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Cheap way to do Sturgis

Updated on March 13, 2013

Sturgis bike week on a budget. Some tips on cheap ways to do Sturgis Bike Week

If you are making plans for an inexpensive motorcycle trip to Sturgis, SD for the motorcycle rally and races, follow some simple tips.

Make arrangements to camp in a tent. There are large venues with well known entertainment, so choose the band you want to see and pay in advance to camp there one night. There are several "mom & pop" style campgrounds for a very reasonable price.

Plan to buy t-shirts towards the end of the event. Dated items go on sale late in the week.

Stay over after the event ends and ride the hills. You will ride, park, and sit on your overheating bike if you try to see the area during the rally.

Take an evening to go to the hot shoe races or a hill climb one day. That's Sturgis!

Have you done Sturgis, SD during Bike Week?

Your Sturgis SD experience.

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Sturgis on a budget. - How to get shirts, and souvenirs before or after the rally, online or on the road.

There are several ways to buy Sturgis souvenirs other than at the rally. The peak cost is Wednesday of the Rally, then prices start dropping. You can pay $35-45 for a t-shirt up until Wednesday, and on Sunday we've seen shirts as cheap as 5 for $20.00. Yes, that's the same shirt!

Vendors have gotten ahead of this phenomena by printing shirts as ordered at the rally. Not overprinting shirts that end up on eBay or at next year's events or truck stops.

If you must have a Sturgis shirt with this year's date, decide how much you will spend ahead of time, and wait till Saturday or Sunday the close of the event.

Tent Camping - Vanocker Campground Sturigs - best kept secret downtown Sturgis, SD

Pack your bike for Sturgis.

Here's an option - pack everything but the kitchen sink.


Improvise! Do Sturgis Bike Week on a budget.

You can get some great photos, too.

I caught this photo of a guy leaving Sturgis. Yes, he's towing a bike with a bike.

He's either bought a bike while in Sturgis,

or towing a bike for a friend,

or took an extra to Sturgis in case his reliable one breaks down,

or trying to sell his extra bike by taking it across country, or ...

Another cheap way to do Sturgis. - Watch the event on YouTube

Ha, ha! Don't go. Just spend the week looking at YouTube videos.

In my opinion that's not real wise, unless you know the source.

So much "junk" is videotaped there. Sturgis motorcycle rally is known as one of the largest motorcycle, bike rally events in the USA. Others try to claim this same title, but it also is an an out of control 10 day drunken party at many of the scheduled venues. I won't be mentioning them here because they aren't something you would do on a budget, even if you're planning to camp. You really need to know where you're staying and the reputation of the event before traveling all that way to experience the amazingly large gathering of motorcyclists.

Sturgis Black Hills riding experience mirrors no other location in the United States, according to me. I've ridden a large majority of this country. But the rally itself is made up of congestion, heat, storms, more heat, people, jammed traffic and more people. So you'll want to find a place to camp close, or stay many miles away and go into Sturgis for a day for the "experience."

Camp with Us

Come to Sturgis and Camp Vanocker. Throw down a tent, walk to town, take a shuttle to other camps and venues, leave your tent and ride the black hills.

Free Coffee every morning, and lots of time to sit a spell and enjoy the quiet amongst the chaos.

Have you been in a community when a bike rally was in town?

Going to Sturgis during the rally?

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    • geosum profile image

      geosum 5 years ago

      Gettysburg PA during bike week is something! I've always wanted a bike. Just completing a weight loss program and looking for new areas to explore.


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