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Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Updated on June 15, 2017
This is Brooke
This is Brooke

How I Met The Best Person Ever

I met Brooke back at the end of February of this year. She was my roommate going into training to be a flight attendant. I walked into the hotel to check-in, and the hotel lady told me "Oh, your roommate just checked in", and I got a jolt of excitement but also anxiety to meet the person I had to share a room with for the next month. As soon as I walk into the room, she's got just the biggest smile on her face and introduces herself. And I introduce myself. Right then, I knew she was just the coolest and nicest person ever.

We changed and went down to "meet and greet" with the whole new class of newbies that there were. Once we did that, we went out by the pool to start studying a bit and getting some sun, while also laughing at each other because we were finding out so many things we have in common (I am 100% convinced she is my identical twin). We went through training and blah blah, got through it, decided we liked each other just enough to move out of state together and the rest is history. I knew she'd be a best friend for life.

Laughter is Life's Best Medicine

Brooke and I were finally able to get mirrored lines which means, we have the same schedule the whole month. It took lots of annoying work trying to change things around, but has been so worth it. Brooke makes me laugh SO much. The first day of our first 4 day trip, we were just so excited. I couldn't wait to work with her the whole month, because all we do when we are together is laugh. And let me tell ya, it was exactly what I thought it would be, ALL laughs.

While doing demos, I see Brooke in the back reading announcements and just start laughing for no reason at all. It was even worse when it was my turn to read the announcements while she did the demos, I couldn't even hold in my laughs. It made the passengers on the plane laugh, which also made me laugh. I just couldn't help it.

We got to chat about all the passengers who were nice and those who were mean and those who were funny and smelly and it has just been nothing but a good time. Being a flight attendant has already not even felt like a job to me, but add in working with a best friend and MAN! I feel like we just get up each day to do something we both love while laughing. It's great.

Trying to get a cute picture of ourselves with the timer sitting on top of stacked luggage.
Trying to get a cute picture of ourselves with the timer sitting on top of stacked luggage.

All The Positives of Working With Brooke

- She laughs at my jokes

- She enjoys food just as much as me

- She NEVER shuts down my food ideas, only enhances them

- She understands me

- She is on the same mood swing cycle as me

- We drink all the wine and beer we can

- She buys me food AND cooks it

- She understands how poor I can be MOST of the time

- We've just got the best inside jokes

- She doesn't get made when I spill things, because odds are she just spilled something too

Days Off Together

When we get days off, we just die from laughing and talking crap, and also walking back and forth to Safeway to buy nothing other than wine and food. We've made some incredible meals while talking about our lives and why we are the way we are and getting closer. Just having a blast! Our plan for our next days off are to go to Mexico for her birthday, with another girl we met from training, Shemika.. I'll tell you more about her later ( she is ONE OF A KIND and SO funny). I can't WAIT for that trip.. but that's for another post..

Just dying because of something one of us said.
Just dying because of something one of us said.
Some random dinner we made one night, and it was INCREDIBLE.
Some random dinner we made one night, and it was INCREDIBLE.

For Those Wondering..

For those of you wondering about my job, I love it. It is the best job I have ever had. It is something new everyday, it challenges me, and it allows me to meet great people like Brooke. I really think this is something I would love to have a career in. I don't feel like I am actually working or even getting paid to do it. I enjoy seeing different parts of the world and I love being in a different city almost other night. I really do treasure seeing the sky from above, it gives me a whole new outlook on life. I think with this job, the thing that I've learned most is that there is so much more to the world than what I think is going on in mine.

What about you?

Could you work with a best friend?

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    • Kara Skinner profile image

      Kara Skinner 

      16 months ago from Maine

      That is so awesome! I'm so happy for you guys! It sounds like the two of you have a lot of fun together and it's great that you share common interests like food and have similar mood swing cycles (that makes everything so much easier). Great article!


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