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Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial

Updated on June 20, 2014

Honoring Those Who Gave

The Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial is situated in Bain Park located in Trenton, Ontario, Canada. It overlooks the Bay of Quinte and stands within minutes of Canada's largest Air Force base -- 8 Wing / Canadian Forces Base Trenton

The memorial is a tribute to the over 150 Canadian Soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan.

This lens is a pictorial view for those who may not be able to visit.

Thank you for your cyber visit.

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A Short Walk Up the Path

Photo taken by M. E. Wood.
Photo taken by M. E. Wood.

The Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial is just a short walk from the ample parking lot.

Distant View of Memorial

Photo taken by M. E. Wood
Photo taken by M. E. Wood

The memorial quickly comes into view. As you can see, there are lamp posts so the memorial can be visited at night.

The Welcome Plaque

Photo by M. E. Wood.
Photo by M. E. Wood.

Welcome to

this place of contemplation and

tribute to Canadian soldiers who

lost their lives in the war in Afghanistan.

The red maple leaf symbolizes Canada,

and the citizens of its provinces and territories

who honour these soldiers and proudly remember.

In the most private space of the memorial, sheltered between

the two maple leaves, the names of the fallen are inscribed.

Symbolic of powerful emotional bonds, as well as

profound loss and separation, an image of a soldier stands

beside friends and family both connected and yet separated

by a crevice cutting through the black maple leaf.

Standing as sentinel to the memory of our fallen soldiers

a solitary silhouetted soldier faces the memorial. This soldier

represents military colleagues standing in mournful tribute

while watching over the tow granite maple leaves

of the memorial. This sentinel demonstrates that the

fallen are not forgotten. With this symbol of

permanent vigil, we stand together to express

our support, pride and gratitude

for their sacrifice.

Two Maple Leaves

Photo by M. E. Wood.
Photo by M. E. Wood.

The Solitary Soldier

Photo by M. E. Wood.
Photo by M. E. Wood.

One of the things I like about the memorial is how the shadow of the soldier reflects on the granite maple leaf.

Red Maple Leaf

Photo by M. E. Wood.
Photo by M. E. Wood.

With the crests from each province and territory.

A Place to Sit with Your Thoughts

Photo by M. E. Wood.
Photo by M. E. Wood.

A bench on each side of the red maple leaf faces the black leaf name memorial.

The Black Leaf

Photo by M. E. Wood.
Photo by M. E. Wood.

Video Footage of the Memorial

Make a Donation

By mail:

The Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial Fund

PO Box 490

Trenton, Quinte West, Ontario, K8V 5R6

Or online: Official Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial.

Thank you for visiting this Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial lens. If you have not done so already I hope you are able to visit the memorial in person. Please feel free to leave a warm message before you go for others to see.


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    • greenmind profile image

      GreenMind 4 years ago from USA

      What a great lens -- really well done. Thanks!

    • profile image

      dellgirl 4 years ago

      This is new to me, I've never heard of the Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial until now, and I'm very glad to read about it here. Thanks for sharing this wonderful lens.