much that it could flood!

      Voted 'up' and 'interesting'!