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Bing Maps Offers 3D Map ,Driving Directions and Street View

Updated on December 10, 2013
bing maps 3d
bing maps 3d

Bing Maps is Microsoft’s online map service for getting driving directions that is as per functionality quite similar with other popular free online mapping services. You can have mainly three important services from Bing maps: driving directions, transit and walking directions.

Bing driving directions:

For getting driving directions in Bing Maps, at first you need to go at- and when you see the main screen of Bing map, then on the box “A” you have to put the departure point of your travel and then in the box “B” you have to type the destination point of your journey. Now, click on the orange color button called “directions” to get your complete travel route directions. Remember to keep selected the “driving” icon, when you need a driving direction in Bing. If you want you can easily eliminate toll roads and high ways from your travel plan by selecting the appropriate option just below the “get directions” button. after selection of your primary travel destination, if you feel to a few more additional destination, then just click on the “add route” and then click on “get directions” button. To see live traffic of your chosen route take a look at the bottom of the left pane, there is an icon called “see current traffic”. To take a print out of your Bing maps, check the print option just beside the “see current traffic” button. in case you need to re-arrange or have to go some places that in not included in between your departure and destination cities, then you can take your mouse on the road of your map, and drag the road to your desired place to re-arrange your journey route.

Other options you can check out for are: transit and waling directions.

bing route maps
bing route maps
map view types
map view types

Tips-if your driving route is over 4000 miles long, then according to Bing Maps you need to divide your journey into several sections, with each section no more than 4000 miles long, so as you don’t have to face the time put problem of Bing Maps. But, when I used Bing map to find a route over 5000 miles long, Bing Maps gave me the complete route map without any timeout problem.

Bing Maps 3D

You cannot see 3d maps in Bing, unless you install Bing 3D installer on our computer. For viewing 3D map, click on the 3D icon of the top of the right pane of your Bing map and in the new window click “download”. Then installer needs Microsoft sivlerlight to be on your computer. If it is not installed, clicking the download button will let you install the silverlight on your PC at first. When download finishes, then again go to the 3D and again click on “download” to install the Bing 3D on your computer.

How to email Bing Maps

If you find the location or driving directions you’re looking for, you can share it simply by click on the star icon of the bottom of the left pane of Bing Map.

Business Listing with Bing Maps

If you are interested to show up your business to appear on Bing Maps while users searching for your business, you can easily add you business information with Bing Maps Local listing centre

How to add Bing Map to a Website

to embed a static map to your web site, you need to click on the “share your map” button, a new window appears, with a section called “embed in a web page”, copy the code from this section and add it in your webpage. If you are interested to add more than static map to your web site, then check out the help section of the Bing Map

Types of View in Bing Maps

Like other popular online mapping services, Bing not only provides regular street maps, but the following types of map view also available:

  1. Automatic
  2. Aerial view
  3. Bird’s eye view
  4. Standard road view
  5. Dynamic – interactive map

For entering these addition features of Bing Maps, you need to go

Bing Street View

To see street view in Bing at first go to and then at the bottom of the right pane you will see an icon of a man, labeled as “streetside : explore at eye level”, click this icon and you will see some small bule circle, these circles represents the places with street view option. If a place does not have street view option with Bing, then you will see red circle. Now, take your mouse pointer to the small blue circles and explore the street view with Bing. To be sure if your country or city has street view in Bing, take your mouse pointer to the country map at first, and then click the street view icon, if you’re country’s is included Bing street view then you will see some blue circles or areas, spread across your country map-just click on those blue areas for street view.

Bing Maps also helps finding interesting places nearby your map area along with hotels and restaurants\

bing street view
bing street view
bing map apps
bing map apps

Creating 3D models with Bing Maps

One of the unknown and least used, yet very interesting and useful function of Bing maps is its ability to create 3D models. To learn all the necessary steps about how to create 3D models with Bing maps, you can check the help section. Another fascination part of this mapping tool is “Map Apps” that has 55 useful apps such as street side photo, local events, taxi fare calculator, twitter map, education map, gas prices, roadside attractions, parking finder and Bing health Maps. With time, Bing Maps will develop and integrate more and more of Microsoft’s other fee online services to make it an attraction mapping solution to its users.


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    • profile image

      BestAnswer 6 years ago

      I use both Bing maps and to see several places when I plan my vacation.

    • profile image

      mahi 6 years ago


    • andromida profile image

      syras mamun 7 years ago

      I find Bing works fast than other popular map sites.Thank you so much Josh :)

    • Josh_Smith profile image

      Josh_Smith 7 years ago from United states

      like suziecat7 i have never used them and i will go check them out.

    • andromida profile image

      syras mamun 7 years ago

      I find Bing map relatively faster than other mapping tool and its step-by-step driving direction is very useful.thank you so much :)

    • suziecat7 profile image

      suziecat7 7 years ago from Asheville, NC

      I've never checked out Bing maps. I will now. Thanks.