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8 convincing reasons to fly with SriLankan Airlines

Updated on February 5, 2016

Flying with SriLanking Airline is an amazing experience. It flies in wide variety of cities all over the world, giving its passengers comfort, trust and good environment. Persons of any age can take this beautiful flight path and enjoy every inch of it, but it's best for youngsters or students who are carefree and can spend sometime discovering Colombo and it's food.

Travelling with SriLankan Airline takes longer if you have a transit or stay at Colombo, but even the stay is very comfy and convenient for flyers, they give you hotels, transportation and food, making your stay very enjoyable.

1. Affordable

Unlike many other airlines, SriLankan airlines offer excellent services at very affordable prices. You can easily travel to your destination at relatively cheaper rates with SriLankan Airlines. Cheap tickets doesn't mean the Airlines do not provide enough facilities, actually to your surprise it is very comfortable, with friendly staff on ground and as well as in the air, and the quality of food is also good.

2. Puntual

SriLankan Airlines are very punctual in terms of flights. They leave the city exactly at the same time mentioned on the ticket and usually reaches the destination ahead of time, making it very convenient for the travellers, without any issues of delay or flight cancellations. It means you can easily trust the SriLankan Airlines if you want to reach your destination on time or maybe before any special or important event. It also assures the on time take-off so always try to reach the airport on time or even sometime before so as to avoid any inconvenience.

SriLankan Airlines' planes taxied at Colombo Airport
SriLankan Airlines' planes taxied at Colombo Airport

3. Comforatble

Surprisingly, the SriLankan Airlines are not only affordable or punctual but the features of the aircraft are very cosy and entertaining at the same time. The seats of the aircraft are very comfortable and the structure of seats is also comfy. Every passenger gets enough space of his/her own. The bathroom facilities are also pleasing in some big aircraft of SriLankan Airlines, with availability of water and other facilities throughout the flight time.

4. Friendly Staff

The staff of the SriLankan Airlines is very friendly. You can ask them for any help and they are always ready to serve you with a smile. You can ask them for any emergency and they will try their best to get you out of it.

If you're having some issues with your seat arrangements, food, or any other stuff, then you can frankly ask your air hostess for help and she will help you to solve your problem or provide you with an alternative solutions.

5. Good food & menu book

One of the many good features of SriLankan Airlines is that they provide you with a complete menu for lunch/dinner. There are variety of options you can choose from. You can easily get the food of your choice among the ones listed in the menu. Even in the economy class, there are several options to choose from; there are rice, curries, vegetables, meat and some special food depending on your departure and arrival countries.

There are many variety of drinks, including juices, soft drinks and other drinks that you can choose from. You can ask for drinks at any time and for as many times as you want, and they serve you without any hesitation.

Menu book for economy class
Menu book for economy class

6. Entertainment Tablet

One of the very appealing features of SriLankan Airlines is the availability of small screens in front of you where you can enjoy watching movies, listening songs, reading books, listening to radio and may more. Some advance aircraft also allow you to track your flight path, make calls, do shopping and you can even insert your own flash drive and enjoy your own movies or videos.

Many other aircraft do not have this number of features available on the tablet. You can easily spend your time without getting bored. There are language and subtitles options as well. You can enjoy listening and watching in different languages, in short, it's a complete entertainment package on board which easily kills your time in a cosy way.

Along with the tablet fixed in front of you, they also give individual headsets to each passenger on-board and collect them back at the time of or sometimes, before landing. It's a plus point if you have a headset of your own, then you can use it for as long as you want, which means, before take-off till landing and taxiing of the aircraft.

7. Breakfast

The SriLankan Airlines always serve their costumers nicely, making them feel like family. If you're flying with SriLankan Airlines and you have a transit at Colombo for few hours and it's an early morning or noon, then you will receive free individual passes for breakfast/Lunch at the Transit restaurant at the airport.

Even at the restaurant you will find the staff very friendly. You get a platter with different food items depending on the breakfast/lunch time along with drinks, which you can eat there enjoying the view of the runway from a big glass screen at the restaurant.

passes for breakfast
passes for breakfast

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breakfast platter for 2
breakfast platter for 2

8. Hotel accommodation and Transportation

The best part of flying with SriLankan Airlines is the FREE night stay at one of the beautiful hotels of Colombo if you get a transit at Colombo. They even give you the pick & drop exactly from airport exit to the front gate of your hotel and vice versa. The staff you meet is very helpful and give you the room according to your requirements (if available).

At night the bus or car leaves you at the hotel gate where you check in and they assign you rooms, the rooms are very cosy and well furnished. You can sleep there soundly till morning. Then you're offered breakfast and then after few hours, the bus or car comes and take you back to the airport where your flight awaits you.

Village Holiday Restaurant
Village Holiday Restaurant
Village Holiday Restaurant
Village Holiday Restaurant

Wifi is also availble for free at some restaurants, but in others you need to pay for wifi per hour.

And one more gift they give you is the FREE Breakfast buffet, yes! You get such yummy stuffs to choose from, and for Muslims there is no problem, everything they serve is Halal. You can get tea, coffee, juices or other drinks if they're available in buffet.

Breakfast at Ramada Hotel at Colombo
Breakfast at Ramada Hotel at Colombo
Breakfast buffet at the Village Restaurant in Colombo
Breakfast buffet at the Village Restaurant in Colombo

And if you're lucky enough to get the hotel along with the beach, then you'll get a chance to enjoy the beautiful, clean beach spreading widely along the shore. Many hotels have backside opening to the seaside . You will see people from all over the world swimming, playing sports, jet skiing and so on. If you get enough time, you can also take a boat and take a round of the big green blue sea.

Colombo beach
Colombo beach
180 degree view of beach
180 degree view of beach

We hardly know any aircraft with so much facilities in very affordable prices. SriLankan Airlines makes your journey to your destination unforgettable, making you feel homey on groud and in the air a swell. It's punctuality, quality and management is very appreciable in terms of flying comfort and transit stays.

If you live in a city or travelling to a city where the SirLankan Airlines fly, then you must be looking forward to fly with SriLankan Airlines and enjoy your journey loaded with multiple benefits. You can book your tickets on-line and through agents and get transit visas as well.

so when are you planning to fly next?

5 out of 5 stars from 7 ratings of this artcile

© 2015 Syeda Akhtar

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