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Hong Kong Travel Guide 香港

Updated on May 29, 2013

Hong Kong

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Hong Kong
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Hong Kong


Hong Kong Currency

In Hong Kong the money they use is the HK Dollar, it is one of the top traded currencies world wide at current prices you should expect to recieve around HK $ 7.7 for Us $1.00

Hong Kong Where is it?

Hong Kong is located at the mouth of the Pearl River Facing the South China Sea on the Southeast coast of China.

Hong Kong is a territory made up of Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories.

The New Territories share a border with mainland China.

Until July 1st 1997 Hong Kong was a British territory, leased to them in 1898 by the Chinese after a failed bid to stop the British trading in opium, The Nanking treaty leased the Lands to Britain for 99 years.

Although now belonging to the Peoples Republic of China, Hong Kong retains its capitalist system, independent judiciary and rule of law, free trade and freedom of speech as a special administrative region Hong Kong retains its autonomy.

Because of the western influence Hong Kong is a fascinating combination of East and West, ancient and modern, traditional and Trendy and although it is small, it is the most vibrant city in Asia.

Hong Kong From Victoria Peak

A spectacular view of the entire city from Victoria Peak
A spectacular view of the entire city from Victoria Peak | Source

Old Man Mo Temple

A Perfect example of the traditional mixing with the modern world
A Perfect example of the traditional mixing with the modern world | Source

Tin Hau Temple

Dedicated to the Queen of Heaven.
Dedicated to the Queen of Heaven. | Source

What to See in Hong Kong

For a first time traveller to Hong Kong it can be overwhelming deciding where to go and what to see first, why not start by taking in a view of the entire city from above and take the tram up to the top of Victoria peak, on a clear day the view will provide you with the perfect opportunity to get your camera out for some fantastic pictures that will help you remember your stay. After your trip to Victoria Peak take the short walk back to central Hong Kong and see what the city has to offer.

Man Mo Temple

A good place to start your sightseeing tour would be to pay a visit to the Old Man Mo Temple on Hollywood road, a true example of ancient Chinese tradition. blending in with the modern day as the temple sits slap bang in the middle of modern High rise buildings.

Inside the temple the air is thick with the aroma of burning incense hundreds of giant Incense coils burning suspended from the ceiling in dedication to the Gods of literature and war who are both enshrined in the temple.

Tin Hau Temple

The Tin Hau Temple sits at the eastern end of Victoria park, dedicated to the Queen of Heaven, this Temple is over 200 years old and is the most visited in Hong Kong, During the Tin Hau Festival April/May the entrance is protected by 2 fiery Dragons to ward off evil spirits.

Tin Hau is a sea Goddess who protects China's fishermen, during the festival boats are decorated with streamers, flags and pennants make their way to Tin Hau Temples all over China.

There are many more Temples to visit in Hong Kong and temple tours are available to travellers.


In Kowloon there are some interesting places to visit like the Hong Kong Cultural centre and the Hong Kong Museum of art where you will find Chinese antiques on display interesting exhibitions and displays of contemporary art.

Take a trip to the Jade market or go to Temple street where you will find the night market a great opportunity for bargain hunting or if you fancy a bite to eat you could try some local delicacies.

Hong Kong Disney Land

Of course no trip to Hong Kong would be complete if you didn't pay a visit to Disney Land, all of the favorites are there including Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and the rest of the gang, it is a must visit especially if you are travelling with Children.

The Famous Jumbo Floating Restaraunt

A must visit for any visitor to Hong Kong.
A must visit for any visitor to Hong Kong. | Source

Things to Do Around Hong Kong

Getting away from the city couldn't be easier just jump on a ferry to the southern side of Hong Kong Island to Aberdeen Harbor, where you can enjoy lunck at the famous Jumbo floating restaurant.

Enjoy a days hiking at the new territories, through the forests and hills you will come across traditional villages and some beautiful sandy beaches.

A day trip to the former Portuguese colony of Macau around 20 miles to the west of Hong Kong can be an interesting experience. The Portuguese left a legacy of fortresses, churches and of course there is a strong portuguese influence in the food. As the "Las Vegas of the East" this is where you will find the gambling mad Chinese winning and losing in the casino's.

Eating Out In Hong Kong

With both Eastern and Western Influences Hong Kong offers a wide variety of cuisine from around the world, restraunts cater for almost any taste and if you feel a little home sick you could always pay a visit to McDonalds or even have a Kentucky Fried Chicken.

On Hong Kong Island a must visit is the up and coming Soho District where you will find a plethora of international restrauants, of course you have to try some of the local specialities like the cantonese dish dim sum, dumplings, steamed buns, stuffed pastries and spring rolls.

Shopping Hong Kong Style

Shopping is a must in Hong Kong especially with electricals and designer gear.
Shopping is a must in Hong Kong especially with electricals and designer gear. | Source

Shopping in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the worlds greatest shopping centres, from the trendy designer stores like Chanel, Prada and Gucci to the street markets with souvineers at bargain prices.

Electrical goods, cameras and watches are a favorite with tourists because they are a fraction of the price that they would pay at home.

The competition is High and the prices are low you can get made to measure clothing in Hong Kong cheaper than it would cost to buy off the rail at home.


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    • Russell-D profile image

      Russell-D 6 years ago from Southern Ca.

      Enjoyed the read. In return, here's a wonderful Hong Kong restaurant that serves for me, the world's best dessert. The dessert is a heated Almond Custard. The restaurant is Kim Chiang Lee, who has a sister restaurant in San Francisco's Chinatown. David Russell

    • Vinaya Ghimire profile image

      Vinaya Ghimire 6 years ago from Nepal

      I have not been to Hong Kong, but I know where it is. LOL

      Useful and informative travel guide.

    • kat11 profile image

      kat11 6 years ago from Illinois

      Well written hub. Lots of information with great photos.