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car driving tips in lagos nigeria to avoid breaking traffic laws on the road

Updated on May 8, 2011


Driving in LagosNigeria can be frustrating if you are not pre-informed about the likely challenges that you may face in the cause of driving cars in LagosNigeria. This hub is written with the sole aim of guiding tourists that intend visiting LagosNigeria in the nearest future. Though you may choose to hire taxis that will always be at your service (RED CAB) for instance, but there are times when you may want to cruise the state all by your self alone.

Anybody can get away with any kind of driving in Lagos before now. People used to say that you can’t drive in Lagos if you don’t drive crazily. All that have now changed since His Excellency BABA TUNDE RAJI FASHOLA assumed office as the new executive governor of Lagos state. He introduced LASTMA (Lagos state transport management agency) to help control traffic in Lagos. Though some corrupt officials among them gave them a bad name but they are still trying.

Haven said that, the first people that you need to avoid while driving in Lagos is the LASTMA, and the only way to avoid them is to obey traffic rules and regulations. Avoid taking one-way (i.e. driving in the opposite direction of the traffic) and observe the traffic lights and only move when it is green.

The next set of people to avoid is the VIO (vehicle inspection officers). These people are responsible for ensuring that only road worthy vehicles is actually plying the road. The irony here is that most vehicles plying Lagos road are not road worthy. People still move about with crappy cars/ vehicles and are still allowed by the so-called VIO. But that doesn’t justify their actions and the fact that Mr. is driving a crappy car and is getting away with it does not mean you can get away with same. So always ensure that your car is in good condition at all times.

The FRSC (federal road safety commission) are the next set of people you wouldn’t want to have problems with. They are mostly seen on federal highways but can at times be seen in major trunk B roads. Drive within the speed limit of any given area. And make sure you have your papers especially the driver’s license issued by FRSC.

To avoid the heavy traffic that characterize most parts of Lagos state, listen to traffic report of some radio stations like Cool-Fm, Wazobia-Fm, RayPower Fm, Rhythm Fm etc.

A lot of activities go on in Lagos as it the major commercial hub of Nigeria and is worth visiting. And if you are thinking of driving as it pleases you, you better have a re-think.

Happy driving in Lagos!


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    • profile image

      Imo Kingsley Johnson 5 years ago

      Hi lady Chinweike,what of the issue of this so called lastma towing off vehicles most often trucks that cuts diesel supply

    • chinweike profile image

      Chinweike 7 years ago from Glasgow, UK

      Hi Kevin, thanks for is the address of Red Cabs in Lagos; Motorways Building (1st Floor), 1 Motorway Avenue, Alausa, Lagos. Their phone numbers are: +234-1-4482110-19, the lines are always through.

      I hope this helps??


    • profile image

      kevin 7 years ago

      hi, please I'd like to know about Red Cabs in Lagos and how I can contact them.

    • chinweike profile image

      Chinweike 7 years ago from Glasgow, UK

      online scam check, Thanks for the comment. Lagos state is indeed improved. Although, some forces are now trying to twart the whole work. But, lagos must survive

    • online scam check profile image

      online scam check 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hi Chinweike,

      Thanks for this hub I'm so happy to hear about the major improvements carried out by the government in order to transform lagos

    • chinweike profile image

      Chinweike 7 years ago from Glasgow, UK

      Edward, Thanks for stoping by to make this comment.

      To respond to your advice, I already have over a dozen developed domain names.

      Some of them you can see on my profile page. All i am doing here is to share my knowledge, learn and stand the chance of making more money online.

      If you don't have an account with hubpages, i suggest you register today.

      PS. I just visited your forum, it is nice, I also have such forum on accounting where i help real people solve their accounting problems.


    • profile image

      Edward James Ojo 7 years ago

      Hello Chinweike

      Nice write up, i fount it on google's first page, try and get a domain name for your self and stop using hubpages, visit my forum and i would see to that.


    • chinweike profile image

      Chinweike 8 years ago from Glasgow, UK

      Hello Catalystsnstars, am glad to find yet another naija fellow here on hubpages. Welcome and thanks for the comments. Lagos is now a good place to stay and drive.

    • catalystsnstars profile image

      catalystsnstars 8 years ago from Land of Nod

      Hello fellow naija, thank you for the tips. I haven't been to lagos in a while but it's nice to hear about it on Hubpages.