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Assens an old Danish seaport town

Updated on February 1, 2014

Experience Assens - one of the most beautiful towns in Denmark

Assens is an old danish seaport that has existed since at least 1200. If you are in Denmark, then this article will guide you to a very unique experience of the danish culture and city life in one of the smaller towns of the country.


Whether you are travelling by boat, car or public transportation, Assens is easy to get to and if you like idyllic and picturesque little fairytale towns, then you will not be sorry that you took the trip.


All pictures in this article are copyrighted by Mistel unless otherwise stated. Please do not use without my permission

The Assens Marina and Harbour - You can sail to Assens by boat

If you are the owner of a sailboat, then Assens should be on the list of harbours to visit. There is a big marina with space for 600 yacht. You can contact the marina bailiff on phone +45 6471 3580 or using the email

The harbour area is used for many different events throughout the year. During the summer there are harbour parties and sometimes there will be a gathering of old wooden ships from all over the country.

On the 23rd of June you will most likely find Sankt Hans bonfires, where you can be part of the traditional danish Sankt Hans celebration.

The beaches of Assens - The nearest beach is 5 minutes away from the city center in Assens

Beaches near Assens
Beaches near Assens

Assens is a coastal town and that means water in close proximity. This gives access to 2 lovely beaches if you are in Assens. If you want to live close by the beach you can rent some of the luxury holiday apartments available in Assens

If you are travelling through Denmark on a budget you can rent a room in the cosy DanHostel located right in the middle of the town, very close to the beautiful church.

The Park of Assens - Experiencing a lush green walk in the middle of town

Assens Lake and Parc
Assens Lake and Parc

Assens has multiple green areas that is within 5 minutes walking distance of the City Center. The Park of Assens is an ideal place to bring young children as there is a nice playground and big green areas where the kids can run around playing, while the parents relax on a bench.

The Park also houses birdcages and several lakes. Furthermore it is home to the Assens Mini Town, where you for a small fee can walk amongst a miniature version of the city center.

A trip in the park of Assens is a great way to spend an afternoon or even an evening if you are in Denmark during the long summer days where it never gets completely dark.

Here is a map of the park of Assens I recommend visiting

Museums in Assens - and other things to see while visiting Assens

Mans Samling - Assens
Mans Samling - Assens

There are a number of museums to visit in Assens Willemoesgården houses interesting facts and memorabilias regarding the danish naval hero Peter Willemoes,

Mands Samling(seen in the picture below) is a curious collection of just about everything that was used in everyday life in the older days (unfortunately Mands Samling was closed down the summer of 2013). Assens also have an arts museum as well as a maritime museum.

How to get to Assens?

Getting to Assens is very simple using public transportation. If you landed by plane in Copenhagen, simply take the train directly from Kastrup Airport to Odense.

From here you can catch one of several busses to Assens. (The trains and busses are operated from the same building.)

Bus 110, 131, 151 and 152 will all get you to Assens, but for the shortest ride you should aim for the two latter.

Planning the trip to Assens

If you are planning the trip from home, you can check all the train and bus departures on the scheduling page here Please make sure to specify that you want to go to Assens ST. though as there is also an Assens in the northern part of Jutland.

(If you are prompted to use more than 1 bus to get to the destination, then you know you have the wrong Assens.)

Have you ever been to Assens? - Or taken a vacation to Denmark?

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    • Steph Tietjen profile image

      Stephanie Tietjen 5 years ago from Albuquerque, New Mexico

      Looks like a great place to visit. Your photos are beautiful.

    • Mistl profile image

      Mistl 5 years ago

      @vaigavenugopal: You are absolutely right. Assens is a very serene little town. A great place to get away from stress and the constant rush and demands of every day life. There are certainly plenty of activities that you can engage in if you want to and there is even a couple of pubs where you can enjoy a pint or two in the evening, but in general life is more of a gentle flow in Assens than a stressfull push of demands. Great for unwinding during a holiday.

    • profile image

      vaigavenugopal 5 years ago

      Assens looks as a peaceful town.Will get a peaceful sleep and can enjoy any kind of riding in streets i think..:)