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Banaue Rice Terraces

Updated on July 22, 2014

Banaue, Philippines

Is it really possible to grow rice on mountain sides?

The Banaue rice terraces were actually carved out that way by Ifugao tribes people over 2000 years ago! They obviously didn't have all the modern equipment that we have nowadays.

How in the world could they have accomplished this amazing feat?

And why would they do that?

Scroll down to see many beautiful awesome and very detailed incredible photos of these remarkable achievements!

Please read on...

Plaque at Banaue Rice Terraces Viewpoint

Plaque for Banaue Rice Terraces
Plaque for Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue Rice Terraces, an engineering miracle!

You have to see it to believe it!

They were carved out of the mountains to provide a level ground so that the natives could plant rice. Incredibly they are still in use even now!!

They were finally declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995

Banaue rice terraces stretch like stepping stones to the sky - some reaching an altitude of 1500m or more. I have seen them myself (in Banaue), they are awesome --REALLY--! Yes, it's really amazing.

(photo courtesy of: "Storm Crypt" on Flickr)

It is considered as one of mankind's greatest engineering feats. If the terraces were laid end to end, apparently they would stretch half way around the world.

One of the major attractions of the Banaue rice terraces to the local and international tourists, are the many hiking trails in the area. There are many young locals, mostly college students who serve as guides. But with or without a guide, you will find the friendliness and warmth of the Ifugao people endearing. The trip to get there from Manila is basically an eight hour (nightmare) drive,

depending on your driver!

The Banaue Rice Terraces, unfortunately, are now showing signs of erosion. Some areas need maintenance because some of the new generation Ifugaos are migrating to the cities looking for better opportunities (who can blame them for wanting a higher standard of living). That given, the terraces still never fails to awe the traveler, they are really quite something to see with your own eyes.

Aside from Banaue rice terraces, nearby are 4 other similar Ifugao terraces:

BATAD rice terraces.

(photo courtesy of: "NG71" on Flickr)
Also located in Banaue, it is home to the spectacular tiered, amphitheatre-shaped terraces.

MAYOYAO rice terraces

(photo courtesy of: "fotobumbong" on Flickr)
is similarly situated in Banaue. The organic Ifugao rice called Tinawon, in red and white variety, is harvested here in abundance.

HAPAO rice terraces.

(photo courtesy of: "Timmok" on Flickr)
Its stone-walled rice terraces date back to 650 AD and is located in Hungduan, where Napulawan terraces can also be found.

KIANGAN rice terraces.

(photo courtesy of: "MVI" on Flickr)
It is home to two famous rice terraces sites namely: Nagacadan and Julungan, known for their size and visual impact.

Banaue rice terraces, although a bit far from Manila is one of the most awesome destinations in the Philippines. Visitors never regret spending time and resources to see its beauty and grandeur. One cannot but ponder how the Ifugaos made it all using just their muscle power and simple!

Actual Banaue Rice Terraces!

Actual Banaue Rice Terraces!
Actual Banaue Rice Terraces!

Great video showing the Banaue Rice Terraces - Long (7-1/2 minutes) but worth a look...

If you can't go there to see them for yourself, this is the next best thing! Excellent video.

Banaue Videos - This selection is automatically updated quite often.

Please click on video to watch

...and rate them!

Let us know what you think!

Have you seen the Banaue Rice Terraces? - Have your say!

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    • Jazzmigirl profile image

      Jazzmigirl 4 years ago

      @Mr Criminology: Unfortunately, that is the sad truth.

    • Mr Criminology profile image

      Bigwas 4 years ago from Philippines

      I have watched a documentary saying the rice terraces is dying,young generatins are studying and working in the cities, nobody wants to be a farmer anymore,.

    • squidluck profile image

      squidluck 5 years ago

      great lense. I have a lense of the Banawe Rice Teraces. Not made as great as this one. Thank you for doing a wonderful lenses about the PHIL. It;s a beautiful country.

    • profile image

      FreeMilo 5 years ago

      i have seen the Banaue Rice Terraces and I was really awed by its beauty. I felt like time stops for a few secs while watching this "stairways to heaven" I also love the weather here.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Happy April Fools Day!

      Blessed by a travelling Squidoo Angel

    • profile image

      Lindrus 6 years ago

      No, I haven't been, but you sure make me want to go and see them! Beautiful photos! Thanks!

    • jadehorseshoe profile image

      jadehorseshoe 6 years ago

      Fabulous Photos!

    • profile image

      argonauta 6 years ago

      Have been there 1996 and 2010. Amazing place. amazing people. Thank you for this beautiful lens.

    • profile image

      ivanpabz 6 years ago


    • profile image

      KatBar 6 years ago

      What a beautiful place.

    • garyrh1 profile image

      garyrh1 6 years ago

      That is incredibly beautiful. I hope I can visit there someday soon!

    • miriamjimenez profile image

      miriamjimenez 7 years ago

      I never been here yet.

    • alesxandrea profile image

      alesxandrea 7 years ago

      one of the world's greatest wonders.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Hi...I'm thinking of writing a 500-word article about the rice terraces for a children's online magazine (ages 4 -12). Would it be possible to use photos of the rice terraces? And who would you suggest I email if I have more questions about the rice terraces? The article would focus on the beauty and history of the rice terraces. I thank you for your time and look forward to your reply.

    • profile image

      beej08 9 years ago

      Just seeing the pictures already take my breath away! How will I fair when I see the real thing, I wonder?

      I should go there. @_@

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      Great site, I love it!

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      Great photos, they tell the story well!

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      Great Lens! 5* and welcome to Travelmania group.

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