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What to Pack for a River Cruise

Updated on August 22, 2019
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You are finally going on your first river cruise! You probably are so excited that you forgot to eat. Yes, it can be that exciting. However, when going on a river cruise, there are certain things that you just have to consider. Chief among them is what you are going to take along with you.

No matter how much you love river cruise, you just have to admit that their cabins are not so big. With this mind, you most like cannot take as many things as you would love to along with you.

So you have to choose and we would be happy to help you with that! Here are some things which you should take with you;


Well, you obviously have to wear shoes. However, walking shoes would be especially needed. When you are on a river cruise, the likelihood that you would have to walk for long hours is always going to be there. If you are going for a cruise in Europe, then you would surely need walking shoes to combat the cobblestone roads that are present in Europe. No matter what they throw at you, you can overcome it if you have the right walking shoes in your possessions.

Rain Gear

One element which is particularly hard to predict would be the weather. The weather can completely change on your over time. You could see a downpour at any given time. So make sure you are ready for such uncertainties. Packing a rain gear such as a raincoat or even an umbrella can be a lifesaver in the future. When you leave the ship to explore some ancient village, you would be confident that you would not get caught out by the rain. What a wonderful provision.

Camera and memory cards

What would a river cruise be like without the use of cameras? It would still be an amazing trip. However, it would lack pictures and videos which tell the tale more than any oral presentation would ever do. So make sure that you bring a camera along with you. This would come in handy when you have to take all those wonderful pictures.

Sometimes, however, the camera may run out of memory cards. Perhaps you have so much to take pictures of and could not just help yourself. This is one reason why you would need to get an extra memory card or two. Getting them would ensure that you are not left stranded in the middle of the river cruise.

Repellent for insects and slimy creatures

Yes, we know those amazing trees look so breath-taking. However, those trees and shrubs that look so beautiful to the eye can also hurt for one thing that they have in abundance. Insects. If you do not want to expect bites in places you couldn't even imagine, make sure that you carry along at all times a repellent. Insects which would most likely stay away would be the mosquitoes who are known for their bites and their ability to cause trouble.


Pretty sure it is quite obvious. However, it is important to say it. You need a bag. Not just a bag to keep your luggage, but you actually need a bag to make sure that all your things are safe and kept protected. Some of the things which your bag could hold would be your camera, your rain gear and even your bottle meant for storing of water. Regardless of the cruise, you find yourself or the stops that are made, you would surely need a bag to keep you well-organized and ready for the adventure.


While you may be excited at the things you are going to see during this cruise, you would have to acknowledge the fact that you might actually fall ill during this period. You would then need to take medications. These medications might not be readily available on the cruise. If you have a health condition that can prop up at anything, then taking medication would be very important. It would actually aid in making sure that you get the right responses to any problems that you are currently facing.

So when going for your trip, make sure you take sufficient medication. It might be a life-saver at the end. When coming on a trio, you should make sure you avoid bring bulky and heavy things. On top of this list would be a computer. Unless you work with it, this should not be too difficult.

Going for a river cruise can be exciting, to say the least. You can actually go on a lifetime adventure. However, make sure you are equipped for your trip. Packing what you need would actually save you a lot of stress during the river cruise.


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