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How to Use AA Route Planner:Travel Plan Tool for Ireland and UK

Updated on April 9, 2013

AA Route Planner is a free online route planning site specifically designed for UK, Ireland and other European cities. The AA is unquestionably is one the most widely used and reliable source of route planning site that provides:

  • Road map
  • Street, postcode, city and town info
  • Driving directions
  • Travel distances and times

Though many use AA route planner for break down cover, insurance, motoring advice and driving school information, but you can use their most useful route planning free service by visiting at:aa route planner website. Once you enter their site, on the left panel you will see a tab called “route planner” just beside traffic news tab. For getting your route map just put the “from” and “to” of your journey and then click on the “Get Route” button. In case you have any via route in your journey plan then you can include into your route plan by adding the via route option, the option for reverse route also available. When I make a sample route plan with departure as Madrid, Spain and destination as “Paris, France”, I got the following route direction and map

Distance: 1270.5 km
Time: 12 hr 10 min

aa travel
aa travel
aa route planner
aa route planner
aa route
aa route

AA Route Map

When you first enter the AA route planner’s site, one the left pane you will see a tab for “map”, click on it. Now, enter the either postcode or city/town, name of any place you like to visit and then click on the “Find Place” button. If that place of your interest is in AA route’s database then you will get a complete map of that travel place. Additionally, in the vicinity of your travel place if you need to explore hotels, restaurants and car parking information, then just the necessary icon just below the “find place” button.

Traffic News

This is AA route planner’s one of the most updated services, because you can have live traffic update of any city of Europe. To get live traffic update, click on the “Traffic News” just best the “Route Planner” tab, and then enter the city name. Now, click on the “Get Traffic” button. On the right side window, you will see detail traffic update of your location, along with the last traffic update time and date. For getting a faster traffic updates you may check out their AA Roadwatch, you can reach them by your cell phone on 84322 for both traffic and weather updates.

aa map
aa map

AA Break down Cover

AA is European’s number one break down provider, with a record of 3.5 million annual breakdown and they have guaranteed repair time just under 30 minutes. They also offer yearly membership opportunity at much reduced price than the regular breakdown prices.

AA motoring advice

This is a must check feature of AA site. Here you will find car buying advice, car checking tips, legal advice, European driving information, general advice, motoring costs etc. but the most useful I found is their motoring legal advice which gives valuable advice about photocard driving license, parking enforcement, accidents and thefts, motor industry code of practice, motoring offenses, car repairs.

Other Useful Services of AA

Apart from route planning service AA route planner provides financial services like-car insurance, business insurance and travel insurance. They also have special credit cards with low interest rate, travel currency cards, spend and earn cards-all these can be a hassle free solution to currency conversion problems most of the travelers face when they visit a foreign country.

AA Route Planner-Uk, Ireland Road Trip

AA route planner’s Travel Page

Despite many other interesting services of AA route planner what I found the most fascinating about this travel planning site is their travel page: This page is so much informative that you must bookmark this page. You can have the following information in this travel page:

For UK and Ireland travel

You can find information about hotels and B&Bs, self catering and campsites, restaurants and pubs, golf courses, events and attractions. But unfortunately all the information is only for UK and Ireland travelers.

If you are looking to book a cottage to spend your holiday times, then AA has thousands of cottages spread across France, Portugal, Spain, and Italy with 5-10% discounts. You can even think of holidaying in a farmhouse, villas, chateaux or castles. I would recommend you to book one of these kinds of accommodation facility if you are planning for romantic holyday with your loved one. And don’t think too much of the money matter, you will certainly cherish this cottage holiday memory for the rest of your life. Just think about a cottage with open fire, hot tub and you are sitting in a small beautiful garden with your loved one in starry night.

AA route planner is basically a perfect repository of route plan and travel information for UK, Ireland and some other major European countries. Apart from route planning, you can hire a car, book a hotels and also can use their travel credit card solutions. Finding driving school information, insurance and other financial and business services are also invaluable parts of this free route planner. Finally, don’t forget the romantic holiday planning part of this site.


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    • andromida profile image

      syras mamun 5 years ago

      You can call them by going at

      Thank you.

    • profile image

      Miss L Weisner 5 years ago

      Please can somebody ring me regarding my renewal of EUROPEAN BREAKDOWN COVER. I have been unable to get through to the right department. Policy number 600391540

      I am in Spain at the moment, my telphone number is 07900238373

    • andromida profile image

      syras mamun 6 years ago

      Thank you so much for your feedback :)

    • IoannaAndrews profile image

      IoannaAndrews 6 years ago from Germany

      Thnx For Sharing dis Information.

    • andromida profile image

      syras mamun 6 years ago

      Hi,webmag. How are you. Glad to see you again. AA route planner is mainly for route planning in Europe.thank you so much n take care :)

    • WebMag profile image

      WebMag 6 years ago

      Nice breakdown, Andromida. Voted up and useful. I never heard of AA route planner before, I might rty it out. It seems more than great. Keep hubbing!