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Why does a norwegian play lotto?

Updated on November 3, 2011

Norway under the surface

Ain´t it funny that Norwegians do play lotto? I dont understand why. What are they dreaming of? They work 6 hours a day, have incredibly high salaries and all get 4 weeks of summer holidays. Yet Moreover, it´s the most beautiful and unspoiled landscape I have ever seen, clean air, rivers and forests. Norway is that safe that you don´t even need to lock the door of your house.

What more could one wish for? So why are they playing lotto?

I truly love this country . I love the landscape, the fresh air, the freedom. There is no stress, no rush and so much space for everyone. But there is a downside to all that. It' s not that everything is so expensive, it`s not that its dark and cold. No, you can get used to that: The landscape makes up for the cold and the brightness in summer makes up for the darkness in winter.

However, there is something else I realised about this country in my most recent journey that really stroke me: They all use the same dishwashing detergent, there seems to be only one brand (Zalo, that comes in - wow- 2 different colors, but actually is just the same). They all use the same soap (Lano) and toilet paper (Lambi) and they all read the same newspaper (VG) - appart from the local ones. They even all use the same butter (Bemykt) and bring along the same snack for a hiking trip (Kvikk Lunsj). I heard that Norway is the only country so far, that Lidl stopped operating due to risk of bankrupcy.

When I am walking along the streets, I realise that they all have pretty much the same type of jackets and boots. Theres about 3 different brands of jackets around. They all want the same big car and phone.. and they all live in wooden houses and heat with electricity. Don' t forget the summer house on the countryside in which they live in summer. Everybody has at least one. It seems to be that they are made some kind of "clones".. Why? To serve the country..?

Here is one thing in addition to that: Norwegians pay much less taxes if they get the "package". I didn`t know what that is until recently, when one of my norwegian hosts told me. The package means: house with loan, kids, car, dog... u know, the "toy life". Then you get to pay much less taxes. Single people with a house pay still alot of taxes. Government is supporting the "package" lifestyle of the clones who all sit in their home using their new flatscreen TV, eating "Walters Mandel" chocolate or a saussage which now comes in a risky variation: with a slice of bacon around it.... It´s the most versatile saussage in the world and resembles a bouncing ball. Thea are all wiping off their bottoms with Lambi toiletpaper. One size fits all!

Weird also that everybody knows what everybody else earns and how much they have in their bank account. You can check that in the internet if you have the full name of somebody. When I first heard that, it came as a shock to me. That´s nobody elses business than mine isn' t it? Moreover, the government has control over your bank account.

Oh Norway, why did you betray me?

--> Strong advice: NEVER EVER close your swiss bank accounts down!


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    • Tanja Wanderlust profile image

      Tanja Wanderlust 7 years ago from planet earth

      Thanks shygirl2... another think i realised too.. absurdity plays a big role. Nothing is being discussed, altough everybody knows.. should one understand them... :)

    • profile image

      shygirl2 7 years ago

      Hmm...interesting hub. : ) My ex was from Norweigan descent.