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World of Coca Cola Review - Coke Museum

Updated on September 28, 2010

World of Coca Cola

If you're in Atlanta and have the time to spare, I'd definitely suggest checking out the Coke Museum, especially if you enjoy a nice glass of Coca Cola.

The tickets are a little expensive, but it's still pretty cool to walk out of the museum and say you tried over 60 different types of Coke from around the world. Well, it's not 60 different types of Coke, but different formulas, flavors, and drinks.

If you're already planning on going to the aquarium, that's right next door, ask the World of Coke for combo tickets. You don't have to buy day passes for five different places in Atlanta, GA for like $69 for one adult if you don't plan on going to all of the places. You can buy the Pemberton Place Pass. It really is a great deal, and will save you at least $5.50 for an adult ticket.

Check out the ticket prices below.

Ticket Prices for General Admissions

Children (3-12)
Toddlers (0-2)
Free with an Adult

Pemberton Place Pass (World of Coca-Cola and the Georgia Aquarium)

Child (3-12)

Coke Museum

You're averaged at spending about 90 minutes at the museum. That's going through the first exhibit in the memorabilia room where you get to see tons of Coca Cola memorabilia from throughout the ages and world.

The one room contains memorabilia from many different countries. Seeing some of the posters and signs from Germany, France, Italy, etc. is actually pretty interesting, as is seeing some of the first Coke machines.

When you leave the memorabilia room, you get to watch a movie. It's a short cartoon film, that shows cute characters working inside a coke machine. It's definitely not a serious film, but it's pretty cute, and you're bound to laugh, if not just let out a small chuckle. Kids love it for sure, and the characters are pretty cute. The film takes you inside the Happiness Factory to show you the love that goes into each bottle of Coke.

Once the movie is over, you can pretty much just search the rest of the premises on your own without a guide. 

You can watch the 4D movie where the characters are trying to figure out the secret formula to the soda drink. Your chair will move and you'll have water sprayed on you. The movie is pretty silly, but it goes along with the theme. It's cute. You may have to look over or under the 3D glasses during parts of the film because the movie did get a little blurry at times, but for the most part it wasn't bad.

The Milestone of Refreshment area of the museum basically an extension of the memorabilia room. You'll find LOADS of Coca Cola memorabilia. You'll see signs, a Chevrolet delivery truck, soda machines, bottles from around the world, and so many other prized Coca Cola possessions.

You will walk through the Bottle Works area, where you will see how Coke is bottled and how the bottles are cleaned and prepared to be filled.

And, of course the area that you have heard about... The Tasting Room. Here you'll be able to taste different drinks that Coca Cola makes around the world. I suggest using your reusable dixie cup many times, but make sure to only fill it just a little bit. You don't want to get a full cup of something interesting (IE gross).

At the end of the walk about, you get a free bottle of Coke, browse the store, buy something if you wish, and then leave. There's a lot of neat stuff in the store, but it was a little high for my tastes, even though I did walk out with a shirt.

Review of the Coke Museum

If you're looking for something to do while in Atlanta, GA, I would suggest going to the World of Coca Cola. The museum is pretty good. I don't know if it is worth the $15 for a general admission adult ticket, but it's a fun activity and attraction that I think everyone should check out at least once.

If anything, being able to taste the different drinks was pretty cool. I'd just want to enforce that you only put a little bit of the soda in the cup at a time. Also, be careful because some of the drinks may be out of syrup or carbonation, and when you come across one of those, it'll definitely take you by surprise.


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