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Why Indians Might Share the Same Genes as (White) Europeans and Americans

Updated on January 2, 2010

As everybody knows, race has been used as an excuse for violence and hatred for countless centuries.

Unfortunately for white supremacists, however, the very idea of race is one that scientists barely employ, as it is such a complicated and unclear affair.

This hub will use the example of Indians and (white) Europeans and Americans to illustrate the case.

Anybody who knows anything about the history of the part of the world that stretches from Greanland and Iceland east across Europe to India, will know that this entire region, encompassing Scandinavia, Spain and Portugal, Turkey, Russia, and Iran, to name but a few countries, has been crisscrossed by various peoples for millenia.

Of particular interest on this topic is the notion of the "Aryan."

Perverted by Hitler and the Nazis, in fact the word Aryan most correctly refers to a people now called Proto-Indo-Europeans.

Proto- simply meaning 'earliest', these were a people who spoke a language called PIE (Proto-Indo-European). They lived in the southwestern part of modern Russia/Georgia/Ukraine, just northeast of Turkey and north of Iran.

These people spread over many hundreds of years as far east as India and as far west, eventually, as San Francisco, Seattle, and Vancouver.

Rather than attempt to use physical characteristics to identify this "race", something next-to-impossible to do even since the development of modern genetics over the past decade or two, anthropologists instead use language to map out who the descendants of the Indo-Europeans were.

In fact, a large number of languages were all once local dialects of this original Proto-Indo-European tongue, at first divergent to a small degree, like British and American English, then diverging over time, thanks to geographic isolation into similar languages (much like modern Italian and Spanish), until time separated their unique developments to a point where only a specialist can tell you which languages were originally local dialects of the original tongue.

Modern linguistics is able to tell us that Russian, Latin languages like French, Portuguese, Romanian, Catalan, etc., Germanic languages like English, Icelandic, Danish and Norwegian, and Slavic languages like Czech, Polish, Serbo-Croat and Ukrainian were all the same language several millenia ago.

More interestingly still, Persian (Farsi), which is the language spoken in Iran, as well as the language spoken by certain Indians of India, belong to this group which encompasses also Latin, Greek, and Gaelic (Scots, Irish, Welsh, Cornish, Manx, and Breton).

In short, the modern science of linguistics puts the theory of race supremacists to shame.

People who can rightly claim ancestry back to the ancient Romans and Greeks must recognize that they share genes with Iranian Muslims and certain people in India.

We know this because similarities that cannot be coincidence between some Indian dialects, Latin, Greek and Iranian (Persian), as well as English, Spanish and, yes, German, show that there was once a small band of people who spoke Proto-Indo-European, who gradually spread east across Europe and west down into India and Iran.

This alone is a reason to laugh at anyone claiming to know anything about 'race.'


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    • AdsenseStrategies profile image

      AdsenseStrategies 3 years ago from CONTACT ME at

      Tiger Woods is pretty cool.... :)

    • profile image

      George 3 years ago

      All three races we made pure until the invasion European blue eye people black negroid and asians asians meaning chinese also indians we were all made from the the almighty creator we are one one race human race as for mixing different genes intermix we became carcausian people like tiger woods bob marley and the present day carcausian indians or blacks it's simple no fuss and fight we all have our great good and bad history

    • profile image

      North east indiaN 4 years ago

      Aryan is a hindu culture and belongs to nobody else the Aryan invasion theory by max Mueller was a lie in 1899 when max Mueller wasn't even born Aryan culture was in INDIA.russians and Ukrainians are excellent people us east Indians have lots of respect for them as they sold india weaponry meanwhile Ukraine modified our missiles.i would fight for Ukraine and Russia anytime. as for north American colonial illegals anglos etc GO TO HELL!as well Nixon is a fake scholar theory maker as well and we hate him!the rig veda is the oldest text in the Sanskrit and mentions nothing of a outside invasion during that time period. Aryan culture dates back to 75 bc e

    • profile image

      NORTH EAST INDIAN 4 years ago

      for all you lying white crackers quit trying to be us and be more independent and get out of our business. we HATE you ! max Mueller and Nixon are full of bs theory makers .max Mueller is a liar and died in 1899 making a theory of Aryan invasion when Aryan culture has been around longer than 75 bc e.we are NOT European so get your head out of your ****!! the rig veda doesn't mention anything about an outside invasion and white trash in western society(indian land) have no knowledge of our history. in fact I find it bullshit that a recent race can state that what we are when you weren't even around .end of discussion now get a life!north east Indians are proud of their culture something whites(mainly anglos) aint proud of because they like to lie and steal other nations culture. our people want nothing to do with you,as for being racist I aint racist I love green eyed sandy blonde Russians and blue eyed blonde Ukrainians I like my own fairskin north east indian women. I don't like anyone else because you all are mutts in our eyes and terrible liars with a very bad history. quit lying and exploiting us because we will hate you till the day you are dead and gone.

    • profile image

      NORTH EAST INDIAN 4 years ago

      us Indians have nothing to do with white garbage. Russians are excellent people and should not ever be placed and lumped with white theorists and garbage. Ukraine ,Russia are cool! anyone white and trash from the west stolen land should all defacate in shit like they did in the beginning.

    • profile image

      Dilliwala 4 years ago

      Total bullsh!t.

      Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Lankans, Nepalis, Bhutanis & South Afghans are all indigenous people of the Indian Civilization.

      Aryan Invasion Theory is crap. We originated from this soil itself, white or not. Period.

    • profile image

      TRUTH 4 years ago

      uh no they don't east indians don't carry the same genetics.russians and ukrainians are good people and the most respected by india unlike white illegal mutts in north america .

    • profile image

      truth 4 years ago

      European have no significance whatsoever to india nor is only Chinese ,Vietnamese,mongolian,korean,east indian,mexican,native,aborigenese and mauri,s.

    • profile image

      truth 4 years ago

      the white westerners should never have called white European Caucasian for classification as it doesn't exemplify them to being brown at all. they should have called Europeans europoid. no matter how much whites tan they will never have the melanin genes that east Indians have and we all very much know that as well.the climate theory of blacks mutating to white has been debunked as inuit eskimos lived in the cold climate for many generations and they still are brown not white. calling a white Caucasian to its original brown which was the first Caucasian as india is regarded ancient is like calling anyone which is dark skin called an indian which doesn't work that way.

    • profile image

      truth 4 years ago

      Caucasian doesn't mean white. only in western civilization for passports etc. but it meant the identity of bonestructure such as negroid Caucasoid and mongoloid . caucas hindus(east Indians) are not white!

    • profile image

      truth 4 years ago

      what a load of bull! north east Indians were the first Caucasians and are called 'brown Caucasians they had absolutely nothing to do with Europeans period. Europeans weren't even around nor was Christianity when Hinduism has been older then Judaism,islamic and Christianity. and Aryan are only hindu for the Vedic Sanskrit as the oldest and were the Rig-Veda which is only in india.

    • profile image

      Suman Kumaar 4 years ago

      Do you really knows history? do you know how life on earth comes into existence. I think you don't. you are such a foolish and idiot man I ever known. Due to collusion in techtonic plates there were shift in the parts of land thaousands of year ago may be 10000 years and due to which north pole and south poles comes into existence . Due to existence of north pole and south pole one part of earth becomes very cold and others hot and similarly so on. This was due to shift of an area of land from earth called india, We all know life is not possible in cold places if we don't have any knowledge about how to react and survive. even most of micro organics comes into existence only at hot or medium hot places then how could human comes into existence in cold Europe? Where humanity comes first civilization comes just after it and we all knows Indus civilization is worlds 1st civilization which is also known as hindu civilization. We are not part of Aryans but Aryans were part of us. In recent times in india people who tries to pollute morale of all civilized Indians and tried them to make them attracted toward fun sex and all bad habbits were punished to live their lives outside india. that punished peoples were Aryans and you all Europeans are their successor that's why you don't know meaning of pride and how to behave well how to make relationship lasts for long how to become the heart of family. If you were first then you all should be ahead of us . Why we are far ahead in our religion family relationships? have you any answers. Its a game paln you all europeans tried play to pollute our indian culture. As we know some part of india suffers from hot whereas some part of india enjoys variety of seasons. North Indians are white because noth indian part of india enjoys variety of seasons. Its seasons and effect of sunlight that makes us look different not ethenticity you fool . If you don't agree try to send a family into that part of world where there is only hot seasons as some part of south Africa and after few century meet those white guys you sent to those places and try to recognize would they looks ame as there pre-successor looks or they turned black like all people of that palce then try to write or comment on topics like this.

    • profile image


      What a bunch of sick peoples. Think how superior you are until some disease catches up with you.

    • profile image

      Ass kicker 5 years ago

      @lady gaga:- it weren't indians who suffered at the hands of arabs, persians, turks, afghans but the present day "pakistanis" were THE victims! pakistan fall first on map to all these countries before thinking of india!

      So it weren't our ladies who were raped but pakistanis had to bear it all; ironically they cherish being descendents of these barbaric invaders!

      We indians are proud people.. hence didn't gave up our religion inspite of 1000 year of islamic tyranny over india!! we are not iran,

      dear v are INDIA

    • profile image

      Ass kicker 5 years ago

      @lady gaga: somebody must have urinated in your brain; i guess!

      When did arabs conquered india?? oh now you are calling indians as sindhis? wtf? you are childish with your concepts! A complete misperception & distortion of history, I must say!

      Inevitable truth is that aryans were the ppl from romania-ukraine-georgia kinda region; from where they migrated allover.


      "India`s population is 1227 million now and 72% of it are ARYAN descendants!

      i.e 850 MILLION"



    • profile image

      Lady Gaga 5 years ago

      North Indians are generally a race called Sindhis who are almost like gypsies of europe. Make loud voice in public, show some animal like behaviour like itching their body smelling it then. ewww......horrible thing to do for a civilised human being.I have travelled with these monkeys in trains.They used to howl like monkeys when train stops at a station(may be calling their relatives or friends idk).They use to chew a tobacco thing called Pan parag which smells really bad.And about their body: most of them wear half trousers which were originally pants they might have stolen from some others or given by their parents during their childhood.Their body smells like shit.Surely most of them haven't seen deodourant.Clothes unwashed for more than a month.This made my mind think that northies are humanoids surely like Afransis or Pithicinus, but never homosapiens. They have developed a mythical story calling themselves Europeans or caucasians. But the truth is Sindhi girls were fucked(impregnated) by mughals, persians, arabs and sythians for nearly 3000 years.So their offspring look like persians. Can you find a redhead or a blonde among north indians? If it was true that they came from Europe Even a single northie should be a blonde. But haven't seen one.You can see some Anglo-indians with some blue eyes.They won't be counted as sindhis. So it makes me think that my theories like mass rape theory(nortie girls were gangbanged by arabs), humonoid-gypsy theory(seen in railway station character of northies) are 100% true.Sorry if i hurt some feelings.

    • profile image

      reih 5 years ago

      comparision between indian and european industrialisation

    • profile image

      david 5 years ago

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      another way for all the white supremacists to say they are better than everyone else. sir are the racist and buddha was indian not european regardless of whatever you say

    • profile image

      yo 5 years ago

      this is an absolutely stupid article. it doesn't matter whether indians, or more specifically north indians, are caucasoid or not it means nothing in the end we are all human and knowing this should not make you happy.

    • profile image

      bro 6 years ago

      i think sanskrit is the mother of all europian language and has its strongest roots in india.north indians came from southern-western europe and mixing of their blood was stopped considerably by a really serious problem in india called 'cast system.'

    • profile image

      deedar 6 years ago

      yeah true story mix race ppl are the best, smart and beautiful...i want me a mixed girl:D

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      I don't understand why people are denying that Indians and Middle Easterns share the same genes as Europeans. It's certainly true.. anyone who has any real knowledge of race knows this. The Caucasian race is not just white people, and white people are not a race! The Caucasoid race includes Europeans, Middle Easterns abs Indians.. They are all the same physically, but Indians/Middle Easterns are darker than most Europeans. Also, many Europeans are darker than how most people think a white person is - such as people from Spain, Greece, etc but they are still considered the same race as other Europeans, so why aren't Indians/Middle Easterns? I find that Americans are quite ignorant about race, and need to become more educated about race. WHITE PEOPLE ARE NOT A RACE! There are only three actual races - Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid. Which race do you think Indians/Middle Easterns best fit into?? Obviously Caucasoid.

    • profile image

      satheesh, india 6 years ago


      there are "chinese" people (mongoloid race) in india. In eastern states they are the majority.

      When races mix, they become brown. For example, Obama. So are the Indians. I myself is a mix of mongloid caucasoid dravidian and whatever hell i don't know. We've started mixing up atleast many millenia ago.

      Im a mixrace supremacist. Even genetic experiments proves that in every species, even in plants, the cross products are better than pure forms. I do not have hatredness for any pure race but instead I've an advice please mix up, at least you will get a smart child.

    • profile image

      Arthur 6 years ago

      Hinduses have the general genes with "european caucasoids" from the fatherly party, and with parent they in overwhelming majority other race - DRAWIDAS. And it is of great importance, because finally wins shape of mother, race of mother. I have not understood, that it for " Russian clan Sakya " (!?)The tribe Saka was Scythian (=NortheastIranian).The term " white Europeans " too is absolute dullness. This word "Europa" is greecized semitic term "erebu" ("darkness"). And whence such conclusion in general follows, what from two kittens of one cat of mother the grey or dark kitten is worse than white?The native land of " the White civilization " was not England. They were simply cannibals savages, and the Near East! All Abraham religions are from Near East.And all "european" civilization has come on the north of the Europe from the south via Greeks and Romans.And even the native land of fascism too the south - Italy and Southern Germany. The "White Europe-e-e-a-a-ns" are ZERO!

    • profile image

      Lockheed 6 years ago

      Wrong is as racist as they can get lol........I'd like to state a few things:

      1) White people massacred native americans

      2) They had blacks as slaves, and humiliated them to the core ( i can write pages on how badly they were treated)

      3) British ruled india for almost two centuries ------again i need not mention how they treated the indian people and looted their money

      4) Regarding science, most of it happened during the time when the indians got a bit busy during colonization, money paid by indians was used to fund their research

      5) You don't find chinese people in india nor indians in china because we have something called the himalayan mountains in between, very difficult to cross these huge mountains and pass into the other land; but even then we had great relations due to the silk route.....and budhism which originated in india went to china

      I have met hundreds of tourists and they keep talking so much about how they love indian and chinese culture; not to forget the warmth and friendliness of the people

      Go through the first few points, you will know whose "nicer"

      And europeans are treated very well in India, I can vouch for that, so can they.......barring a few instances which can happen anywhere, that too because of the fact that you looted all of our money and mistreated us........can't blame the poor souls......


    • profile image

      Dol 6 years ago

      Indians have nothing to do with Europeans. Just because White people cant stomach the fact that Indian literature and philosophy of God, mind and reality is more advanced then their "bible" Doesn't mean we are related.

    • profile image

      Dol 6 years ago

      Indians have nothing to do with Europeans. Just because White people cant stomach the fact that literature and philosophy of God, mind and reality is more advanced then their "bible" Doesn't mean we are related.

    • profile image

      Baileybear 7 years ago

      I found this very interesting, and also found it interesting that "wrong" told you that you were racist (how?) and also said they weren't white supremacist - LOL

    • profile image

      Dhawal 7 years ago

      No fact in this blog post, Afterall we all came from "Africa", DNA study already shown most of what we were looking for that is how man expanded from Africa to World (glimps of actual path). It clearly show that Indian are not close at all to European, there were R1R1A match between East European (Romania) and North Indians (Rajasthan) other than that their was no serious link. In fact, most North Indian are very close to South-West China or Hind-Kush area people. Iran-Pakistan people are more closely related but came from same branch genetically.

    • profile image

      Josh 7 years ago

      I am a European White Separatist and i know this is 100 percent true. Caucasoids include - European Groups - Middle Eastern Groups - Indian Groups. As a White separatist i already know this to be fully true but i still do not care. White Europeans + Middle Easterners + North Indians are all Caucasoid but that still does not make us 100 percent the same. The only Caucasoids that are White would be the European Caucasoids. The Middle Eastern and Indian Caucasoids are Caucasoid but not White. Not all Caucasoids are White - as a White European separatist i only care about the preservation of the European Caucasoids. If you are insulted by me im sorry but think of it this way Japanese people and Filipino people are both Mongoloid but that does not mean they are the same - German people and North Indian people are both Caucasoid yes but that still does not make them the same. There is many many many different sub types of Caucasoids but the only Caucasoids that i will call my racial brothers and sisters are the White European Caucasoids.

    • profile image

      Mystique 7 years ago

      I think the point that everyone is missing is that human life started in africa and through diaspora, people inhabited all parts of the world. Then they became adapted to their respective environments, which is why we all look different. I am an indian and I think its time we accepted that people of different races are still part of the same species. Shouldn't we all be treated as such?

    • profile image

      i'm white myself so dont judge me 7 years ago

      the above is true . Mr.wrong is not racist but in fact just like many of my friends - IN DENIAL that he shares genetic history to anyone in south east asia .Well unfortunately for you, it is a fact . Regardless of the motives, the proto-indo-aryans (eastern europeans related to slavic peoples of today) did make ancient iran ,pakistan and india their home . It was there where some of them mixed with the dravidians( the oldest indians of them all)along with middle-easterners and many other subraces leading to the development of the modern indians. I'm American and when we think of indians, we think of smart, little brown people with stinky food (not to be racist in any way).But actually if you take a closer look , the indians have a really diverse population . Some of them look white,arab,hispanic and even asian .Heck some of them from the south even look like they had some african ancsetry in them!

      If mr.Wrong still disagrees with me , then to further support my premise, the english,portugese and the french all had colonies in india , although this occurred much much later.Thats where Anglo-Indians and indians with portuguese lineages came in to play .

      So in a nutshell , there is a lot of european blood in the Indians of today (european genetics to be more precise).But in the end, aren't we all one human race ? Does it really matter that we had a few mutations, adaptations to the environment along the evolutionary walk of life ? I for one don't think so...

    • wyanjen profile image

      Jen King 8 years ago from Wyandotte Michigan


      Very interesting! Thanks for the research.

      Race supremacist theories deserve all the shame we can throw at them.

    • myownworld profile image

      myownworld 8 years ago from uk

      brilliant hub! I do believe that north indians (as many pakistanis) were mostly descendant from Aryans...hence explains the lighter skin color and hair. Also, my ancestors all spoke Farsi...but I had no clue as to that link you drew! wow...I must send this hub to my family...they'll love it as much as I did!

    • profile image

      Geneticist-Linguist 8 years ago

    • profile image

      Wrong 8 years ago

      This is completely incorrect, and it's more anti-white racism.

      European languages such as Pali (language of Buddha of the Russian Sakya Clan, who was white and called his religion the path of the 'Aharant' (lit. Aryan)), and Sanskrit, which served the basis of the Hindu Caste (lit. Colour) system dividing whites from Dravidian dark ethnicities, where brought into India from Europe. It is not only a fact that both these languages, and Zoroastrian Farsi, are European in origin, it is also plainly stated in these religious texts that this is exactly what happened.

      Any ancestry we share is due to us moving into territory, which is true in every single piece of DNA evidence we have.

      Whatsmore, in case you are really arrogant, and choose to ignore all the evidence, European mummies have been discovered in China--we were the first inhabitants of China ('Tocharians') who were wiped out in well-recorded genocidal campaigns by Siberian Asians who moved South.

      Obviously though, there's not much of our blood in India, the resemblance is genetically misleading, we came in too few number, and lived along the Silk Road--Indians are more related to Chinese than Europeans, and they are really Austronesian-Asian-Middle Eastern hybrids. They have very little European blood, which wouldn't be surprising, since they live in Asia.

      I am not a white racist supremicist, but I think you should get your facts straight. First of all, white people are the least racist on earth, evidently, there are no Indians in China, or Chinese in India. Second of all, Hitler killed Jews, Poles, French, anyone not German--your 'Aryan' theory does not apply to his actual actions, and he was a very minor figure in European World History, not comparable to Lenin or Napoleon, hence you have a racist bias.

      I think you should stop writing articles like this because are offensive and racist, you're stirring up dead history to depict us as maniacs when we are not. You should look at how Zimbabweans have treated whites, and how Indians treat European tourists as an example of how intolerant they are towards us.

      We have no obligation to bring them into our country if we are not allowed into theirs.

      Whatsmore, seeing as we struggled through hundreds of years of Industrialisation and invented most scientific products the world has today, we do, in fact, have the privilege to use these for ourselves, as long as we don't hurt anyone else. Perhaps we haven't done as well on that last point, but have the Japanese?

      You keep to your business, we keep to ours. That will end true racism, if you start moving into our countries and stirring up trouble, your asking for WWIII. You should seriously re-think that, because you simply do not have the technology to win, and the planet itself is now at risk.

    • profile image

      George 9 years ago

      What a terrible, infactual article.

    • Rookie Expert profile image

      Rookie Expert 9 years ago from US

      I learnt something new today! Good research and a meaningful message.