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Alma Highland Festival and Games

Updated on November 14, 2014

The Alma Highland Festival: Music, Dancing, Competition and Much More!

The Alma Highland Festival and Games takes place in Alma, Michigan in May of each year. It is a wonderful celebration of Scottish Heritage set on the campus of Alma College, a small Presbyterian school with Scottish ties.


We Owe it All to Them

Guile Graham, Ken Jones & David McKenzie

Guile Graham, Ken Jones and David McKenzie are responsible for bringing you the Alma Highland Festival and Games. Back in 1968, after much discussion and planning among the 3, the Alma Highland Festival was off the ground and running.

My father, Guile Graham, partnered with Ken Jones and David McKenzie to create the festival. Dad's Scottish background (the Graham's of Montrose) and his position at Alma College as Vice President made him a valuable asset to the group.

Guile Graham


Here is my father, Guile Graham, in the middle. This was taken about the time he would have been working on the festival.

In 1994 he was inducted into the "Alma College Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service" for his long history with the college including: Director of Admissions and Alumni Relations through the early 1950s, Director of Development from 1961-1968 and Vice President for Institutional Relations until 1986. According to the college, "His enthusiasm and energy was exceeded only by his integrity. While he headed Alma's fund-raising efforts the gifts to the college totaled more than $46 million."

Plus, he was a REALLY nice person. His motto for his staff was "Anything is possible as long as no one cares who gets the credit."

That's my dad.

David McKenzie - David is nicknamed "Father of the Festival"


David McKenzie played the pipes and served a vital role in the group of 3 who created the festival.

Get Yourself Ready for the Games - Train, read up and eat up.

Alma Highland Festival Massed Bands - Awesome

The mass gathering of Highland Bands, for me, is such an inspiring show and sound.

Massed Bands!

Have you ever heard a live gathering of Highland bands and how did you like it?

See results

Piping is very hard work!


Taken at the Alma Highland Festival

Bagpiper Buddy

Add life to your party! Invite a bagpiper. If you don't know a real one, try this full-size cardboard guy in a kilt.

Bagpiper Scottish, Kilt Great Standup Standee
Bagpiper Scottish, Kilt Great Standup Standee

You can have your very own bagpiper in a kilt! The only problem is that you can't lift it to see what's underneath.


One of the Earlier Competitors in Scottish Dance in Alma.


Reader Feedback - Have you been to or participated in the Alma Highland Festival?

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