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Would Your Family Enjoy a River Rafting Tour?

Updated on May 25, 2009

More and more, families are turning to adventure vacations as a unique and entertaining vacation option. Many outfitters provide all-inclusive trips, relieving you of the hassle of planning every aspect of your vacation. Rafting is one of the most popular adventure vacations, and one that kids and adults alike will enjoy. Floating down the river, paddling through the rapids, and taking in the breathtaking scenery are just a few of the best things about a rafting tour.

Family Rafting Trips

If you are considering planning a rafting trip for your family, Family Rafting Trips is a great place to start. This company operates guided family whitewater rafting tours in locations throughout the United States. Their website offers tips and advice on choosing the trip that is right for your family, the best time of the year to go rafting, and articles and reviews from families who have gone on rafting vacations. This is a great place to get you started in your search for a great rafting vacation.

Things to consider when planning your rafting tour

The success of your rafting tour will depend on many factors—the weather and the water, especially. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your rafting vacation:

  • Consider the time of year you will go. For many locations (especially in the mountains), early spring is an ideal time to go rafting because the water will be flowing the strongest as winter snows melt. However, temperatures in the spring can still be cold, and this could make your trip unpleasant, especially for young children and those who are particularly susceptible to the cold. Rafting outfitters will rent wetsuits on colder days to help keep you warm.
  • Consider the amount of paddling your family will do. Rafting trips vary widely in the amount of paddling that vacationers do. While all tours typically provide a rafting guide in each raft, sometimes the guide does all the paddling herself, and other times each person in the boat paddles. If you are vacationing with several small children, you may want to consider a tour in which the guide provides all the paddling.
  • Consider the class of rapids you want. River rapids are classified by number, from Class I to Class VI. Class I rapids are characterized by fast moving water with a few ripples, located in wide, easily maneuverable channels. Class VI rapids, on the other hand, are dangerous rapids that only experts should attempt. Most rafting tours contain rapids in classes 1-4. Tours will vary in difficulty, so consult your rafting guide to determine the tour that is right for your needs and experience.

Image Credit: Donald Judge, Flickr


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