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Yearly Once or Twice Visit of Worthy Tourist Places Will Give Good Refreshment in Our Life

Updated on September 12, 2011

In this great beautiful world there are so many worthy places to visit and enjoy. According to their economical condition people from all over the world would like to visit either nearer places or the places in abroad. Because of daily routine works naturally our body and mind get tired and badly need some change in our life. Many people are missing to visit even nearby popular places in their country as they are unaware of benefits obtained from the visit, atleast yearly once, of such worthy places. Enjoying those places will give great pleasure to our mind and body and add a new spirit to our current life. The Hill stations, The Temples and Places of Monuments, The Wild Life Sanctuaries, Beaches, Reservoirs are some of the advisable places to visit to get some relax in our life.

Beautiful Hill Stations

Visiting hill stations and staying there will give a nice experience as we can enjoy chill climate, bracing wind, mesmerizing cascades, mist clothing mountains, attractive flower plants, beautiful lakes, parks and variety of green woods. All those things are having great tendency of creating ultimate freshness in our mind and the state of being free from other worries. Staying in the hill stations for at least two or three days will certainly help to get a good improvement in our mind and body health. Meeting and talking with the people from other countries will bring us a wonderful experience.

Temples and Places of Monuments

Any one will be easily attracted by the architecture of the temples and monuments. We can make a good study of temples and places of monuments in our country and other parts of the world. Indian temples are known for ancient architecture. The devotees will have contentful trip by visitng many temples in various parts of the world and worshipping the prime God of the temple. Knowing the facts about the places of monuments will give a wonderful and unforgettable experience in our life.


Watching the natural beauty of the waving sea will certainly give incomparable experiences to the visitors. The sea breeze and the beauty of nearby hills and green woods wil give a great pleasure to the people visiting there. Staying at beach resorts and beach hotels will certainly give a great experience, peaceful mind and good refreshment to our mind.

Reservoirs and Adjacent Parks

Excellent and amazing view of huge water reservoirs and walking along the road laid on the top of the dam will bring wonderful experiences. Spending our time in the park with carefully maintained colourful flower plants, decorated plants, water springs, amusement trains and zoo will be really enjoyable and it'll give good relax to our mind.

Wildlife Sanctuaries

Wildlife sanctuaries will give a different experience when we visit there. Watching the variety of animals like elephants, deers, bisons and boars will really give wonderful experience. When we watch them in their natural habitat through worthy binoculars, it will render special experience. In some animal sanctuaries elephant safaris will be also available.

Safety is very important

When we visit hill stations and other tourist places, we should avoid venturing into the prohibited areas and thick forests. Many people may be killed by the dangerous animals. We have to also avoid  trekking of steepy mountains without pre-experiences. We should also wear life jackets whenever we want to enjoy boating. Trekking inside the sanctuaries should be also avoided. When we arrange the car to travel, we should  assure about the qualification and experience of the driver in order to avoid accidents. We should select tourist places which are being free from terrorism and roberries.


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