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Xinjiang, China, a Mysterious and Ancient Place, All the Scenery Here Is Worth Exploring in Our Lifetime

Updated on July 22, 2020
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I am a Chinese girl, I like to share with you people and things about China, welcome to comment, thank you for reading

More than 2,000 years ago, Zhang Qian traveled thousands of miles and spent several years as an envoy to the Western Regions; more than 1400 years ago, the eminent monk Xuanzang went to the Western Regions to learn Buddhist scriptures. In this long river of history, on the ancient Silk Road, the splendid and diverse civilizations of Eurasia have been continuously blending and colliding here. To this day, the Quartet civilizations still gather here.

The great beauty of Xinjiang, the beauty of Xinjiang, and the long river of history are not only the oldest civilization in China, but also the most spectacular scenery, the simplest scenery, and the most enthusiastic singing and dancing on the land of China. It has attracted countless explorers, travelers, tourists, and scholars. Every tourist who comes to Xinjiang can't help but admire: "Xinjiang is a good place!"

Everyone said, "If you don't go to Xinjiang, you don't know how big China is." But after you come to Xinjiang, you will know that only when you come to Xinjiang can you understand original China is so magnificent and wonderful.

The temperature collision of the snow-capped mountains that never melt all year round and the flame mountain that is 40 degrees high, the endless lakes and thousands of miles of the dry desert are all synonymous with Xinjiang. 2000 years ago, Zhang Qian came here; more than 1400 years ago, Xuanzang came here, today in 2020, when will I meet you...

In the historical and cultural river, Atushi in Xinjiang has established a profound civilization. In the long and long geological history, Atushi has experienced tremendous changes in the vicissitudes of life.

Atushi Tianmen is one of the most stunning natural sights I have seen during my trip to Xinjiang. It stands under the blue sky, majestic and dangerous, secluded, and quiet. Locals call it "Tianmen" and it is the tallest arch in the world. "Tianmen" is located at the end of Tianshan Mountain and the head of Kunlun Mountain. If you want to see the original image of the mountain, "Tianmen" should not be missed.

But compared to ancient history, Aktau first caught my eyes on the most spectacular glacier in the world: Kezhou Glacier National Forest Park, which swarms into the lowest glacier in my country. The glacier park in late autumn is already covered with white snow. It is a pure white and peaceful world, full of Kirgiz folk customs. When I came here for the first time, I got an illusion by the mysterious scenery here: This is the first time I discovered a glacier area surrounded by virgin forest.

Aksu area-[Shaya] is an important passage of the ancient Silk Road, an important part of ancient Qiuci, and one of the four major civilizations in the world. Central Plains Han culture, South Asian Buddhist culture, Persian Arab culture, Greco-Roman culture blend here. That piece of Populus euphratica forest with the reputation of "lives for a thousand years without dying, dies without falling for a thousand years, until a thousand years of immortality", opened my eyes and was amazed. Hidden deep in the Taklimakan Desert known as the "Sea of Death", it is a primitive, large forest of Populus euphratica that has withered for thousands of years in the ancient channel of the Tarim River.

[Xinjiang Wensu] is the name of the Western Region in the Han Dynasty. It is the seat of Gumo State, one of the 36 states in the ancient Western Region. It is one of the famous post and commercial ports on the ancient Silk Road. Zhang Qian, Ban Chao, Kumarajiva, Xuanzang, Li Bai, Lin Zexu, and others have all left their footprints here. Here, in addition to a long history, there are also magnificent natural landscapes: Wensum Grand Canyon, Wensum Tuomuer Peak National Alpine Nature Reserve, Parklake Grassland, and so on. These not only witnessed how beautiful Xinjiang is but also showed the unique scenery of the ancient Gumo country.

[Xinjiang Hotan] It can be said to be the most unforgettable place for a trip to Xinjiang, and for now, there is no one. The mysterious ancient village hidden in the Taklimakan Desert is an unforgettable one for me: Daliyabuyi Village.
How much do you know about the Taklimakan Desert?
"The largest desert in the country", "the sea of death", "the second-largest mobile desert in the world", "go in, but can't get out"... whatever it is, these descriptions all show that this desert has an impact on human life and The distance and isolation of civilization. But it has attracted countless explorers' pursuit and exploration since ancient times.

Daliyabuyi a settlement of unknown origin. They are the only inhabitants in the desert. They have lived for thousands of years and are known as "the only magical oasis in the embrace of the Taklimakan Desert." It was not until the 1950s that the Yutian County government learned that there was still a group of people living in the depths of the desert in the county under its jurisdiction.

Entering this mysterious village and staying overnight in the "Sea of Death" became the "most magical" and most memorable journey in my life.

© 2020 Chinese girl


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