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Wyoming Highway Patrol...Too Much Time on Their Hands

Updated on January 15, 2017


A Frustrated Driver's Saga

I have the utmost respect for law enforcement. My husband is a retired police officer with over 23 years on the force, so before I begin my gripe, let me just make that crystal clear. However, I do not have much love for the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

In August, my son and I drove up to Minnesota in my Jeep Grand Cherokee. After a lovely visit to the Midwest, it was time to drive home to Nevada, and though the weather was pretty awful during the drive, overall the drive was uneventful. That is...until I hit Cheyenne, Wyoming. I was driving the posted speed limit, it was raining, and I was quietly longing to get home and out of my car and just be done with the roadtrip at this point, but suddenly in my mirror I caught the red and blue lights of a Highway Patrol car. My son thought it was hysterical, but I assured him I wasn't speeding, and had no clue why I was being pulled over. I see the short, stocky patrolman walk up to the passenger window as I sat there perplexed over what this was about. It was like a movie, "M'am, do you know why I stopped you today?" I told him I had absolutely no idea, and then the aggravation began. "Well, you only have one license plate, I need your license and registration and insurance, please."

One license plate? This is what you stopped me for???

So I smile, and said to this lovely gentleman, "I am from Nevada, we don't have to have two plates," thinking that would be the end of this. Wrong! Trooper "Wyoming" advised me that as an officer of the Wyoming Highway Patrol he was in fact able to cite me for driving with one plate because, according to his law enforcement bible, the AAA manual, Nevada required two license plates. Now, at first I thought he was joking. I mean, what cops use the AAA as their legal resource? He wasn't joking. Here he was in the pouring rain, stopping this mom in a Grand Cherokee for not having a front plate. Again, I inform the trooper that my car doesn't even have a bracket or holes for a front plate and he sternly answers, "I guess you best get to Auto Zone and get one." Huh???

So while he is running my ID through NCIC my son calls my husband on the cell phone, laughing the whole time. The trooper walks back over to my car and hands me my ID and registration, and hands me a blue warning ticket. He informs me that he could have given me a ticket but he just gave me a warning this time. So being the wife of a retired cop, I say to this robocop, "You know, my husband was a police officer for 23 years and he drives my car all the time. Don't you think he would know the laws of Nevada?" His response, "Obviously he doesn't." He then goes on to tell me that I am driving the type of car that drug runners use on Wyoming highways. A Jeep Grand Cherokee...who would have thought!

As soon as I was out of view from the trooper, heading out of Wyoming, I called my husband who was furious. He was ranting and raving about how the WHP had no right to enforce the laws of another state, etc etc. I knew this issue was not over.

After I was home for a day I decided to call the Wyoming HIghway Patrol to discuss this. I had done my research online and found on the Nevada DMV that we do NOT have to have two plates if our car does not have a mount for a front plate. Problem solved. I called the main administration number at WHP and asked to speak to a supervisor, and they got me a lieutenant. This was the direct supervisor of Trooper "Wyoming." I explained to him what happened, how my husband was a retired law enforcement officer and how his officer was wrong and how absurd it was to quote the AAA manual as the laws of the highway. Imagine my surprise when he told me that I was the one who was wrong. He now brings up the AAA manual again, and I advised him to go to and he can see for himself that we do not have to display a front plate in Nevada. Still, he argues, and he then informs me that as a Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper they CAN enforce the laws of other states. As an example, he tells me he can ticket Colorado drivers if their window tint is too dark because Colorado has certain requirements about tint percentage. While Colorado may in fact have laws regarding window tint, I know that law enforcement does not have the ability to enforce the laws of other states in their own states. The Lieutenant gets very testy with me and lets me know that I am incorrect. Apparently the troopers of the WHP can police the laws of all states and all environments. So in parting, I told him that I would make sure that I avoid the state of Wyoming on my next road trip because it is clear that their officers have way too much time on their hands if they stop people from other states for not displaying a front plate on their car.

Granted, I did not receive a ticket in Wyoming, just a warning. According to attorneys I have spoken to in Nevada, this traffic stop was actually a violation of my civil rights. The WHP had no probable cause to stop my car and I was detained after there was no reason to stop me. The reason I am writing this article is to let others know that this kind of stuff can happen on an innocent road trip. I was wearing my seatbelt, I wasn't speeding, I was simply driving home to Nevada. There was no reason for this traffic stop, and I suppose that others have shared my frustration on road trips. If so, I would love to hear from you.


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    • profile image 20 months ago

      I was driving to Nebraska from Utah over July4th weekend. I drove to Nebraska following the speed limit closely as there was always as it seems construction sites and reduced speed limits.I had a great time with family. Now it was time to drive back home. I got a late start so that put me in Rawlins Wyoming about 2:30 a.m. I decided reluctantly to stay in Rawlins for the night. I was getting very tired and needed to get off the highway. In the morning after a good nights sleep and my continental breakfast, I was ready for the drive home. I got onto the freeway right behind two semis. They were in both lanes so I stayed behind them doing about 65 mph and waited for an opportunity to pass as soon as the truck in the fast lane was going to move over. Suddenly I see a black Dodge Charger, I believe pull up quickly behind me. I had no idea where he came from ,but he was right on my tail. No lights or sirens( yet). As he pushed me and this is what it seemed he was doing. The two trucks in front of me were still taking up both lanes. He stayed behind me for what seemed like a minute or two. The truck in the fast lane moved over. As soon as the truck moved over, the HWP lights came on. At first I though this was some clown just tailing me.Now I knew is was the HWP and he was pulling me over. both trucks slowed down and I had to increase my speed a little to finally make it around the trucks so that I could safely pull over. The officer came to my passenger side. He asked the usual questions. I gave him my information. He came back after about 10 minutes and said he was citing me for speeding. 86 in a 65mph zone. I thought I had driven into a twilight zone. I assumed he was referring to my speeding up while he tailed me and I pulled in front of the two semis to pull off the highway. Nope he said he clock me back at the entrance going this fast. I could not believe it. He was telling me with a straight face and seeming angry with me, that some how I was speeding behind two trucks that were definitely doing 65 . I know for a fact I was not speeding. I believe he saw Utah plates and knew that I am at least 3-3 1/2 hours drive away. It would be tough to drive back right after vacation to fight this ticket. I am not certain, but I am willing to bet court dates are hard to schedule and maybe some small window of time one or two days of the week. Feel free to check me on this. 2 years later my auto insurance rates go up because this HWP officer needed to make a quota or he dislikes Utah drivers. Just my feelings. By the way in his accademy graduation clss photo he looks pissed off, while everyone else in his class seems happy. I paid the ticket, but wished now I would have fought it. It would probably have turned out the same except I would have wasted 7 hours for a round trip drive.

    • Wylie Smith profile image

      Jackie OBrien 2 years ago

      Tough situation, I myself can relate. The best thing you can do before leaving state is check with local window tinting laws. For instance, here in Fort Worth TX we're allowed to have a 25% shade on the front two and as dark as we'd like on basically all other windows. One of the best resources for local window tinting services and resources is here: .

      Hope that helps!

    • profile image

      Craig Davis 3 years ago

      Continuation from Rawlins Wyoming. I wanted to add one more thing. I decided to waste a little time the other day. Yes, I was still pissed off by this police officers attitude towards me. I honestly do respect the law and do everything in my power to stay off their radar. With this officer, I felt like if I did get upset or even try to defend myself, which by the way, is what most people do when they are being falsely accused. That this officer would get even more wound up and possibly even taser me. I kept my cool. I looked up the Wyoming police and came across new recruits from 2013. There are about six or seven recruits shown. You will notice the officer that pulled me over right away. Everyone of them is smiling except him. This guy looks like he is angry with the world. I am wondering what has happened in this guys life that has made him this way. Maybe he wanted to be a detective and they gave him this Highway Patrol job instead. I am just spit balling here.

    • profile image

      Craig Davis 3 years ago

      I was just reading your comments about driving through Wyoming. I have never liked Rawlins, Wyoming. I thought it was because of how the hotels and motels jack up their rates exponentially, should you get caught there during blizzard conditions and they close the highway just outside of Rawlins. You may pay over a $120.00 for a rat hole of a hotel. I made the mistake of staying there on my way back from a family re-union in Omaha . I had made the trip from Utah to Nebraska 11 days prior and was on my way back home. I had kept my cruise control set exactly at the posted speed limit unless i was going through construction sights. I was getting very tired and desperately needed to sleep. It was about 1:30 a.m. and I was approaching Rawlins. As I drove into town, I noticed at least three different police cars had three different cars pulled over in the city. I believe the limit in town is 30mph. I thought to myself , it as though they are fleecing people driving through their town. I found a cheap motel and had a decent nights rest. I got up at 7:00a.m. for my free breakfast. Coffee and a doughnut ( courtesy the motel). As I was leaving town and getting on the on-ramp I had to wait behind two semi's. One in each lane. I stayed behind the truck in the fast lane waiting for them to move over so I could pass. At about Mile marker 205 a black patrol car moved off the side road quickly behind me. I thought to myself, someone must have been speeding ahead of me and he needs to get by me. He had not hit his lights or sirens yet. It was as though he was pushing me. Knowing I can not pull over immediately because of the semi beside me. Even though the cop was right on my bumper, I slowly pulled forward until the semi in front of me pulled over. Once I got in front of the semi and began to move over to the shoulder,I figured the police officer was going to blow right by me. Nope, he then lit up his lights and pulled me over. He was already on the defense. I calmly told him that I can not believe I was speeding. He says 86 in a 75. I had two semi trucks in front of me. He said he clocked me about a mile back. I am thinking about a mile back would have put me back in the city where the speed limit is 30mph. I was last Sunday July 5th. I know I was never speeding. What I honestly believe is that they need to generate revenue. What better way knowing that they will have out of state drivers driving through this stretch. They also know most people are not going to drive hours and miles back to this armpit of the state of Wyoming to go to court to fight their bogus tickets.

    • profile image

      Sarah 3 years ago

      I was driving through Laramie WY on the 12th of June, which just happened to be my 22nd birthday. My best friend was navigating, when we looked over at the gas gauge and realized that we had a quarter tank left. My car gets 30 miles to the gallon, so we thought we would be alright. We didn't take into account that we were in Wyoming, though, and according to the GPS the nearest gas station was over fifty miles away. We were still ten miles away from the nearest gas station by the time we had traveled twenty eight miles from where my orange gas light came on, when we saw a highway patrol officer.

      I flashed my lights at him, thinking that we would be alright. He didn't slow down. So I flashed them again. Nothing. I panicked, and sped past him, hoping that he would pull over. He did. In fact, he pulled us over. He let us know that the nearest gas station wasn't ten miles away like we thought, but off the next exit. He took my licence and registration into his car, and told us he would follow us there and talk about the issue of the ticket we would receive. As it turned out, the gas station was two exits down, which he let us know by high beaming us, driving around us, then cutting us off so that we didn't accidentally get off the wrong exit. That would have been awkward!

      So, completely out of gas, we pulled into the station, and listened to the hiss as the fumes decompressed. I went to talk to the highway patrol man who had kept us from having to walk what we thought would have been ten miles around midnight in the middle of Wyoming to get more gas. The first thing he said when I got to him was that he didn't believe me. He let me know that I was sending my gas millage right down the drain by speeding, and that there was never any reason to do that. Which makes sense. I agreed with him, and let him know it was to get his attention. He responded that there was no way we could have known he was a highway patrol person, and that knowing he was a highway patrol person was not a good enough reason to try to get his attention. There is never a good reason to speed.

      He came to check our car, and also pointed out that the gas light was no longer on. Which is a good point. It does tend to turn off after I have filled up the car, and when the car is off. He taught me that the orange gas light is not in fact an indicator of your car being low on gas, and that I might have had twenty more miles in my gas tank if I hadn't sped around him! If only I had known that my car could get fifty miles to the gallon, I definitely would have made a different choice! Not that I could have known how many more miles I had left, because the orange light is not a warning light for your gas gauge. I still have yet to figure out what it actually does, but at least now I know to try to figure it out!

      He pointed out that it would have been better to walk the ten miles at night, as a young woman, than to have to pay a one hundred and seventy dollar ticket. I am not so sure I agree, being twenty two and a woman, but people have different opinions. I started to cry, because I had been driving for seventeen hours, and he pointed out that the world wasn't ending. He let me know I was just being melodramatic like most women tend to do, and informed me that his shift went until two in the morning, and his brother was in town. He had a lot more going on in his life than I did, and I shouldn't cry like a baby to try to get out of my responsibilities.

      He let me know that you guys do things differently in Wyoming, and wished me a happy birthday as the clock struck twelve. I ducked into the bathroom so that I could stop crying, while he drove away, leaving my roommate sitting alone in a deserted parking lot at midnight.

    • profile image

      wy resident 3 years ago

      Yep they're pricks and if you feel like defending them why don't you try living up here because if they don't like you your screwed

    • profile image

      Mike P 4 years ago

      I forgot add one very important detail about what the officer told me in my above comment. He added that if he or perhaps another fellow Casper officer pulls me over again, they will just start arresting me and impounding my car, and all I have to do is just be pulled over by an officer for whatever reason and whether I really broke the law or if a cop just feels like pulling me over. This is no joke, this really did come out of his mouth. He practically assured me that if I am pulled over by him again say for any reason, that he will just start arresting me and impounding my vehicle. What I mean by any reason may include going 1 mph over the limit or not using my turn signals while driving may get me arresting, thrown in jail, and having my vehicle impounded. Now tell me, what reason do I have to support our local authorities? The cops here in this state have been successfully brainwashed to harass and sabotage good people to turn against each other all for the sake of money and so-called "Safety".

    • profile image

      Mike P 4 years ago

      I am from Wyoming and have lived here my whole life, and I am absolutely disgusted with not only the WHP, but local authorities as well. It seems to me that the cops here are absolutely obsessed with pulling people over for the most minor little things such as your incident. Let me share a little story with you which was my previous encounter with a local Casper police officer. I was driving the speed limit and I did not violate any traffic laws. I simply turned into a grocery store parking lot, and perhaps I turned slightly abruptly, but in no way was it dangerous. The cop followed me in the lot and put his lights and I parked and listened to what the cop had to say. He was extremely rude first off and he gave me a whole list of reasons of why he pulled me over all which were entirely untrue. He later on said that he was going to give me a warning, but had no way to write out the warning because every reason he gave me to why he pulled me over was complete and total bullshit. So, I stay polite in which I do for every police officer that pulls me over, and I go out to shake his hand only to show respect for the officer, and the officer says to me, "No, I am not going to do that". He sees that have my hand out to shake his and he rudely declines shaking my hand. These cops give me absolutely no fucking reason to like them. You know, maybe I do drive a little bit over the speed limit at times, but I am never a dangerous driver. I am fed up with the law enforcement in this state, I don't really give a fuck if a man comes up to me to rob me or if I am in some sort of life and death situation, I don't believe I ever want assistance from any law enforcement agency, all I want is just to be left the fuck alone.

    • pampushky profile image

      Lori Orchow 4 years ago from Las Vegas

      While I understand their admitted reason, realistically, there was no reason to stop us at all. I was not speeding or driving in a dangerous manner. I was in a white Grand Cherokee with a personalized plate. I don't seem to fit the typical drug smuggling profile, and he never asked if I had been drinking or was under the influence. As a whole, the issue really is that they stopped me for absolutely no reason; it was NOT because of the license plate story. I know the lieutenant was covering the other officer, but there also comes a time when they need to stop the practice of randomly stopping cars for no reason.

    • profile image

      Jim Gutch 4 years ago

      I read your article and I can assure you the trooper meant no harm although you certainly have reason to have been annoyed. I have spent 37 years in law enforcement and it is obvious to me the trooper was "fishing". He was using his "stop" as a ruse to determine the possibility of finding something of more significance e.g. drugs etc. When nothing is found or suspected he looks for the next person and from there it goes. The Lt was merely covering or supporting one of his own, however he should have merely admitted what his trooper was doing. I feel confident your law enforcement husband would then have been more understanding...

    • pampushky profile image

      Lori Orchow 5 years ago from Las Vegas

      Justthankful, in case you didn't read my whole post, I am married to a retired police officer so obviously I have the utmost respect for law enforcement. They are underpaid and abused more than most other occupations, but at the same time, this was a ridiculous situation as I was no more a drug dealer than you are in your paramedic vehicle. The unlawfully stopped my vehicle and had no right to threaten me with a violation as I was in transit. Again, read this story from beginning to end and you will see I have nothing against cops- I've been married to one for 22 years.

    • profile image

      hdcarolina 5 years ago

      Every government office in Wyoming is out of control. The police and courts are the gestapo. They do what they want. Like Judges owning, or having stock in juvenile delinquent centers, so they get money every time they send children there (Judge Nau) , and in UA centers; so they get people "donating" for as long as possible..a conflict of interest to say the least. Though I think it was ruled a conflict of interest, so Nau sold her shares to her husband, and now it's considered ok :/ The police also have a little trick they use with the help of the registration office, in which they change the make and model of a persons vehicle to a "red Jeep" , so they can pull people over and search their car, since it comes up as a red Jeep, it looks as though you stole the plates; it gives them cause, and I have heard that they have used this personally. Like if you piss a cop off, he can get back at you in this way, but mostly it's for people that they think are using drugs or are doing something illegal, but they have no proof...they are out of control. It's always wise to keep registration papers close at hand. So "frustrated driver" from Nevada, just be glad you do not have Wyoming plates; I'm sure you would have been put on the "red Jeep" list.

    • profile image

      Wy resident 5 years ago

      Ive been pulled over when i first got to this state and bluntly told "Get those plates off your truck as soon as possible" but i do understand because theres alot off druggs coming in off the interstate from what most people would consider "unsuspecting" individuals I.E: older ladies or "grandparents on vacation". you need to understand a culture before judging it. I also belive in profiling 100% i don't care what your liberal A$$ thinks. it is what it is for a works. get over it and stop crying. Thats all i hear. Are any of you cops, have you done there job, do you make the split second decisions they do? then shut the f up. im not a cop and im thankfull theres these people out there who do this job, and if there wasn't all we would hear is ou people bi@#ing about how nothings enforced and its to dangerous. as for all of you whining, i bet most of you don't even have real jobs and thnk "im so perfect, i never break the law" well it all catches up to you sometime. go get a life you liberal A-holes.

    • profile image

      Cops wife 5 years ago

      Just thankful3115 thank you for posting. I too have had my fair share of dealings with people who take the badge and oath to the extreme. I have also had the same expirence in my local grocery stores. People are people and there is nothing you can do about it. People, think about your own jobs, there is that one or two people who drive everyone nuts. Does that mean the rest of you are too? My husband has missed holidays, birthday, our sons football and baseball games, weddings etc... He puts himself at risk everytime he puts on the badge. He and his Brothers & Sisters in blue have promised to make this community safe for all of our families. Do they make mistakes sometimes, I am sure they do, so do all of you. Don't hate them because of they are doing their job. You might need them someday and will be glad they are sitting on that highway or by the local playground etc... Trust me its not for the great pay and glory that makes them go out there it is for the love of people who need them.

    • profile image

      rjsmith 6 years ago

      In Wyoming doing some contract work. I do believe they profile out of state vehicles even though they state otherwise.Wound up with citation for not registering vehicle on day one. I realize this is their law. However they have jobs in which they have to import workers. For me the cost of coming to Wyoming has been hard to offset. To register vehicles in multiple states can be very expensive. I think with this law they are penny wise and dollar foolish as people will recoupe their losses by some means if it means spending as little as possoible while in the state.

    • profile image

      Just thankful3115 6 years ago

      Wyoming is a great state, every state has their issues. I could also complain about every State Trooper I come across in other states including my own, for some of let one person ruin your whole idea of the WHP. I am a Paramedic on the road and I work in the ER and I have seen them in action...instead of talking negative about them or any agency, try praising them for the good they do. Officers get up in the middle of the night to go pull crap off the road so you or I don't hit it, they help stranded drivers change a tire, they give you a ride if your car is broke down, mostly troopers are out on the road rarely with any back up, they take a huge risk every time they go on patrol. I've seen them take a bullet, hold compression on a bleeding open wound, set in the back seat of a crashed vehicle for 2 hrs holding a teen boys head in position while the jaws of life worked to get him out, this wasn't a sunny day either, middle of a severe blizzard the trooper layed in the snow and reached through the vehicle to hold this kid, this was the worse traffic accident I have ever seen and I have been doing this a long time. (FYI: this trooper alone saved this boys life because he held his position), I could go on for hours over all the great things I have seen Troopers do. These men and women serve us, they are heroes. Yes every agency has a bad egg, follow the chain of command and deal with the issue if you have one. But please do not come on here ranting and making all of them look bad, its an unfortunate human flaw. Every job has it, the one person or group that puts a negative shadow on an entire group of great people.

      8 times out of 10 when I get a call about my ambulance group or the ER I work in its a complaint. Sometimes over the most outrageous issues. But when I do get someone calling praising what we do it helps employee morale and makes you feel great.

      How about next time instead of complaining...try praising.

    • pampushky profile image

      Lori Orchow 6 years ago from Las Vegas

      I'm amazed at the number of people who contact me about this issue. something needs to be done about their traffic stops that actually violate the civil rights of people traveling through Wyoming.

    • profile image

      Brianna Peterson 6 years ago

      I live in Laramie, WY (about an hour out side of Cheyenne) the whole Wyoming police street force is shady. They love to pull people over with out of state licence plates because of a school called Wyo Tech. The police force hate these students (for no real justified reason) so if you look like you are one of them they will pull you over. I am fighting a ticket now cause I was pulled over doing 66 in a 35. The sheriff that tagged me with his radar was not the one that pulled me over. It was the one that was sitting next to him that was facing the other way. ( mind you I didn't see the sign to slow down and it was in the middle of no where and all of a sudden there is a town) so the sheriff that didn't tag me askes me what I am doing I told him that I am doing store resets across wyoming and I am trying to get to our next town. He then asks for my ID and registration. Takes over 20 minutes with them. them comes back with tickets stating that i was speading and that my story sounds fishy and he would like to search my car. I tell him I can prove that my story is real and show you all the proof you need. he then takes it as a threat to him and tell me to get out of the car so that he can search it. so he searches the car ans tells me he found and open container (some beer can) I told him the only can that is in my back seat is a rusted on we found at a gas station that looks like it has been there for over 6 months. He then asks me " well what are the other cans" " well officer i recycle and those are soda cans" (thinking to my self can he not see the coke a cola writing, mtn dew, dr pepper, etc) it was bullshit!!!! The sheriff was an asshole the whole time, and I could tell he was new to the force cause he didn't even know what to fine me, for my tickets.... the police force is a joke here. and i hope that you guys don't let that reflect on the state. some how we just get ever low life out of the academy on our police force.

    • profile image

      JG 6 years ago

      I've been run off the highway when a WHP passed on a two lane over a hill into my lane and I had to swerve onto the shoulder to avoid him as we met on a hill (one experience), also have had them pull over numerous colleagues since we work in WY from time to time with out of states. They never have probable cause, just do because they are out of state and assume we are working there. I can't stand Wyoming law.

    • profile image

      larry 7 years ago

      Just happened to me today outside of Casper Wyoming. I'm from Montana. I was driving the speed limit.

    • profile image

      Fred 7 years ago

      I'm a 60 year old guy,hardly the profiler of a drug trafficer andhe same thing happened to me and my wife in 2007. I have CA plates on my Saturn VUE so I expected trouble somewhere on my trip.I was on I 80 50mileswest of Rawlings WY.I was 5 miles under the speed limit.In the rear view mirror I see the WHP hang a u turn and starte following me. A short time later he stopped me.In the passenger side mirro I see him down low approaching the car like I was Ammericas most wanted. He poped up in the passager window and informed me that I was driving to close to the white line nearest the shoulder. He said that my GPS was distracting me.He asked for my license reg and proof of insurance. After 10 minutes he returned and told me that he was giving me a warning and that I should get the GPS off of the dash.Over the next 10 days I drove an additional 4500 miles through 13 other states and never had got stopped again. If I ever drive to Missouri again I will head south at Salt Lake and pick up the I 70. Wyoming never again.

    • profile image

      Brent 7 years ago

      I'm a police officer in another state. I recently returned from a tour in the Middle East and was on vacation. It was 7:55 am I was driving a rental car with CA plates. I was passing through Wyoming enroute to Colorado. The speed limit was 65 mph on a two lane highway. I was traveling south and the Trooper was traveling north behind a school bus. As soon as we passed each other I looked in my side mirror and saw him beginning to make a u-turn. I immediately pulled over and waited for him. I didn't want to be arrogant and flash my badge out the window, which some cops do, looking for "professional courtesy" so I laid my I.D. wallet on my leg. I also had my Military I.D. out. He told me why he pulled me over, 80 mph in a 65.mph zone. He goes back to his car and comes back with a summons, not the written warning I was hoping for. Wrote me for the 80 in the 65. I was speeding and I'll admit it, doing between 70 and 75, but to tack on the, minimum of 5 mph, that's wrong! I'm not as ticked off about the ticket as I am about the extra mph. What's that about? The only thing I could think of is he might not have wanted to look foolish for writing a summons 5-10 mph over the limit on rural stretch of highway. Maybe the out of state plates played a roll. I will say this, he was very polite. And yes I payed the summons and joined the ranks of those who have been issued a traffic ticket. Now I can say I've been on both sides of the fence.

    • Ivorwen profile image

      Ivorwen 7 years ago from Hither and Yonder

      When we were in college, my husband was pulled over by a Cheyenne highway patrol man, for having out of state plates, then written a ticket, claiming our college was not exempt from needing to register in WY. This was ridiculous, because (1) he was driving 'my' car. (2) I had just borrowed the car from my dad the week before. (3) There were no other violations, therefore he should never have been pulled over, as it was no one's business why he was in the state or how long he had been there. Since I had been followed by State Patrols on more than one occasion, driving that car, but never pulled over, I can only assume that they were looking for a car like mine, driven by a male, for some reason (I was frequently followed in NE too).

      Here in western WY, I have never had a problem with the police/highway patrol in any manner. They have always been most helpful, even when we had Idaho plates.

    • Daena B. profile image

      Daena B. 7 years ago from Wenatchee, WA

      Oh my. What an absurd situation.