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Ethnic Cultural Neighborhood: Food, Diversity, Activity, Celebration

Updated on June 3, 2011

Ethnic Community, Cultural Neighborhood in North America

In urban areas throughout North America, the number of ethnic communities grew at a rapid pace. The influx of immigrants, e.g, Chinese, Greek, Somalian, Filipino, has given a big boost to ethnic communities in the US and Canada. In particular, ethnic food, cuisines, and cultural neighborhood have become more popular than before. At spare time, people flock into their local ethnic areas, i.e. Indian town, Caribbean community, Chinatown, Little Italy, Puerto Rican neighborhood for fun, food or to spend a day there. Do you know why we love cultural community? Have you ever wondered why people visit diverse neighbourhood? As an avid urban observer, I would like to offer my explanations.

Why Do People Visit Ethnic Community and Cultural Neighborhood?

Exotic Asian Ethnic Food - Vietnamese eatery in a Chinese neighborhood - Vietnamese eatery in a Chinese neighborhood

1) Ethnic Neighborhood - Exotic Food

Ethnic communities offer stimulating and exotic food.

Ethnic dining out has been a major part of North American life. We dine out not merely for formal occasions, but for casual purposes. We enjoy food & eat for pleasure. We like to tease our taste buds with stimulating new taste, e.g. Vietnamese noodle soup, Indian curry, Chinese dim sum, Pad thai, Japanese sushi, Korean BBQ. People these days like non-mainstream cuisine because it satisfies their increasingly varied palate. What else is better than exotic food in an ethnic neighborhood?

Ethnic Events, Diversity - Hindu Festival in ethnic neighborhood - Hindu Festival in ethnic neighborhood

2) Ethnic Neighborhood - Diversity

Ethnic community fulfill our quest for diversity, our desire for difference.

A fundamental aspect of urban life is diversity. Urbanites have an unexplainable fascination with variety and choice. Ethnic products have a strong appeal. People seek fashion with mixed styles, and jewellery of diverse designs. They prefer home décor that is eclectic and vibrant. Many like cultural products or foreign merchandise. Feast your eyes on ethnic dessert, gifts, special import, and unusual items in cultural neighborhoods. Sorry those living in small towns don’t have the luxury of diversity.

3) Ethnic Community - Weekend Activity

Ethnic neighborhoods provide inexpensive weekend activities for everyone

An upcoming weekend is certainly a great relief for any 9-5 worker. However, finding a great weekend activity is often a challenge. See a movie? Browse the mall? Stay at home? These don’t sound very exciting. Ethnic community offers a great urban adventure for the whole family. Kids get to see Asian craft while adults discover the wonders of Chinese ginseng. It is totally family friendly, budget wise, and joyful.

Ethnic Community Parade - New Year Dragon Dance in Chinese community - New Year Dragon Dance in Chinese community

4) Ethnic Community - Cultural Celebration

Cultural celebration is by far the biggest draw of ethnic community

Have you ever seen cultural festivals in your neighborhood? e.g. Chinese New Year, Ramadan, Filipino Independence Day, Buddhist, Hindu, or Sikh festival, Jewish celebration. The list is endless. What is most intriguing about these events is that they are sheer eye opener. These public celebrations are exciting to watch and to participate. They give a taste of life on the other side of the globe. Many festivals feature an elaborate display of traditional costumes, scrumptious ethnic food, cultural products, symbolic items. Some have festive dances, parades, cultural exhibition or performances. If you live in the city, consider yourself lucky because you get to experience multiculturalism without leaving the country. These exquisite celebrations are totally FREE for you to enjoy.

Unique Ethnic Products - Chinese Herbal Medicine in Asian community - Chinese Herbal Medicine in Asian community

5) Ethnic Neighborhoods - Specialized Products

Ethnic neighbourhood offers alternative remedy, hobby, and needed services that you don’t find elsewhere.

City life takes a big toll on many of us. Ailments like tension, insomnia, back pain are common. Instead of mainstream cure, many people are turning to alternative remedy. They embrace ethnic herbs or Asian holistic practices. On the other hand, some people like to pursue special hobbies e.g. Japanese floral arrangement (Ikebana), Tai Chi, or Korean cooking. Where would you find the experts, unique products and special services? Only at your local ethnic neighbourhoods.

Ethnic Community Celebration - Indian Festival

6) Cultural Community - Curiosity

Ethnic neighborhood and cultural places spur curiosity.

City life offers variety, attractions, and vibrancy. Shops, restaurants and activities abound. Life is exciting and open to all. However, ethnic neighbourhood remains somewhat a mystery. Many people are curious to see and experience what is in it. Your co-worker has repeatedly told you the delicious Indian buffet. Your friend mentioned how Chinese herbal medicine cured her menstrual cramp. Your kid asks you if she can have a pair of chopstick. The proverb “the cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity” makes so much sense. If you are interested in other cultures, curious to see the unusual, why not head into your local ethnic community. The cultural experience is rewarding. You learn about yourself, people, life, gain wisdom or truth. As I always say, “mundane things can lead to great revelation in life”.Do you agree?

Cultural Experience, Local Ethnic Neighborhood

Are you ready for a cultural experience? Visit your local ethnic neighborhood this weekend. This little urban tour will be a great alternative to your mundane weekend outing. There will be lots of treasures, fun, and activities for you and your family. Open yourself to the joy of diversity at your own community.

Ethnic Community Celebration - Chinatown, Vancouver


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