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Why Migrating to Malaysia Is a Bad Idea

Updated on March 27, 2015

First of All

I have no intention of offending anyone and If anyone was seriously hurt by reading this article, I humbly apologize. This is my personal view of Malaysia. I indeed also a Malaysia and I'm proud to be a Malaysian. Malaysia is indeed a 1 Malaysia country. The government is the one that treats people of different religions differently, not the citizens of the country. Mostly everyone in Malaysia is friendly and will treat everyone equally. I ask for apologize in advance.

Malaysia, What Are You Exactly

Are you struggling for to survive in your own country, do you want live in a country full of peace. If you're answers are yes, then go to a country other than Malaysia. It's true that some people have survived after migrating to Malaysia, but most have been deported, especially Nigerians. Even Malaysian citizen are struggling to find a job. Mostly because of they're religion. Even though Malaysia's motto is "1 Malaysia", the higher officials give importance mostly to Muslims. At governmental institutes, you can clearly see that there are more Muslim workers than other religious workers altogether. The government also offers scholarships to mostly to Muslims. Muslims also receive many benefits from the government such as ASNB and ASB. Some lands and properties on Malaysia can be bought only by Muslims. The government also claim that to be a Malay, you have to be a Muslim, speak Malay regularly, practice Malay customs and have lived in or have ancestors from Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore. Does that mean that people from different religions are not Malaysia, even though their Identification Card says that they're Malaysians. There's still other issues concerning Malaysia, but I will discuss that in another article.

Foreigners, What Should You Be Concerned About

For all international students who think of studying in Malaysia. I highly recommend that you first try considering other countries. If you're decision is still the same, make sure that you have all the necessary paper. If the police find even one missing paper, they'll have you deported. You'll definitely make lots of friends. Most Muslims will be friendly and may even become your BFF. Some Muslims though will treat very badly, For foreign workers who are thinking of working in Malaysia, I highly recommend that you consider other countries. Most Malaysia citizens have no jobs themselves. Remember, always bring your passport with you whenever you go.


Many people have suffered a lot because of migrating to Malaysia. I have heard that policemen lock up many Nigerian who are poor and demand them a high amount of money. If the Nigerian doesn't cooperate, they'll threaten to deport him/her. This will be the end of my article. Thank you for reading my article and please make a wise choice as this will make a huge impact on your life.


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