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Why travel websites could be your next hot business

Updated on June 10, 2014

When I began browsing internet few years ago, little did I realize that I also would create my own blog. With time, however, it dawned on me that blogging can be profitable if someone does it wisely. But, the best thing I came across the web is the rise of travel websites. I have myself experienced how travel websites have made my trip easier and hassle free. If you can provide top notch services in the travel world, then your site could be the next big thing every tourist will look forward to. And I have done my share of findings to show you the truth.

Why most travel websites are able to offer incredibly low hotel reservation prices

Despite the recession in the global economy, if there’s one significant area that has not suffered, it’s probably, the hotels and the travel business. Travellers have not stopped touring, and if you look at the stats, then you will notice that tourists have increased their trips. Budget airlines had led to an increase in air travel.

If you had booked hotels both, through the travel sites and also through the hotel website, you would see the difference, the hotel website charges you more. I had personally experienced a scenario, I would like to share. I once booked a hotel for my trip to Bangkok, through a travel website. It so happened while I was checking in at the hotel, a man came and inquired about the room, and to my surprise, the hotel staff at the front office quoted a price, which was around 1.7 times higher than the price I paid for a room, for the same type of rooms, through a travel site.

The reason I lay down this illustration is to tell you how these travel websites are able to offer such low prices. These travel websites, such as Agoda,, or Viator book a number of rooms on bulk rates. They also connect with many hotels, and thereby are able to get rooms at incredibly low prices. Therefore, they can sell them at a lower price. They would also adjust prices according to the situation. The hotels are happier to offer bulk rates to these travel websites because they get them the business and access to new customers, which would otherwise not have been possible.

Service is also the key

Don’t fool yourself just by the look of the website. Being a tourist myself, I know how travellers can disturb these travel sites. If something goes wrong, the heat turns on them. But there’s a business here only if you can commit yourself to making it successful.

Promotion is also vital

A good service is the best promotion. However, marketing your services is something Startup entrepreneurs need to excel in. If you can promote your travel website, to back it up with a great service, travel website is the one of the best business to move in.

Patience is a virtue, and you need it a lot to preserve your willingness to make your website successful.


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      Rajiv Sighamony 3 years ago

      Thanks Anusha.

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      anusha 3 years ago

      nice post