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Where to eat at Epcot

Updated on July 14, 2011

Disney's Epcot Restaurants

Some of the great places to eat at Epcot includes Akershus royal banquet hall, coral reff, Chef de France, San angel inn, Tutto Italis, sunshine seasons, and somerfest. Epcot is divided in two Future World and World Showcase. Future world is full of attractions, entertainment and shows. World showcase is centered around a reflective lagoon. There are eleven countries represented in the world shocase.

1. Akershus royal banquet hall:

Akershus royal banquet hall - World shocase Epcot
Akershus royal banquet hall - World shocase Epcot

 One of the best places to eat at Epcot is Akershus royal banquet hall. Akershus royal banquet hall is in World showcase,  provides a Disney Princess Storybook Dining experience in a medieval castle-themed restaurant. Akershus Royal Banquet Hall showcases American cuisine for breakfast and authentic Norwegian cuisine for lunch and dinner. The rotating menu and buffet selections includes Mustard Glazed Salmon, Sauteed Chicken Breast, Vegetable Stuffed Pasta, and Braised Lamb and Cabbage. Desserts includes majesty Cake filled with lingonberries, traditional rice cream and cappuccino chocolate cheesecake.

2. Coral reef:

Coral reef - Future world Epcot
Coral reef - Future world Epcot

 Coral reef restaurant is in future world at Epcot theme park serves scrumptious seafood for lunch and dinner surrounded by stunning underwater views of The Living Sea coral reef. The windwos are eight feet high and the glasses are more than eight inches thick. In addition to seafood, chicken and vegetarian selections are also offered. The menu features catfish, mahimahi, shrimp and salmon cooked in a number of delectable ways. The menu may vary seasonally. A 180 day advance booking is recommended.

3. Chef de France:

Chef de France - worldshowcase Epcot
Chef de France - worldshowcase Epcot

 Another great place to eat at Epcot is Chefs de France. Chef de France is a casual Brasserie/Restaurant nestled under the Eiffel Tower in the France Pavilion in Epcot theme park.The classic food served at Chefs de France is inspired from the French Brasseries Bocuse. Appetizers may consist of a classic onion soup or an Alsace specialty: flat bread baked with cream fraîche, onion and bacon. The menu features roasted duck with cherries or broiled salmon with green lentils and smoked bacon. Finish your meal with the famous profiteroles topped with warm chocolate.

4. San Angel inn:

San angel inn - Mexico
San angel inn - Mexico

 San Angel Inn restaurant in the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot theme park features Mexican cuisine for lunch and dinner. The menu feature dishes of chicken and beef doused in spicy chocolate mole sauces, seafood grilled or marinated in Spanish onions and avocado sauce, and tortilla chips slathered with melted cheeses, Mexican sausage and sour. Desserts include  vanilla custard in syrup, topped with roasted almonds, or the white chocolate and golden raisin bread pudding served with Mexican milk caramel.

5. Tutto Italis:

Tutto Italis
Tutto Italis

Tutto Italia Ristorante in the Italy Pavilion at Epcot Theme Park creates a feast of traditional Italian cuisine. The menu features different kind of pastas such as spaghetti, lasagna, and bucatini. The menu includes chicken, fish and pork. Desserts include sweet gelato, cannoli, crispy pastries and creamy cakes.

6. Sunshine seasons:

Sunshine seasons - Food court
Sunshine seasons - Food court

 Sunshine seasons is located in the Land Pavilion. This food court has an upscale décor with comfortable seating and modern touches. There are four stations to choose from.

Asian shop - Features noodle bowls and stir fry.

Sandwich shop and bakery - Some of the sandwiches include grilled vegetable Cuban, turkey muffaletta, ham and salami grinder and Focaccia.

Soup & Salad Shop - Fresh soups and salads

Wood-Fired Grill Shop -Rotisserie Chicken and beef, grilled salmon

Coral reef and sunshine seasons is in Future world in the Epcot at Walt Disney World.

Future world - Fast food and snacks:

  • Electric umbrella
  • Fountainview cafe

 7. Boulangerie patisserie: Boulangerie patisserie is in France in the World Showcase. It is a bakery and pastry shop that includes fresh baguettes, croissants, quiches, cheese plates, fruit tarts and chocolate mousse.

8. Sommerfest: Sommerfest is in Germany in the World Showcase. The menu features bratwurst sandwiches, frankfurters, soft pretzels, pastries, apple strudel, black forest cake, and German wines.

Chef De France - Epcot

What is your favorite place to eat at Epcot?

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    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Haze 7 years ago from Sunny Florida

      My family really loved the San Angel Inn, the food and atmosphere were both wonderful. Great write-up