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Camping in the Lakes

Updated on July 26, 2012

images taken by me from the lakes

lake windermere in the lake district.
lake windermere in the lake district. | Source
the beauty of wildlife in the forests around the lakes
the beauty of wildlife in the forests around the lakes | Source
lake windermere with boats.
lake windermere with boats. | Source
the scenary around the lakes is breath taking.
the scenary around the lakes is breath taking. | Source

The lakes.

Ever thought of needing a short break away?, going back to nature as they say! Why not try the Lake District?

In 2010, me and my parnter decided to have a short break away, after a lot of discusion and research, we decided that the lakes would be the perfect place to go. We heard from people that the sights were breath taking and that it was a beautifull place to explore, so we thought we would see for our selves.

We got there in the late afternoon and spent about 2 1/2 hours looking for a campsite and then we stumbled on a perfect one in hawkshead. After we pitched up and got our camping equiptment out and got settled in, we decided to go for a quick walk around the village which we were staying in. We took a slow stroll up a small path which lead past a church into a field where you could see the entire town from the top, it was amazing, i have never seen a view that was so perfect in its own way.

Over the days we ventured all around lake windermere and saw some fantasic sights and wildlife, it was lovely to see birds, sheep, rabbits etc.. in there natural habitats, i found it really amusing especially because im a city lass and you dont really see the natural beauty of nature in city centres.

In one of the pictures ive put on you will see a little robin, it was so friendly. Me and my partner was sitting on a log taking in the view and the robin just wandered over, he diddnt seem affaid at all and it was fantasic to see a wild bird like this less than a metre away from you, i honnestly could not believe what i was seeing.

No mater how i try i will never be able to fully explain the beauty of the lakes and the breath taking views and all the wildlife, but i will say if you decide to take a short holiday there you will not be disapointed. Just remember to take a good pair of hiking boots because if you want to see the sights, you need to be comfortable.

The lakes can have a good effect on your health as well, breathing in all that fresh air, its like a natures natural detox. After we came home i felt like a totally different person, so relaxed, calm and collected, you can even reach your spiritual side through a break in the lakes.

Reconecting with nature is one of the best things people could do to releave the stress of day to day life. I know this from expierience, i was really stressed and worked up, i never thought i would be able to wind down by camping, but i did and it was amazing.

Nature and camping isnt for everyone, but you wont know untill you try it for your selves, i hope that if you do you will comment on my blog and share your expierience.

If you like this blog, im going to do a few on castles so check them out if you like.

Thanks for reading.
lou x

The lakes

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