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Where to Find Cheap Tickets for Cheap Flights Around the World

Updated on August 14, 2014

Cheap Flights Around the World

Cheap Flights to Boracay, Philippines & around the world.
Cheap Flights to Boracay, Philippines & around the world.

Where to Find Cheap Flights

The main places to find cheap tickets or cheap flights are, China Airlines website(For cheap international flights), Philippine Airlines website (also for cheap International), Delta Airlines website (also for cheap international flights or domestic flights), Southwest Airlines website (For cheap U.S. flights) & Spirit Airlines website (for cheap U.S. flights). To help narrow this down, just keep reading this article. I have been travelling all around the US and around Asia and Europe often since the year 2000 and every time I did a lot of research and always came up with the same main ways to get the cheap tickets to fly! I mentioned a few great ones above but to narrow them down for international I have had the best experience with using China Airlines and Kayak websites to find the cheapest flights. The cheapest tickets for flying in the US have mostly been on Southwest Airlines. It's the only airline that doesn't charge extra for bags!

Using Kayak and China Airlines websites I have bought tickets from the US to Asia for less than half the price of the average of other websites. For example, I remember back in 2008 or so that I bought a roundtrip ticket to the Philippines for less under $600 using Kayak, which was called SideStep at the time and the other websites on the net had an average cost of $1500-2000!!! I saved nearly a thousand dollars on that! Using the ways I describe in this article to find cheap tickets you will be able to find cheap flights to Asia, cheap flights to Europe, cheap flights to America, cheap flights to Hong Kong, cheap flights to New York, cheap flights to everywhere! Best place to find cheap flights Screenshot Best place to find cheap flights Screenshot Best place to find cheap flights is The First Place To Look For Cheap Airline Tickets

You should start at Kayak to look for cheap flights because they compare prices of many different airlines to help you find the cheapest flights. They will show you the cheapest flights for many different airlines and you can compare them. They will also show you how many stops each flight has and a bunch of other useful information for the flight. Not all airlines are associated with Kayak but most are, so Kayak can give you an idea of what each airline charges. There is absolutely no benefit from paying more money for the same one stop or nonstop flight. You should always buy the cheapest ticket. Some airlines like to charge more money because they are more popular but don't fall for them. There are many reputable airlines out there that have much cheaper plane tickets.

Not all popular airlines do this. You can see that many times Delta Airlines (largest in the world) can sometimes have the lowest prices for airline tickets. The main thing to remember is to use this website well. Use all of the tools it has to offer like searching with the option of a 3 day flexibility in each direction to help find you the lowest airfares, You can also choose many options like how many stops you are willing to make and choosing what airlines you want to see. Another great thing on Kayak is a price trend gauge they have that shows the possibility of the prices rising or falling in the next few days. Kayak is the first place to look when looking for cheap flights.

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China Airlines Has Cheap Flights

I have used the China Airlines website about the same as I have used This is because half the time China airlines have the cheapest airline tickets and the other half of the time Kayak does. China Airlines flies to many places all over the world and you can't find them on every travel site. They are not on so you should go to and search for your flight there and compare that to Kayak and other websites all over the net. The key to finding cheap tickets is to do your research! Don't just look at one website, but if you are busy then you don't have to look everywhere either. At least look on Kayak and China-Airlines and a few of the other major international airlines websites to find the best deals. You have to be careful on Kayak sometimes, make sure you read the short descriptions of the terms because Kayak works with other websites to find you the cheapest flights. I read one recently that said if you cancel after the first day of the purchased ticket that they will charge you a $450 fee! This was for a website called Before buying an expensive international ticket, make sure you read the terms and conditions. I have never had any trouble with Delta Airline, China-Airlines or I once asked for a refund on 2 China-airlines tickets and I was charged $100 each, which isn't too bad.

China Airlines is the best plane I have been on. Not only do they have some of the cheapest plane tickets but they also have the best planes. Every time I flew with them they had new looking planes with TV's in every headrest that you can choose what movie you want to watch or what music to listen to and stop and playback whenever you want. Other planes and airlines have this too but China Airlines was my best experience.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China in JinShanLing
The Great Wall of China in JinShanLing

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Philippine Airlines has Cheap Flights

Philippine Airlines can sometimes have the lowest fares to international destinations. They don't always have the lowest airfares but you should check them out because sometimes they do. I have flown on them twice. The first time was out of Los Angeles and the plane was great with TV's in every headrest, but then I flew out of Las Vegas and it was an old crappy plane with no TV's in the headrest. It is best to fly out of major port cities because that is where all the nice planes fly out of and this probably goes for every airline flying overseas. Philippine Airlines was great, the stewardesses were all very friendly and it was a nice flight each time because of the staff. If you can get the cheapest ticket through Philippine Airlines then do it because it really is a nice experience.

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines
El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

Cheap US Flgihts

You can find the cheapest flights for US domestic flights on, Delta Airlines website, Spirit Airlines and Southwest Airlines website. Delta Airlines can also have the cheapest international flights too sometimes. Out of these above mentioned ways to find cheap domestic flights, Southwest Airlines is indeed the best. They usually have the lowest fares available out there and they do not charge any fee for luggage. All of the other airlines charge up to $60 for each check-in bag and even charge for carry-on. Southwest is against this and so am I! The only problem with Southwest Airlines is that most of their flights have 1 stop in them. If that doesn't bother you then this is the best way to go for domestic flights.

New York Skyline

New York Skyline
New York Skyline

Things to Remember While Looking For Cheap Flights

  • Start by checking
  • Check Major Airline websites like China Airlines, Delta, SouthWest Airlines etc.
  • Make sure the price you are looking at is the total and not before tax & if it is before tax then make sure you find the total to compare it with other sites
  • Do your research, always check as many airlines as you have time to check to get the cheapest airline ticket


When looking for cheap flights for travel within the US, it's best to search Southwest Airlines and Kayak to find the best prices. Southwest Airlines is almost always the cheapest and has no bag fees!

If you are looking for cheap flights for international destinations then your best option are China-Airlines website, and Philippine But you should always do as much research as possible. It's a good idea to look at the direct websites of major airlines, like Delta, American Airlines, United Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, etc. This way you can make sure that you are getting the best deal. My best experiences have been with the above mentioned websites.

Do You Know of Any Other Good Travel Sites?

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