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What to do in Puerto Vallarta #1

Updated on July 16, 2011

A Pirate's Life

Pirate Prison - oh noo!
Pirate Prison - oh noo!
Pirate Training with Angry Angie - Sword fighting...
Pirate Training with Angry Angie - Sword fighting...
Paint on your Pirate Face with Angry Angie, AARRGH!
Paint on your Pirate Face with Angry Angie, AARRGH!
That Pirate stole my hat!
That Pirate stole my hat!
Don't forget to use the bathroom!!!
Don't forget to use the bathroom!!!

Excursions Galore

Anytime you travel to a natural area surrounded by beaches and camping areas, you will be faced with so many excursions to choose from. Puerto Vallarta is an amazing place to visit! Here is some information about the things that we did to help you decide what to do while you are there. Of coarse, the beach, the pools, and shopping all get scheduled in, so what will you choose to do with the rest of your time?

We have been to Puerto Vallarta a couple of times and have tried a few things. I want to start with my absolute favorite. We tried it on our last trip and agreed that it topped everything else that we did both on this trip and on the last. PIRATES OF THE BAY was fantastic!

Pirates of the Bay:
First, you can choose between the Morning or Evening Pirates Adventure. Both shows are wonderful but the morning one is more appropriate for families with young children. The shows offer completely different adventures as well. Your day starts by boarding an authentic vessel.
The Day show has the amazing Pirate show full of adventure and surprise. The pirates interact with the children and families on board. You even get your own Pirate for the day. Ours was Angry Angie and she was wonderful! She trained our little one in the ways of pirating and even painted her face! We were taken to a private beach where you can enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, the banana boat, treasure hunting, sun bathing, and more. After playing in the sun, you are brought back onto the ship for lunch in the pirates galley which looks amazing. The food was great and your drinks are included!
The evening show offers the show, great food, great fun, dancing, and fireworks! Obviously, the water and beach activities can't be done at night so that is the big difference between them. With drinks being included, you can see why the morning show is more child appropriate.

- Bring Your Swim Suit! When we bought the tickets, no one mentioned the beach activities so we were swim suit less, but we still did everything in our clothes. I was not going to sit it out!
- Give the children the motion sick pills before boarding! Angry Angie was great, she had some for us which is not commonly supplied by other excursions. Kids don't usually get any warning that they will be motion sick. By the time they start showing you signs, it is too late to give them the pill, which comes in liquid for young children. After they hurl, they are fine, but it is sad to see them suffer until they do.
- Your private pirate is amazing and will deserve the tip at the end of the day! Be ready for it!
- Use the bathroom on the ship! It is awesome, you won't want to miss it.
- SUNSCREEN, a must. The ship is bathed in the sun until the afternoon!


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I have blue eyes by the way.

      We're extremely rare.

      Translation - you're lucky that I even stumbled upon your blog!

    • Moms-Secret profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Central Florida

      How funny, that you found that. It still remains true. There are people who have opened their lives to me that were not flirting, so I guess it depends on intentions. Who knows what I am able to do and where I am able to go. If I can, who knows, I probably will. I hardly believe that this qualifies as spam... You are not trying to sell me anything after all :)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I was reading this the other day.

      My education might require me to travel to exotic places. I'd love to go to religious landmarks like Hagia Sophia, the Parthenon (which is dedicated to you), Canterbury Cathedral, and the Sistine Chapel.

      And I'll have to read plenty of books. You'd be more than welcome to any of mine (don't know if you'll be interested). If our lives shall cross, I'd love to have you as a travel companion.

      I'm sorry for flirting with you too much on here.

      By the way though, I was reading on my own tradition I'm entering into right now. Apparently, marriage won't violate a candidate to priesthood (which they might try and re-locate priests from time to time equating to more travel - our parish priest started in Las Vegas, Nevada and came to Gilbert, Arizona). "if the candidate is married, a certificate of marriage and the written consent of his wife;" (Canon 769)

      I'm 100% certain now that Florida State is my number one school. Shall I stay in Orlando a year or two to become a resident and possibly further my education by learning from willing Roman Catholic, Byzantine Catholic, and Maronite Catholic tutors in that area? I don't know. Miami's a hot-breed for that set-up as well.

      For some reason though, I feel God is pulling me toward Orlando.

      Sorry once again for flirting/spamming.


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