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What's on in and around Rochechouart, Limousin - Events

Updated on December 1, 2014
There's so much to do in Limousin
There's so much to do in Limousin | Source

What's going on in and around Rochechouart?

There is so much going on around Videix and Rochechouart, but it's very hard to find the information. After that it's hard to remember when everything is, so I've started to collect some of it together but the task is rather daunting. I've made a start here and I'm going to publish it now, but of course it will grow and grow over the year and years. If you have any public events that you would like me to add, or if you know about anything that locals or tourists would be interested in, please do leave a message in the comments box below.

Although the links are for what's on in all three departments of Limousin, this list will concentrate on events around Les Trois Chenes, Videix and Rochechouart, and I'll include events near us in the Dordogne and Poitou Charentes.

Where to stay? Stay with us at Les Trois Chenes in our three star self-catering holiday cottage / gîte, or in our two star farmhouse b & b. Contact us on, +33 (0)5 55 48 29 84 or look at our web site - our events page Calendar of Events.

More about Limousin: Find an Article by Les Trois Chenes

Note: April 2013 - I started this in 2011 with the idea of creating an article every year to spread the word about what is going on, however I soon became exhausted finding and listing the events. You see posters, flyers and pamphlets all over the place. The Tourist Office has some events listed or you flit from web site to web site to try to keep track of all the things there are to do in and around Rochechouart. Finding out what there is in the Charente and Dordogne (only 5 and 20 minutes from Videix and Rochechouart) is a nightmare. I've given up, and can just say, look at this as a taster for what you can do in this vibrant and rich area of France - then add on all the extras - games and crafts at the Roman site Casinomagus, porcelain painting and tours and lectures in the Museum of Porcelain are just two of the things I'd like to catch in the next couple of weeks.

The best catch-all site to check out is the Limousin tourism site - see link below

Where in the world are we?

Videix, 87600 Videix, Limousin, France

get directions

Art in Limousin

Medieval Festival of Rochechouart
Medieval Festival of Rochechouart | Source

My pick of the best events In Limousin

  • Angouleme, 27 January 2011 - 30 February 2011 Festival International de la Bande Dessinée, (The International Comic Strip Festival)
  • Angouleme 16/092011 - 18/09/2011 Street racing in the centre of Angouleme and culminating in vintage car race on Sunday
  • Saint Mathieu Group Art Exhibition 20/04/2011 - 14/05/2011 Galerie Dix Neuf Galerie dix-neuf, Saint Mathieu, Limousin, France
  • Rochechouart Festi'Band 02/07/2011 - 03/07/2011 15th International Band Festival. A week-end of the big brass band Tél. : 05 55 03 72 73 (Office de Tourisme)
  • Medieval Festival, all over the town Rochechouart 20th August No festival 2013!
  • Confolens Festival 09/08/2011 - 15/08/2011 7 days and nights of events, music, arts, dance - a huge, international affair
  • Nexon The Route of the Circus 12/08/2011 - 21/08/2011 - a spectacular festival of circus skills
  • Limousin Women's cycling - the Tour Féminin en Limousin 20 – 24 July 2011 Great annual event that passes through St Junien and Videix in the fourth stage.
  • Saint Junien Vignerons et Gourmands at Saint Junien Food and Wine Exhibition, 04 /11/2011 to 06/11/2011 A chance to see, to taste and to buy the finest foods and wines in France.

Kindle is made for travel

Travel cheap and travel light; why carry all those books when you can take your favourite literary friend - Kindle? I belong to a reading group in Limousin, and our members love, love, love their 'reading devices'. Not like reading from a screen at all, so no eye-ache. If you're a voracious reader, what do you do with all those paper books? Where do you store them all and how green are they? Think of all those trees.

I worried about how much it was going to cost me for the books, but so many are free. All those published long enough ago to be out of copyright, so you'll have a world of Classics at the touch of a key.

New books though, are not all that cheap, but this seems to be an anomaly which sould be rectified, but even so, you're not losing anything, are you?


Limousin in General

  • 12/01/2011 - 15/02/2011 Soldes - Winter Sales in Limousin, France


  • 27/01/2011 - 30/02/2011 Festival International de la Bande Dessinée, Comic Strip Festival, Angouleme, Charentes Angouleme, Charente

Valentine's Day Disco
Valentine's Day Disco | Source



13/02/ 2011 Recital 'La Cage au Poisson'


13/02/2011 La Cabane Discotheque Valentine's Night 23.00h - 5h30 TEL: 05 45 67 29 42

Cheronnac Hunt Dinner
Cheronnac Hunt Dinner | Source



  • 04/03/2011 Opening of Charlotte Moth "Nothing Thoughts" (until 29th May) at Rochechouart Centre for Contemporary Art at 5.30pm. Also "Collection: 25 years plus one Spring" (until 5 June)
  • 16/03/2011 Carnaval des enfants Town Centre Tél : 0555430088
  • 19/03/2011 

    9th Nuit de la Chouette, Night of the Owl, 

    Village de Vacances du Cruzeau, 

    14h-18h Workshops, games, drawing ,

    19h-22h Night walk to hear the calls of the night

  • 20/03/2011 Course Cyclo ROC Cyclo - la Rochechouartaise cyclo sport et pédestre Contact : ROC Cyclo Tél :
  • 20/03/2011 13th Meteorite Walk

  • 24/03/2011 au 27/03/2011 Exhibiton La grande lessive Olympes propose la "Grande Lessive" Various locations around the commune Contact : Mairie Tel : 0555430080


  • 06/03/2011 Hunt Dinner One of the local communal meals. One of many great local social event to raise funds for the commune and hunt TEL: 05 55 48 62 14

Exhibiton Galerie dix-neuf
Exhibiton Galerie dix-neuf | Source



30/04/2011 - La Coulotteé de Jean Anouilh, Salle des Fêtes Cité Antoine Prévost , 87150 Oradour sur Vayres Tel: 33 (0)5 55 78 19 96


  • 10/04/2011 Endurance Quad Quad ROMC - 8th Quad endurance
  • 23/04/2011 Evening Dance 10 years of ROC Dance at MTL ROC Danse Tel :

Saint Mathieu

  • 20/04/2011 - 14/05/2011 Group Art Exhibition Galerie Dix Neuf Fourteen artists from six different countries are showing their work at the new independent gallery in Saint Mathieu.


  • 25/04/2011 Vide Grenier 8am onwards.


  • 24/04/2011 Vide greniers 08:00:00 | Chabanais


  • 25/04/2011 Vide grenier 7h à 19h.



  • 07/05/2011 Si on chantait Music School Evening of Music At MTL Contact : Ecole de musique Tel : 0555037646
  • 19/05/2011 Concours pétanque Concours en triplettes vétérans + 55 ans At Charmilles Contact : Pétanque Populaire Rochechouartaise Tel :
  • 21/05/2011 au 29/05/2011 Mothers' Day Fêter les mamans avec l'ARCA Contact : ARCA Tel : 09 81 76 44 51
  • 29/05/2011 Cycling Régional sur route, championnat du Limousin Contact : ROC Cyclo Tel :

Saint Junien

  • 28/05/2011 Vide Grenier At Carrefour for details contact



  • 02/04/2011 - 03/04/2011 32nd Salon de L'Aviculture Exhibition of poultry, rabits, pigeons and ornamental fowl. 9h - 12h & 14h - 18h Entry 3 € - contact : M. Jarrige 05 55 70 97 69 05 55 70 97 69 / 05 55 70 97 69 05 55 70 97 69 Venue: gymnase Cussac Tel : 05 55 70 97 69 05 55 70 97 69


  • 01/06/2011 - 06/06/2011 Billard Finale régionale de Billard At Gymnase Contact : Les Desperados Billard Club Tel :
  • 11/06/2011Spectacle ROC Dance End of year show with the children At MTL Contact : ROC Danse Tel :
  • 19/06/2011 Course VTT
    Course VTT - La Via Augustoritum Contact : ROC Cyclo Tel :
  • 24/06/2011 Feu de la St Jean (The Fire Festival of St Jean) At La Grosille Refreshments, grill and chips, music FREE Contact : Comité des fêtes Tel :
  • 25/06/20111/2 journée cyclo
    1/2 journée cyclotourisme, "sport pour tous" Contact : ROC Cyclo Tel :
  • 25/06/2011 Concert End of year concert for the School of Music
    Concert de fin d'année de l'école de musique At MTL Contact : Ecole de musique Tel : 0555037646
  • 28/06/2011 Evening dance Gala du ROC Danse
    ROC Danse end of year Gala At MTL Contact : ROC Danse Tel :

Saint Junien

  • 24/06/2011 - 26/06/2011 A celebration of the art of leather at the Salle municipale des Seilles - Saint-Junien. Exhibitions, demonstrations, sales and event all around St Junien - a city famous for its leather gloves.



  • 01/07/11
  • Rochechouart Chateau & Centre for Contemporary Art Opening of the exhibition Aurélien Froment “Paysages, Marines, Scènes de Genre”Guided tour and refreshments TEL:05 55 03 77 91
  • 02/07/2011 - 03/07/2011 Festi'Band, 15th International Band Festival. A week-end of the big brass band Tél. :05 55 03 72 73 (Office de Tourisme)
  • 14/07/11 Embrassement Château Spectacle (fireworks?)


  • 03/07/2011 Vide Grenier with free exhibition of the rare breed pig, the cul noir of Saint-Yrieix. Inf:05 55 78 29 89



  • 20 – 24/07/2011 Women's cycling - the Tour Féminin en Limousin Great annual event that passes through St Junien and Videix in the fourth stage.

La Bretagne, Saint Junien

  • 16/05/2011 - 27/08/2011 1 euro entry, free for children under 16 To participate05 55 02 64 30 this is a super event which in the past has had local folk dancing and music, all sorts of good food and a very special community feeling.



Saint Junien

27/08/2011 Midi, Minuit, on Lit 3rd year on the theme of Travel 12 hours of non-stop lectures. Place Lénine, Tel. : 33 (0)5 55 43 06 80


20/08/11 Mediaeval Festival, all over the town


09/08/2011 - 15/08/2011 7 days and nights of events


12/08/2011 - 21/08/2011 The Route of the Circus - a spectacular festival of circus skills

St Bazille

14/08/2011 village fair. Last year camel riding, this year falconry


20/08/2011 - 21/08/2011 Harvest festival is more like the festival of the harvest.


Oradour sur Vayres,

  • 18/09/2011, 9h : organised ride - 15h : "Musique Danse Cheval" , at terrain des chapelles Tél : 05 55 78 77 52


  • 16/092011 - 18/09/2011 The 33rd edition of this popular street racing event. A three day series of events culminating in the thrilling classic car races on Sunday. Free Friday and Saturday, Sunday Price from 20€


  • 30/08/2011 - 02/09/2011 Journées La Quintinie, Foire primée aux chevaux Harvest festival and horse show.

16th October the Pig and Apple festival at Champagnac la Riviere
16th October the Pig and Apple festival at Champagnac la Riviere | Source
23 October Autumn Fruits festival at Bussiere-Badil
23 October Autumn Fruits festival at Bussiere-Badil | Source
30th October Chestnut day at Dournazac
30th October Chestnut day at Dournazac | Source
19th and 20th November Nursery plant grower day.
19th and 20th November Nursery plant grower day. | Source

October Events

October is harvest festival time. It's a time of apples, cider, chestnuts, walnuts, pears, sausages, pigs and pork. October is a great time to visit Limousin. Just lap up all that lovely soft sunshine, beautiful autumn colours and fabulous markets and fetes.

Champagnac la Riviere

  • 16/10/2011 Pig and apple fair


  • 23/10/2011 Autumn Fruits festival


  • 30/10/2011 Chestnut festival

November events

Saint Junien

  • 04 /11/2011 to 06/11/2011 Vignerons et Gourmands at Saint Junien Food and Wine Exhibition, Salon des Vignerons et des Gourmets" salle des Congrès du Châtelard, 87200 Saint Junien


  • 19 & 20/11/2011 Nurserymans day

December - There is just so much to do that I've run out of energy!

There is so much going on over the Christmas period that I simply can't keep up with it all. You really must come and stay here and see for yourself all the Christmas fairs, markets and activities.

Muse national Adrien Dubouch: The Porcelain Museum
Muse national Adrien Dubouch: The Porcelain Museum | Source

Where to stay in Limousin - with us of course!

Our 3 star gite sleeps 7 adults and has three en-suite bedrooms
Our 3 star gite sleeps 7 adults and has three en-suite bedrooms | Source

How to find us

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Saint Junien:
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Rochechouart, France

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Dournazac, France

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© 2011 Les Trois Chenes


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