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Why Bike Riding To Work Works!

Updated on June 15, 2016
Photo: "Gas Sucks. Ride A Bike!" I took this outside the window of Linesville Bike Shoppe.
Photo: "Gas Sucks. Ride A Bike!" I took this outside the window of Linesville Bike Shoppe.

I bet you know at least two people who ride their bikes to work.

We know there are people who prefer biking to anything else. Likewise, we know that with the gas prices, there are people resorting to bicycles for short trips instead of using what little gas they already have in their tanks.

But have you wondered what other reasons there may be?

Despite staying fit and beating gas prices, what other reasons would people have to ride their bikes rather than taking the car? Here is a list of 10 more reasons you may not have thought of before now.

1. Road Rage? No Way!

There's no need to deal with others' anger when you're zipping along on your bike. Someone makes a rude hand gesture? Chances are, you won't even see it! As long as you're wearing the proper helmet, and you might even use goggles if you're going at a faster pace or have to deal with wind, then you'll be oblivious. You'll stay focused on the road and your surroundings as you weave in and out of traffic. There's no waiting impatiently for one car to merge fully into the other lane or to turn when you're on a bike.

2. Cool Tan Lines!

There's nothing better than the Farmer's Tan, right? Wrong! The bicyclist's tan is far superior. Not only do you have tan lines on the arms and shoulders from whichever shirts you wear while bicycling, you''ll have cool tan lines on your legs! Pretend you play soccer or football (if you don't already). Tell a neighbor about how you went scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. Who will know the difference? Only those who have seen you on your bike.

Look at those hot tan lines!
Look at those hot tan lines!

A Quiz, Just For Fun!

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3. Speed Races.

Ever race a car while on a bicycle? No? Try it out! Dare the nearest person with their windows down to keep up with you. When there's a light about to turn? Keep going! You don't have to wait until the light turns again to go on your way. Either way, you win. There's a big hill? You don't have to put the breaks on like you would have in a car. Let the bike just take you!

Ride your bike and look fabulous doing it!
Ride your bike and look fabulous doing it!

4. A Reason To Wear Something Revealing.

That's right, you heard me. Wear those clingy black shorts in public. Wear that becoming tank top to show off your arms, your amazing neck, or to give the girls some breathing room. Put on low socks with those sneakers to show off your fit (or soon to be fit) calves. You've got it, now show the world!

5. A Built In Reason to NOT Visit The In-Laws.

Have a nagging mother- or father-in-law who frequently calls to ask why you haven't visited? If your transportation is only that of a bicycle, then they probably live too far away! "I'm so sorry, Mom/Dad. We can't make it this weekend because we don't have the money for gas to go all the way out there. You know how we are with our bikes!"

6. Parking Ticket? Not I!

That's right. There are few places that forbid you from parking your bike near their place of business, and you can ride right up onto the grass at the park. Sick of driving around and around the parking lot to find a spot? Bikes, if they have a spot, will be right up front. You'll always be at the front of the line!

7. Realize that a little bit of rain won't hurt you.

And it certainly won't make you melt. Especially in summer months, rain will feel amazing as it cools you down and eases the burn in your muscles. You might even see that you've changed your mind about only wanting to take a bike ride in sunny weather.

You won't melt in the rain. I promise!
You won't melt in the rain. I promise!

8. Scavenger Hunts Suddenly Become Interesting.

You're technically still outside on your bike, so it's no trouble at all to slow down and stop to pick something up! Find a cool penny? Nice going for noticing it! See that awesome hawk feather over by the tree? Jog up the hill to grab it before heading on your way once more! Keep a catalog of what you find. Have contests with friends!

9. More Sustainable Lifestyle.

Car payments, insurance, gas, maintenance, you name it; most of these costs go out the proverbial window when your only mode of transportation is a bicycle. Even the cost of maintenance is minimal compared to needing to special order this or that part for your out-of-date engine.

Please vote in this poll!

How many of these reasons will you now think of when next you ride your bike?

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10. More Free Time.

This one is probably my favorite. With our busy day-to-day schedules, we tend to cut those things that are best for us. This includes cooking a healthy meal rather than grabbing a snack to go and making excuses to not exercise on your indoor bike. Welp, with a bike as transportation, you're exercising as well as commuting!

The Next Time You Ride.

Keep these in mind for the next time you ride. It may give you a reason to pull out the old bike and WD40. Otherwise, this might just be a guide to what you can do in the future to keep your commuting experience a more pleasant one. Happy biking!

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© 2011 Jennifer Kessner


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