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Apollo's Island: Bozcada -Tenedos

Updated on May 4, 2016

A Historical Island

Bozcada or Tenedos was already an established sanctuary of Apollo in the 8th century BC, as shown by the Homeric formula for the god: "Lord Supreme of Tenedos" (Iliad I).

Now is a natural, calm,beautiful island where you can have an unforgettable holiday

I love this island very much, take many pictures of sea, houses, flowers during my trips. In my lense I am sharing my pictures and information about Bozcada ...


A small tranquil island

Each summer when I take the ferry from Çanakkale,(a Turkish city near Troy),to Bozcada, I feel the same excitement. I love this Island with my entire hearth.

This small Aegean island is on of the best remaining refuges in the world for people who love tranquil, deep blue, clean sea and vineyards stretching for miles.

When the ferry approaches to the island a well preserved historical castle attracts your attention the one notice the graceful stone houses looking very lively and colourful with pots of begonias, geraniums.

Bozcaada was called as Tenedos in the ancient times and is mentioned as an island where you can live a very healthy long life, by the legendary Greek historian Herodotus,

In Bozcaada you can stay in the beautiful stone houses that are converted to hotels and pensions. You will feel as if you are staying in your grandmother’s house. These places are warm, traditional and cosy. If you love nature you can stay in farms that are built in vineyards. They also have activities such as horseback riding, cycling and playing table tennis or volleyball.

Beaches in Bozcaada are unspoiled and tranquil. There aren’t any buildings nearby and the water, sands are very clean. Ayazma Beach is preferred by tourists. The sea is cool due to freshwater springs on the bottom but it feels wonderful to swim in the cold water in summer when the weather is very hot. There are minibuses continuously carrying people from the center to Ayazma beach.

The economy of the island is based on fishery, tourism and viniculture. You can see grapes hang down from the balconies of beautiful old Greek houses on narrow streets.

Bozcaada has several historical places; Bozcaada Fort was first build by Phoenicians and than restored by the Venetians, than Ottoman Sultan Fatih had made the final restoration. There is a Church built by Venetians which is still active and 2 Mosques constructed by Ottomans are also open to worship. Most of the houses are older than 100 years, they are all made from stone and flowers hang down from balconies. Most of the houses are converted to hotels, cafes, gift shops. There are many tea gardens in the small square where people drink tea under the shades of big tress.

In a sense Bozcadada is one of the rare unspoiled places of Aegean, a perfect place to pass a summer holiday.

Island with red poppies - From Wikipedia



Tenedos or Bozcaada (Turkish: Bozcaada, Greek:Tenedhos) is a small island in the Aegean Sea, part of the Bozcaada district of Canakkale province in Turkey. As of 2010[update], Tenedos has a population of about 2,354. The main industries are fishing and tourism. The island has been famous for its grapes, wines and red poppies for centuries. The population today is mostly Turkish but there are still about 30 ethnic Greeks on the island.[5] Tenedos was primarily inhabited by ethnic Greeks[6] from ancient times through to approximately the middle of the twentieth century, when many emigrated due to a campaign of state-sponsored discrimination, while many Turks were settled on the island from 1964 onwards.

Traditional economic activities are fishing and wine production. Most of the cultivated lands are covered with vineyards. Grape harvest festivities are held on 26-27 July.

Tourism was an important activity since the 1970s but it developed rapidly from the 1990s onwards. Long and fine beaches and the historical town of the island attract Turkish and foreign tourists. Residents hire parts of their houses as pensions. There also are small hotels.

Red poppies of the island are used to produce small quantities of sharbat and jam.

In year 2000, a wind farm of 17 turbines was erected at the western cape. It produces 10.2 MW energy, much more than the need of island. Excess power is transferred to mainland Anatolia

Travel to Bozcaada

Isin Guner Tuzcular 's photo
Isin Guner Tuzcular 's photo

Bozcada Photo Gallery

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Sea is very clean and calm in Bozcada.HourbourHouses in Bozcada are decorated with flowersOld houses have lovely woden doors
Sea is very clean and calm in Bozcada.
Sea is very clean and calm in Bozcada.
Houses in Bozcada are decorated with flowers
Houses in Bozcada are decorated with flowers
Old houses have lovely woden doors
Old houses have lovely woden doors

How to Travel to Bozcaada

Getting to Bozcaada:

There are Ferries from Canakkale to Bozcaada. If you start your journey driving from Istanbul, first you have to go reach to Canakkkale by crossing the Dardanelles.

You have several alternatives for crossing the Dardanelles:

Gelibolu - Lapseki / Ferry

Çandarli-Lapseki / Ferry(Private Boats)

Eceabat - Canakkale / Ferry

Kilitbahir - Canakkale / Ferry(Private Boats)

By Bus:

Coaches leave for Bozcaada from big cities every day. The bus journey from Istanbul takes approximately 7,5 hours. While some coach companies take you up to the ferry boat terminal, others take you only as far as Ezine. There is a beach and a cafe at the docks where you can spend time as you wait for the ferry.

By Plane:

There are scheduled flights between Çanakkale - Istanbul and Ankara by THY Airlines every day.

the Distances:

Bozcaada - Istanbul / 400 km.

Bozcaada- Izmir/ 280 km.

Bozcaada- Ankara/ 710 km.

Bozcaada- Bursa/ 375 km.

A desert from Bozcaada

Branda Farell writes about Bozcaada and a special dessert she liked.

Bozcada in Aegean Sea

Mercedes Bozcacada Kite Championship

Travel to Turkey

5 stars for Travel to Turkey

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