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Working While Traveling

Updated on November 10, 2015
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We spent time working while traveling to supportt our travel.) I have a You Tube Channel ( see below+ a Facebook group Working as we travel.

Try new skills !

This was new and a bit of fun !
This was new and a bit of fun !

Working As we Travel

What do you do when you long to be free traveling the countryside or even another country altogether ? The best solution is to work as you travel to bring in travel funds.

Depending on if you are planning on Free camping & taking your time wandering around Australia or exploring the world will depend on the type of work you will be looking for - Some work will suit any type of travel like Photography, Travel Writing etc

Of course this does mean you will have to be based in one place most of the time if you are going to do certain jobs like fruit picking/Chef or in a supermarket etc.

That does give you the opportunity to really get to know an area before you move on again as well as enjoy more expensive activities that you usually cannot afford.

However some travelers have jobs they can do from wherever they are based in the world and we are going to look at a selection of jobs that could suit you wherever you maybe so get comfortable if you are one of these people and keep reading and see if any of these idea will fit into your lifestyle!

Computer Work

With a laptop you can work anywhere these days. This is on a ferry from Greece to Venice.
With a laptop you can work anywhere these days. This is on a ferry from Greece to Venice. | Source

List your skills.

Before you set off on your travels sit down with a pen + paper and write down a list of all your skills. If you are a stay at home Mum you will have a very long list of skills you can utalise while looking for work while traveling !

For example I had never worked in a bakery making meatballs etc for customers however as a stay at home Mum I had cooked for a family for over 20 years so my cooking skills were what got me a position when we arrived at a small town out west !



First Aid


Animal care


Party Planning


Computer skills.



Social networking and so on !

Everything you have done come up with a title for each skill you have that will help you towards finding a job.


Work your way Around Australia

Campground Hosts

A relaxed enjoyable job in a National Park
A relaxed enjoyable job in a National Park

Cooking Skills

Are you a good cook ? There are many cooking jobs on offer ?
Are you a good cook ? There are many cooking jobs on offer ?
Before you leave
While Traveling
Pick Up New Skills
Update CV
Compare Notes with other travelers
Look for free courses online
Collect References
Always look at shop windows for adverts
Do a volunteer job where possible
Collect lists of Job sites online
Pick up free newspapers in towns
Try something new
Join groups online
Put ads on Gumtree ,In Facebook groups

Market Stalls

Many people who travel enjoy working at the markets as they travel . Before my husband had his heart attack we were selling a product called Hook-Eze for fishing to avoid getting hooked markets and even did a stand at the Sydney Camping show which we really enjoyed ! And we were doing ok with Sales as well as enjoying each others company while meeting new people. There are markets nearly everywhere you go these days and it is fun trying out new places .

Some travelers are good at sewing/Knitting items to sell at markets or even to other travelers on the road . One of our friends takes photos and sells Bags etc with her photography on them.

Work with Animals

If you love Animals you might find a job in one of the many Zoos or other places around !
If you love Animals you might find a job in one of the many Zoos or other places around !

All types of work Available

This job would be ok on a cold winter day !
This job would be ok on a cold winter day !

Skills you can take anywhere -Hairdressing

Some skills are much needed wherever you turn up in the world .

A hairdresser that sets up which a good price for haircuts will find with a bit of advertising that they are run off their feet and do really well . I always support a fellow traveler if they keep their prices down.

One of the nicest places I had my hair cut was by the side of a lake in the Kimberley !

If you are a mechanic or fixing clothes /computers are your line of work have a sign made up so everyone knows what you do.





Shop Assistant


Fruit picking & Harvest work


The list is endless

On days off make sure you hide your sign or let people know you are unavailable for a while.

Work And Travel

Fly A Plane

Flying will enable you to explore off the beaten track !
Flying will enable you to explore off the beaten track !

Would you work while you travel ?

Would you work while you travel trying out new positions ?

See results

Medical Terminology Work

If any of you are willing to do a course you could do a medical terminology course and work for the company who run the course, You can work anywhere I can get phone reception and have been doing so for about seven or eight years - works in well with our nomadic lifestyle

Look up Ozescribe if anyone is interested and if you don't have medical terminology background they run a course. You are on contract and can work as little or as much as you like which would be great for travelers wanting to work in their own time

Working While traveling

My husband found work while we were traveling.
My husband found work while we were traveling.

Stories on Working While Traveling

Market Stand

Travel Job Opportunities

There are other Job opportunities for other types of travel such as

Being a Air Hostess

Working on a cruise ship - Many different jobs on board such as in Accommodation

Beauty Departments



Deckhand & Engine Jobs

Entertaining in various ways

Food Service and Cooking

International aid workers

Photography + so much more

Nurses are always in demand worldwide and have a lot of choice with work.

Archaeologists go on digs worldwide

Tour Guide as popular travel destinations are always in need of friendly, knowledgeable guides to lead tourists through city sights and cultural excursions. Study up on the history and culture of your city of choice, and don't forget to brush up on the local language!

Bus Drivers are always in demand and always on the move ! My husband did this for a while !

Sailors get freedom out on the ocean explore new harbours !

Road crew members --- People who handle the stage productions for touring acts. Lighting and sound engineers, riggers, stagehands and instrument technicians are all considered roadies.

So much too choose from !

Cruise Ships

Explore Alaska & other exciting places while working !
Explore Alaska & other exciting places while working !

Work on A Train

Get to see the Countryside !
Get to see the Countryside !

More Jobs involving Travel

If you are a lover of clothes you could be a retail buyer as they attend vendor meetings, trade shows and conferences across the country

If you enjoy sports then recruiters are employed by colleges and professional sports organizations. If you love sports and traveling, this is one of the few careers that will let you do both if you are not a Sports player.

If you are good at sports then you can enjoy what you do + travel with the game !


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