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Backpackers' Basic Guide to the Philippines

Updated on November 12, 2015

One adventure that many find exciting is backpacking in the Philippines. For one, this country is beautiful. Second, there are lots of cheap backpacking deals for anyone interested. Moreover, the local cuisine, sights and sounds are one of a kind. Also, even with a tight budget, you can enjoy yourself and create wonderful memories. Of course, to enjoy this activity, one should know how, to keep one safe while pulling down costs. Here are some ingenious ways to travel on a budget in the Philippines.

Backpacking is fun when you know the basic.
Backpacking is fun when you know the basic. | Source

Pack right when backpacking in the Philippines

Here is a backpacking basic for anyone in the world- pack right. As simple as it may sound, many still fail to pack right. Just imagine hauling tons of stuff on your back while traversing uncharted places. Well, that's definitely inconvenient. Packing right will minimize stress and thus give you the best vacation experience.

When backpacking in the Philippines, proper clothing is essential. This country is a tropical paradise so leaving your winter coat would be a splendid idea. Instead, opt of light cotton apparel to keep you cool. Depending on the season you visit the country, you must prepare either for a hot humid day or a wet humid day. Either way, expect to sweat with heat indices that reach over 35 degrees Celsius. It would be a good idea to bring with you an umbrella and a raincoat during the rainy season and a hat or cap during the dry season. Another essential item to take with you is insect repellant. I've been to places where mosquitoes are so big that you can actually feel them land on your skin. But these Jurassic mosquitoes are in more remote areas almost close to the mountains and rain forest. In addition, don't forget to bring bottled water with you. If you have a sensitive stomach, it would be wise to refrain from drinking from the tap.

Keep in mind that when you have the right supplies you don't need to buy them. Likewise, when you have the necessities, you're u can avoid problems that can derail you fun and your budget.

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Do your research

When backpacking in any country it is wise to do a little research before having an adventure. You can check websites to get more information and even consult your friends and family who have visited the place. Th we info are valuable source of knowledge you can use to have a lot of fun. Likewise, having the right information will keep you safe.

Here are some info you may need:

  • Safe places to go (and places to avoid)
  • Culture and customs of the area you are visiting
  • Deals on backpacker accommodations
  • Which food spots to visit and what to order

It is always prudent to know mor about the places that you visit. This will keep you safe and sound natures that you will have fun. But what is critical for any traveler is to get th right information from a reputable source.

Are you expecting 5-star accommodation during backpacking in the Philippines?
Are you expecting 5-star accommodation during backpacking in the Philippines? | Source

Cheap accommodations for backpackers

You will be surprised at how much you can save when backpacking in the Philippines. Sure there are hotels and inns that will provide first class services. However, these can set you back a few hundred green ones. Do not worry, re are alternatives to expensive lodging. After all, you are there to discover the wonders of the Philippines and not just stay in an expensive hotels.

What you need is a clean, comfortable and cheap accommodations that will provide your ur needs. Pension houses, transient lodging and even rooms for rent are all over the country. In some tourist areas you can easily find these inexpensive but really clean and comfortable places to spend the night or two. Here are some tips to find the best deals for backpackers.

  • Check local listings for transient accommodations
  • Ask the local tourism office or local government units for trusted places
  • If you have friends who have visited the place then you may ask for suggestions
  • Go online on social media for some info
  • Check out tourist spots and check out the available places around them

The amount of amenities you want will definitely affect the cost of your accommodations. But if you do not mind using a common bathroom a small space or some inconveniences others cannot live with, then you can save more.

The jeepney and tricycle are the most common modes of transportation in the Philippines.
The jeepney and tricycle are the most common modes of transportation in the Philippines. | Source

Know the available transportation

Getting around safely and conveniently when backpacking is essential. Thus, it is wise to be familiar with the local transportation system. Do not expect luxury transportation! Rather, be ready to go around as the locals do. Some,any be fun while others may test your nerve.

Here are some common transportation you will find in the Philippines:

  • Jeepney
  • Tricycle
  • Bus
  • Banks or boats

Apart from knowing what you can ride, it is essential to know the fare. Having the local currency on hand will help get you around faster. Likewise, you may want to know the schedule if these transport system. However, most of these them do not really follow a strict schedule. Rather, you just have to know where to wait for them. In addition, many do not fave a fixed schedule of stops around the area. Instead, you may just want to know at what time they usually arrive and until what time they pick up passengers.

Getting from one point to the other safely can be both fun and exciting. It is therefore important to know what you are in for. Knowing the routes and schedules of these modes of transportation will help you enjoy your vacation in the 'Philippines. But one inexpensive way to truly enjoy the country is to walk around and take in as much of the beautiful scenery as you can.

Try to sample the local food.
Try to sample the local food. | Source

Great Filipino food within budget

The Philippines is known for its great food. Here, the food you taste is a reflection of what is indigenous in the area. And with a little magic in the kitchen, you will be treated to delicacies like no other. Food is much a part of the Filipino culture as the dances, language and the arts. Sampling them can truly immerse you in the local culture.

You do not have to spend a lot of money just to taste the best food in the Philippines. In fact, treating yourself to authentic cuisine is just a walk around the place. Here are some great ideas to find the best eats in the Philippines.

  • Ask the locals and they will gladly point you to the right way
  • Long lines can be a good indicator
  • Avoid extravagant and expensive restaurant, just walk around the street and you will find an inexpensive but splendid dining treat.
  • Check local listings for the best places in town
  • Check social media to find inexpensive yet delicious food

Eating in your backpacking adventure is part of the fun. But you need to keep yourself safe when sampling local cuisine since your stomach may not be familiar with the ingredients especially the spices. Here are some helpful reminders so you won't have any problem seen eating in th Philippines.

  • Bring your own bottled water just to be safe
  • Burning anti-allergy meds whenever you can
  • Be wary of the street food you will eat

Sampling the local cuisine is an adventure in itself. You will be surprised at where you can find these spectacular treats for your tastebuds. Likewise, you're will be amazed that you can find them almost anywhere you look. The Filipino people love to cook and taking part in the Pinoy meal is an experience worth taking.


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    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 2 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      Hi there B. Leekly,

      It is a beautiful place. All it takes is just some simple measures to have fun and be safe.

    • B. Leekley profile image

      Brian Leekley 2 years ago from Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

      Sounds like a pleasant adventure.