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What's In My Disney Bag

Updated on March 11, 2017
What's In My Disney Bag?
What's In My Disney Bag?

Hey everyone! This Hub is going to be a little different from the norm. I really like watching YouTube in my spare time and I especially love the "whats in my bag" videos. I was inspired by them and I decided to show you guys what I pack with me when I go to the parks. A lot of people always ask me what to bring when they go and what they should leave at home. I usually pack my bag the night before I leave so I don't feel rushed like I would doing it the day of. I also pack different things for different seasons so if you like this type of Hub let me know and I will do one for other seasons! I hope you enjoy and this helps you plan out your next trip.

My bag

So choosing a bag is always the first step for me. I usually go for a backpack or a cross body bag. Lately I have been using this super cute mini backpack for the parks. I love that it is stylish as well and functional and it goes with everything! I typically pack more for summer and winter but in the spring and the fall I tend to pack less so a smaller bag is just fine.

Cell phone charger and cable

This is probably one of the most important things I pack. I have an app on my phone for Disneyland ride wait times and it also gives general information such as parade times. Using this app and using the camera on my phone can drain the battery FAST. I always bring a charger and my regular phone cable because its nice and long so I can keep the charger in my pocket as I walk around.

Pass and money holder

I don't usually bring a wallet to Disneyland. Instead, I use my Alice in Wonderland pass holder. It is nice and big so it holds cash as well as my drivers license and credit card. It has a clip on the top which is perfect for clipping to my pants or the inside drawstring on my backpack. I like having it easily accessible and easy to keep an eye on.

Hand sanitizer and beauty essentials

I always, ALWAYS, bring hand sanitizer to the parks. I mean think about it, thousands of people touching everything all day long. Why wouldn't you bring some, right? I also bring a few beauty essentials with me such as chapstick, oil blotting papers, body spray, and a compact mirror. I usually keep all of these in a small cosmetic bag so they are easy to find.

Snacks and water bottle

I would feel so incomplete if I did not have snacks and a water bottle with me and its not just Disney trips, its everywhere I go. I am always the girl who has water and snacks on her. I really like to use a filtered water bottle so I can refill it anywhere in the park. As for snacks, I usually gravitate toward nuts and dried fruit, apple sauce, or Kind bars. I still buy food in the park but I like to keep some healthy snacks on hand for standing in line and keeping my energy up.

First aid items and tissues

Now I am not saying to bring a whole first aid kit with you because trust me, Disney has its resources covered (i.e. a full medical staff on deck). I personally like to have a few essentials on me such as a few bandaids, painkillers (usually ibuprofen), and Tums. You probably are thinking that Tums are an odd choice but feeling sick at the happiest place on Earth does not make for fun memories. I like to them all in a cute pill case so nothing gets smashed. I also always bring tissues because I can have bad allergies so I hate sneezing and not being able to blow my nose. I usually keep all these items in my cosmetic bag as well.

Sunglasses, gum, and my gluten pills

The last few items in my bag are sunglasses, gum, and my gluten pills. If I am wearing contacts I make sure I always have sunnies on me and I make sure that they are inexpensive because I have had plenty of pairs break on me in the park. I bring gum because it is the one item that you can't buy in the parks and I am a huge gum chewer. My pills are a necessity because without them I would not be able to eat a churro or any other delicious glutinous snack.

So there you have it! I hope you all enjoyed taking a peak inside my Disney bag and that it has helped you to think about what to pack on your next trip. As always please let me know what you think in the comments below and if you would like to see more posts like this one! I had so much fun working on this and I intend to incorporate more lifestyle Hubs in the future.


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