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What to Look for in a Good Ski Boots and its Different Types

Updated on January 31, 2015

What to Look for in a Good Ski Boots and its Different Types

What are ski boots?

It is a footwear used for skiing and it is a means to provide attachment to the skis--the skier and it also utilized ski binding. It is used solely so that you can control when you ski as it is slippery. It used to be all leather but now it is more specialized as for example some used specific ski boots for downhill Randonee, Telemark and Alpine.

Downhill use are usually shells which are made of hard one and with a softer liner (foam to provide smoothness).

What is the difference between soft and hard liner. A thick soft liner is a very comfortable one and it provide more insulation, while the harder ones give us more precision.

Ski boots tips

When looking for ski boots you want more comfort ability and you can move at ease without pain so that you can glide properly too. If you are a beginner it is advisable to use the softer and has a pad boots. Harder booth and a thinner lining is what advance ski people preferred. Softer boots are able to glide properly with one who is still novice. If you want to be efficient specially when touring you usually use the softer ones. You become more efficient and comfort as well.

Alpine ski boots
Alpine ski boots
Randonee boots
Randonee boots

Softer boots may able to flexed with less effort and also pressure. If you want accurate transmission from the ski to the skier the boot should be stiff.

Stiff boots however are often less comfortable and heavier than their softer counterparts.

The type of ski boots:

Alpine Ski Boots characteristics is that they have very rigid soles and it is attached to the binding (each soles). The three (3) basic types of ski boots which vary it closes around the leg (lower part). These are the rear entry, front and mid entry.

  • Front entry Ski Boots -- these are the main ones used by those who are after the performance and those who are not a novice anymore.
  • Rear entry Ski Boots --- this is very cheap and simple and is preferred by usually the beginners as it offers ease in exit as well as entry by removing the buckle a not dependent hinge cuff
  • Mid entry Ski Boots -- It combine many of the strengths of both rear-entry and front-entry ski boots. While still adjusting via buckles across the forefoot, shin, the rear cuff of the boot is allowed to hinge back slightly to allow for a larger opening and such it is easier entry to the boot.


  • Cross Country (the same as Nordic equipment) and is attach to the ski regularly on the toe, and this use the systems (four attachment systems).
  • Telemark is usually a kind of technique when one make turn like for example downhill on equipment of Nordic. It is always with a ole (rubber).

Randonee or Alpine Touring

  • It gives leeway when you do cross country and also used for skiing downhill using the technique of Alpine. They supposed to be a compromise between lightweight and performance.

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