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Write a Hub about the city where you live/lived/spent a lot of time. What is the climate like? Does it have any...

Updated on March 15, 2011


i live in singapore and it's a great country to live in. it's known for being clean and green. and like the name suggests, it is clean and there's lots of greenery, though man made mostly. it's a small country so u can travel everywhere easily. there's the trains, buses and taxis. trains are very fast so u can reach a destination immediately. i think the longest it would take my train is like 45mins to an hour and tht is frm the west to the east. hehe of course taxis can drop u off exactly where u want.

it's also a shopping paradise despite being a small country. and most of all, the people who come here always definitely have a love affair with the food. tht's how good they say it is. of course those are the visitors comments. me, i'm a picky food eater so not counted. there're also wireless areas for you to surf your net so if you're an IT buff, then you can enjoy too. although i'mnot a citizen here, i was born and bred here you can say. so most of life i've been living here. it's a greatplace.

if you're thinking of coming here, go to the singapore embassy in your country first and do some enquiries. if there's no embassy, then simple. just go online to the singapore immigration website and post your doubts and clarifications. i'm sure it'll be helpful. hope you enjoy your stay here.


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