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Williamstown Beach: where my heart takes me

Updated on December 30, 2015

I took title of this article from someone’s blog on Melbourne Experiences. Once again my memories got refreshed and I decided to share my impressions here. I visited Williamstown beach few years back but still i feel it 's tale of yesterday. During my stay in Melbourne, it was my favourite place to spend time whenever I felt to relax my soul and mind. I have seen different moods of nature there like color changing horizons, different shapes of clouds and thundering waves.

View at Williamstown Beach at sun set time
View at Williamstown Beach at sun set time | Source

Williamstown beach is located where Yarra River enters Hobsons Bay and Port Phillip in the south- west of Melbourne. This beach was originally developed as industrial port to serve needs of those days but now it is one of the beautiful beaches around Melbourne with a lot of scenic beauty.

Railway Station @ Williamstown
Railway Station @ Williamstown | Source
Night view of Railway Station @ Williamstown
Night view of Railway Station @ Williamstown | Source

Whether you live near or far from ocean, river or any lake, hearing the name of beach makes you full of enthusiasm and many things come to your mind. I heard one popular saying ‘If you're lucky enough to be at the beach...then you're lucky enough’ Life and nature are always together on beach. No matter how upset and down you feel, visiting beach can make you full of life once again. In every drop of water and in every blow of breeze, there is a story of life. All this is true for Williamstown beach as well.

Pleasant weather, clean water and soft sand make this beach, a nice place to spend time. In few words I will say that this beach is fantastic place to be there and if you like, for immersing yourself in water with someone you really love. It will give you wonderful life experience that you will never forget. A feeling of calmness invades your soul and after passing of time it goes more firm and deeper in memories.

As nature lover, here you will get all to make your visit a really memorable moment. Beach is around 550 m long surrounded with water from three sides. The eastern shoreline consists of foreshore reserves dotted with piers, gardens and remnants of Williamstown's maritime history.

If you are not interested to go out and swim, there is a bar facing beach, where you can sit and enjoy view of sea. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants as well, where you can enjoy coffee and other things. Ice creams and meals shops will make your trip really enjoyable. The Williamstown Swimming and Surf Life Saving Club, formed in 1922, is also located at the western end next to the Baths.

Different Shades of Scenic Beauty @ Williamstown Beach

Pier @ Williamstown: You can feel ocean with open arms, taking full breath
Pier @ Williamstown: You can feel ocean with open arms, taking full breath | Source
You can plan long evening walks here
You can plan long evening walks here | Source
Feel bare foot walk. Sand is soft and cool
Feel bare foot walk. Sand is soft and cool | Source

During summers this place remain full of people of all age enjoying swimming, relaxing in sun on sandy beach whereas during winter days people come here for walk and enjoy calm and peace to relax their minds. During summer days you can see people there doing different fun activities. You can plan picnic with your family and kids. You will find people making sand castles, playing volleyball, collecting seashells, taking picture shots, relaxing on beach chairs and making beach tents. Going for picnic at Williamstown will make another day in paradise.

Summer days are full of fun activites
Summer days are full of fun activites
The Southgate stop and Yarra River Shuttle Ferry.
The Southgate stop and Yarra River Shuttle Ferry. | Source
Ferry ride, a wonderful experience full of fun
Ferry ride, a wonderful experience full of fun | Source

Williamstown is a 30-minute train journey from Flinders Street Station, the last station on the Williamstown line. Railways station there has two platforms opening on opposite sides and beach is just 5-minute walking distance away from station.

I read somewhere that you can also reach Williamstown if you catch a ferry from Melbourne. I feel it would be a great journey passing though downtown Melbourne and Yarra River, finally changing to a broad shipping yard. Ferries from Melbourne's Southgate Arts & Leisure Precinct take approximately 1 hour.

I wish to have ferry ride on my next trip to Melbourne. Be sure to make Williamstown beach your first place to visit when you are in Melbourne.

Map of Williamstown Beach (See yellow part)

© 2013 Jaspal Singh


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    • Jaspals profile image

      Jaspal Singh 4 years ago from India / Australia

      @ ChitrangadaSharan. Thank you for taking the time to read it and adding your valuable comments here. Williamstown beach is like small paradise having all possibilities to make your trip worth. Thanks again.

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 4 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Very nice hub with wonderful pictures!

      Your description has made me curious to visit this beautiful place.

      Thanks for sharing the details of this travel destination and if I happen to visit this Beach, your hub will prove to be a good guide.