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Where to Find the Locations in the Film Les Miserables

Updated on January 19, 2013
HMS Victory, Portsmouth
HMS Victory, Portsmouth | Source
Pulteney Bridge and Weir, Bath
Pulteney Bridge and Weir, Bath | Source

The film Les Miserables follows the success of the world's longest running musical of the same name and is set to be a box office favourite. Much of the movie was filmed in England and the locations are well worth a visit.

Victor Hugo's classic novel Les Miserables is set in nineteenth century France and tells the story of an ex convict called Jean Valjean pursued by his jailer,the formidable Inspector Javert. When Valjean cares for the orphan Cosette following her mother's death life changes forever.

Portsmouth Harbour

The opening scenes where Jean Valjean and other prisoners are seen dragging a massive ship into a harbour were filmed in the famous dry docks at Portsmouth. This harbour is famous for HMS Victory, the flagship of the Royal Navy, and the Mary Rose. Victory can also be seen in the opening shots of Les Miserables.


In the movie Inspector Javert is seen killing himself by jumping into the River Seine. This scene was filmed in the City of Bath and at the historic Pulteney Bridge and Weir. This is just one of the beautiful places that can be visited in this Georgian city which is also renowned for the Roman Baths.


Winchester is another beautiful city to visit in England and featured in the film Les Miserables. Scenes were shot around Winchester College and the Cathedral and the city found some areas transformed into eighteenth century Paris.This is also where Jean Valjean was chased through the streets of Paris.

Chatham Dockyard
Chatham Dockyard | Source
St Mary Magdalene Church, London
St Mary Magdalene Church, London | Source


The historic dockyards at both Chatham and Greenwich were used in the film. A replica of The Elephant of the Bastille where young Gavroche lived was installed in the historic part of Greenwich which became La Place de la Bastille. These were also areas where the famous crowd scenes occurred in the revolution scenes. In Chatham the yarn workshop where Fantine worked and was fired was actually part of the Dockyard. Some parts of the docks were also used to film the part where Fantine became a prostitute and was found by Jean Valjean. The Cockloft at Chatham Dockyard was transformed into the hospital where poor Fantine died.


When Jean Valjean is taken in by a priest in the early part of the film the crypt and church at St Mary Magdalene on Rowington Drive was used. This is in the Paddington area of London and is a very distinctive local landmark. During the film Marius is shown to have a fine home. This is Boughton House in Northamptonshire and the home of the Dukes of Buccleuch and Queensberry, and open to the public.

So if you are still singing along to I Dreamed a Dream or any of the other famous songs in this wonderful movie, now is the time to recreate a few moments by visiting the scenes where the film was actually made.


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    • marwan asmar profile image

      Marwan Asmar 4 years ago from Amman, Jordan

      Nicely said, enjoyed. This is the trick of the trade, the use of movies to market places

    • Yourglobalgirl profile image

      Yourglobalgirl 4 years ago from UK

      Thank- I really enjoyed the movie

    • tanveerbadyari profile image

      tanveerbadyari 4 years ago

      very nice information, i have read the book and watched the musical of les miserables. I would like to see the movie also. Les Miserables is my all time favourite.