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Beach Blanket Fun in the sun

Updated on April 14, 2015

Beach boogie Wave board

What is your favorite thing to do at the beach? Tan, swim, surf? I thought I'd make this lens to help everyone out with Beach & picnic plans and suc and I think I have a little something for everyone, and if I don't let me know!

I've included a checklist for what to bring to the beach/pool also one for food and such items to remember!

Safety Guide, A Picnic or grilling on the beach shoping list, & what is summer section. I hope I've helped you with this, and if you think of something I could add, I'm always open to suggestions!

Summer Safety Guide

School age children look forward toe scaping school in the summer when they can play all day and chill out in the pool.

Summer (this being May through august or late september) can be dangerous to children and adults alike.

More peole are injured during the summer months in a variety of ways so here's some safety rules for all.

  • Grills

    -If you are splashed with lighter fluid, CHANGE your clothes

    -stay away from hot grills

    -do you know how to STOP DROP & ROLL if your clothing catches on fire?

    -and children please do not start fires on your own, let an adult do so. (This especially inludes Open camp fires.

  • Fun in the Sun

    -before you do ANYTHING put on SPF (& re-apply every half hour to hour) to keep from getting sunburned.

    -Drink LOTS of water

    -wear a hat

    -DO NOT exercise in the hot sun (or in very humid weather) stay in the shade

    -Never look directly at the sun

  • Weather

    -Stay away from windows and doors during a storm

    -keep away from metal items like pipes, fences, railroad tracks, farm machines even door knobs & umbrella with metal tips

    -If you are outside go inside if you can

    -Do not go under trees that stand alone if you are stuck outside. If you are in a forest woods area, You don't want to be taller than anything else around so get under the LOWEST trees.

  • Hiking

    -stay in site of the adults

    -Be sure to wear comfortable footwear that will not give you blisters (particularly worn in)

    Walk on the designated trails only.

    -Watch out for fallen logs, Rocks, roots that can trip you up.

  • Tick safety

    spray on bug repellent with the highest amount of DEET you can find.

    Some ticks that attach themselves can cause sickness 2 of which are Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever.

    If you are a young child tell your parents or other adult right away

    If you find a tick, with tweezers remove it gently and do not leave the tick's mouth in your skin. Wash the bite with soap and water


    wear mosquito spray

    I've heard that Lavender & Marigolds are a deterrent to these blood suckers

    You can also use a citronella candle

  • Swimming

    -When they say no diving or jumping in the shallow end DON'T! (thaty's from experience.. I scraped my nose on the bottom of the pool)

    -WALK, Do NOT RUN around the pool (this is from experience as well)

    -NEVER EVER swim with out an adult to watch you

    -if you are an adult.. remember the buddy system, it is best to go out together or at least have someone to watch you no matter your age! Prevent Drowning Accidents

    -Your child takes swimming lessons

    -No jumping or dunking others

    -Do not swim under or around the diving boards & wait until the previous person is out of the water.

    - no eating or chewing gum while swimming

    -after eating wait at least 30 minutes before going swimming again. (back in the day they used to say wait an hour!)

  • Bicycle

    -Always wear a helmet

    -do not ride barefoot

    -Stop at all Stop signs (follow the usually driving laws)

    -do not weave in & out of taffic

    -No wearing earphones

    -Don't dart out from between parked cars

    -Stop for traffic lights

    -look ahead & behind for traffic when you turn

    -look both ways before riding you cross a street and ONLY at cross walks

    -NO carrying a passanger

    -No riding at night unless you have the proper equipment.

    -no zipping past fellow cyclists without warning

  • Camping If making a campfire, be sure you have plenty of dirt around, & rocks (if something is not already provided for you (like the truck rim at Evergreen Camp grounds in Lake George when we used to) Be sure to keep a bucket of water or fire extinguisher at hand & start your fire with newspaper, putting it under the wood. If you need to add fire starter then throw a bit in there (do not saturate or you're likely to burn your face off!) & just as soon as I finished writing this, dad mentions the guy that burned off his eyebrows he put so much fire starter on his, BEFORE lighting it!

    Tents you need a tarp over your tent & dig a trench around your tent for overflow (so the bottom will not get wet (or not asmuch as it would with out) & flood. Be sure your tarp is big enough to have aa couple feet all around to cover or even at least 2x the size of the tent. You also need a liner UNDER the tent and need to waterproof the tent with wax for the seams & spray the WHOLE tent with the waterproofing spray. (now you see why I didn't care for the camping? It's not a vacation.. To me it just seemed like more work.. how is that vacation? & I hated going to their bathroom there & the showers.. the spiders in the corners creeped me the heck out!

    Hammocks... well.. Youa re talking to a person that has tried to sit on one (when I was in grade school) & ended up falling on the ground on my butt! Here is a new twist which would be great if you can hang one in your tent too! New Hamock

Beach Chairs - For the kids & You

When it comes to hangout at the beach, I'm a little picky with the 'chair' I use. I like to lay down while I tan but I hate it when someone walks or runs past you, if you are on a blanket. Years ago I finally got fed up and started to use a fold up (like the purple one). I can lay down not only on my back but on my stomach to tan my back. I just wish I could find them in a cloth not just plastic.

I hope you like the selection here, if not just add it to the list of other assorted items below

and DOn't forget the boogie board(s) as well.

Beach List

  1. Tote or Beach bags for each person
  2. Bathing Suit
  3. 2 towels for each person. 1 while on the beach and the other for when the day is done.
  4. Water shoes

    I recommend for the beach as there's glass, beer tops, and sharp sea shells On the beach and under the water.

  5. Book or Magazines
  6. Sunblock for UVA & UVB SPF30 or more (better with more)

    The Fairer you are the higher the SPF should be & more often you will have to apply.

    Apply every 30 minutes to 1 hour

  7. First Aid Kit

    for a quick one throw together a few assorted sized band-ads flexible cloth type. Non-adhesive pads ,medical tape ointment, (or Neosporin or Bactine spray)

  8. waterproof camera (kodak sells a DISPOSEABLE waterproof one!!) and yes I have it included here The 2 pictures of me posted on this page are proof of the great pictures it takes
  9. Bag for wet clothes (something that's mesh is best)
  10. Wallet with your Id, cash, and medical cards & information
  11. Beach Lounger, chairs or blanket
  12. Phone (optional or just for emergency purpose)
  13. Toys & Games

    Nerf football, Frisbee, Waterproof uno, Dominoes, Dice, cards, horseshoes

  14. Flip Flops
  15. Boogy or Surf boards swimmies, Life jackets and that such stuff
  16. a container or gladbag for collecting seashells, sea glass and some stones No matter your age you KNOW you want to weather for just a decoration, craft project or a cheap souvinier
  17. Brush/Comb (& some hair ties)
  18. Hand Sanitizer or anti-bac wipes
  19. Cutter Insect replant
  20. Scissors or a pocket knife
  21. Portable Radio (cassette tapes and Cds or has an ipod jack) , ipod
  22. Batteries for radio

quit BUGGING me for SANDALars - keep those mosquitoes at bay

I don't care HOW dark your skin is! I don't care if you are onyx or jet black. PUT ON SUNBLOCK!!!!!!

You should apply every hour and the most fairest skin should do it every 15 minutes to half hour.

Going in the water? make sur eyou put more on right before you go in,why? because the water is reflective and if you do not normally burn (with or without applying block) you mos likely WILL while in the water. (its the ONLY time I seem to burn)

So here I've included a few of the top sunprotection including a stick for the kids. (if you ignore putting bnlock on yourself at least I beg you save your child's skin. Lube them up with some sun block lotion, or use the stick below) Even a spray.

Shopping List -food stuff

  1. Ice
  2. Water, Beer, Juice, Soda and so on GATORADE!
  3. Hot Dogs & Hamburgers
  4. Marshmellows (yes if you go to a spot with a grill you can roast them)
  5. Charcoal
  6. Plasic Cutlery, Napkins & Dishes
  7. Condements (Ketchup, Mustard, relish etc.) (we usually take extra packs when we go to restaurants etc & then take those instead!)
  8. Some snacks for between Meals potato chips, nachos, trail mix pretzels
  9. Grill brush
  10. Grill Fork
  11. Spatula
  12. Tin Foil

Yes This was REALLY taken underwater

Yes This was REALLY taken underwater
Yes This was REALLY taken underwater

What is Summer?

anything you want

What do you think when you hear the word Summer?

Do you think of the beach or pool?

Picnics, Concerts, B-B-Qs? Maybe playing Vollyball, Frisbees, Surfing, Bocce Ball, hopscotch and such?

It may say beach in the title, but this is for pretty much anything summer, (or at least I am trying) but yes it does lead more toward the beach activities.

Tips & Tricks

For the beach being you do not want to get sand in the food and so on, pack the food in lidded containers for each person (their own set for their meal or one big one with it all depending on what you are serving.) If you are picnicing on the beach the best bet is to just pack some sandwiches(pun intended as they end up full of it!) water & Juice Snacks like nuts, Granola bars, & Fruits (fruit salad is great its cooling and the watermelon will has lycopeane in it so you won't get red. (but you still need to wear sunscreen!) For more on the what foods to eat for Lycopene and such see my Beauty Balm lens

Bug Spray make sure you use a bug spray with deet and that it has at least 50 to 100% (there are some listed here)

Grilling on the beach and such use the charcoal with lighterfluid already in it. No one likes food that tastes like that stuff. (the person we go with goes overboard when he uses it.)

If you want to make the fluids flow easier... (aside from bringing water and maybe some gatorade) Bring a large thermos and make a multipurpose drink that's a mix that will please all. Hopefully something with a tap on it. Try something like fruity (maybe even put some of the fruit slices & berries in if its supposed to be lemonade include real lemon slices maybe include some cherries or other red fruit sliced.) And you can cut it with a bit of soada of the the same or close to that flavor! making a Citrus drink use Orange or lemon lime soda (Mt. Dew is a great addative.

Those Crystal Light single serving or 2 qt packets are great! perfect to mix and match! We like Peach ice tea with Hawaiian punch Purple Smash

Lemonberry & Purplesmash (but those are single serving & may need a box or 2 each depending on the size of your 'thermos or other form of despenser)


Bring along a little bit for everyone don't keep the same type of music on. Just keep it up tempo

Classic rock works best at the beach some dance/pop (lady Gaga, Katy Perry) and such

Time to Go Surfing!

time to go surfing!
time to go surfing!

A Cool tool for those swimmers - If you are going Scuba diving..

You will WANT this product!

Liquid Image 304 XSC Explorer Series 8.0 MP Underwater Video Camera - Yellow
Liquid Image 304 XSC Explorer Series 8.0 MP Underwater Video Camera - Yellow

I saw this a few eyars ago in a magazine, and too bad I may not get to one of those beautifully clear water beaches. This scuba mask has a built in camera (I think video too but not 100% sure) So you don't ahve to worry about carrying something extra into the water, you already have it!


Hang 10

Hang 10
Hang 10

All your item Beach needs

Need to Replace that old Beach chair? Sick of getting ran over sun bathing on the blanket? Left your Flip Flops at the repair shop in Margaritaville? Well here's a list as well as others throughout of what I've mentioned in the checklist in case you need anything to order for your convenience

shower curtain? is a good idea That's for the picnics in case the ground is wet (from Sprinklers or a rain a night or 2 ago) Also sometimes it helps to keep one for the beach & pool just in case.

I had to remove a few items due to new standards so hee's a few other suggestions

Blongo ball I've seen this played, its interesting (or so it looks) but no clue about it

Dominoes we usually play when we go to the beach with my Dad's friend (& if ther are enoguh people)

Horseshoes game

You need a beach tote with towel and first aid kit (one that will be suitable for cuts and scrap as well as possible jellfish sting snakebite and with an ace bandage because you may never know!)

Hand sanitizer (I would suggest the wipes this way you can use them on yourself the kids & if need be along with the first aid kit! )

FLoating Recliner chair (or some sort of floating chair preferably with a cup holder in it!

Swimmies for the little ones (those floats that go on s) or a life jacket have them try both on in a sports store, see which they like best but let themnow the life jacket (vest) when in the water may push up a little and the neck may be at their mouth so you need to be sure it fits well. Get help from one of the employees of the store. From my Experience, those from Dick's & Cabela's sportg stores are very good & helpful.

don't forget Keep from getting Sunburn on the water & Wave Rash with a

Body Glove Basic Deluxe Short Sleeve Rash Guard shirt. I always wear one when I go in the water that seems to be the only time I getg a burn.

So what's your favorite thing to do on the beach, pool or patio?

Have any suggetsions for the lens? Items to add or how I can make it better?

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    • kburns421 lm profile image

      kburns421 lm 

      6 years ago

      Perfect lens for anyone going to the beach!

    • Zodiacimmortal profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      @Pip Gerard: No Prob. I'm always adding what i come across that might work well with my topic. keep checking back I'll be including other sections as I think of them. (maybe even a poem)

    • Pip Gerard profile image

      Pip Gerard 

      6 years ago

      It's a gorgeous lense... thank you for adding a link to mine ... means a lot! :)


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