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Yowie - Beware the Australian Bigfoot!

Updated on August 23, 2017
On the Prowl for Yowies
On the Prowl for Yowies | Source

Beware of the Yowie

When you walk in the thickly-forested areas of South Eastern Australia, keep an eye out for Yowies.

You can't mistake him if you see him, a Yowie is over seven foot tall, covered with thick dark brown hair and bearing a marked resemblance to a gorilla.

If you're unsure if what you've just seen is a Yowie or a particularly large orang utan, check the feet. Yowies have enormous feet.

Yowie is not Bigfoot

He is the first

Some people believe the Yowie is a migrant Sasquatch, a cousin of the Himalayan Yeti, but this true blue Australian creature was first sighted in 1841, well before any reports of the Abominable Snowman or of Bigtoot.

The Yowie is the original!

Read the Road Signs - Take advice from road signs when traveling

Signs of the Yowie
Signs of the Yowie | Source

If you see a sign like this, walk a little faster.

A Yowie is not a Bunyip

No one has survived seeing a Bunyip

Australians have spotted the Yowie in rainforests, appearing from behind the giant tree-ferns, and in the arid scrub country.

Some travellers have met Yowies near the chilly pools at the bottom of a waterfall, and some have reported a sighting along riverbanks. This could be a case of mistaken identity, for the riverbanks are home to the Bunyip.

Steer clear of Bunyips.

No one who has ever seen a Bunyip has lived to tell the tale!

Yowie Footage - The Yowie Hunters

Yowie Footage from the Brindabella Ranges of New South Wales.

Probably a hoax - but what do you think?

Take the quick poll below the video

Quick Yowie Footage Poll

What's your opinion of the Yowie footage from the Brindabella Ranges?

See results

Yowies are blamed for small tragedies - But is it true?

Yowies are falsely blamed for small tragedies
Yowies are falsely blamed for small tragedies
The Kilcoy Yowie
The Kilcoy Yowie

The Kilcoy Yowie

A virile chap

Kilcoy is a small and unassuming country town in Southeast Queensland with a population a little over 1000 most of whom are employed servicing the surrounding pastoral area.

The residents claim that their major attraction is a large wooden statue of a very well endowed male Yowie.

With monotonous regularity, local wags or the morally outraged will come along and emasculate the Yowie statue.

Of much more interest to visitors to Kilcoy is the Woodford Folk Festival just 20 km up the road, held each year from December 27 to New Years Day. The festival attracts around 85,000 people (and the occasional Yowie).

seo 75

Theories on the Yowie

Varied but possibe

Rex Gilroy, the "Yowie Man", believes that an advanced megalithic monument-building people once inhabited Australia.

Some researchers say that Yowies are descendents of Gigantopithecus, a version of robust Australopithecine, or a mega-version of Homo erectus descended from Java Man.

I fully expect the Yowie to be marsupial (but I don't care to meet him to test my theory).

The Yowie! - Hostile Hairy Horrors

THE YOWIE: In Search of Australia's Bigfoot
THE YOWIE: In Search of Australia's Bigfoot
An enjoyable and informative mystery of giant walking primates lurking in the hidden places of Australia,

Welcome your Guests with a Yowie

Decorate your Garden with a Yowie or a Yeti
Decorate your Garden with a Yowie or a Yeti

At first I thought this was a Yowie, but look at the feet. Too small.

Bigfoot: the Garden Yeti Statue

Have your say ...

Is the Yowie out there?

How about you?

Have you seen a Yowie?

See results

Is the Yowie out there? Is he a cousin of the Sasquatch? Or is he bulldust?

© 2010 Susanna Duffy


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