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How is the climate in June and July in London and can you please suggest if it is good to visit London in June and July?

Updated on April 12, 2013

You can visit London at any time of the year


Do you want to know how is the climate in June and July in London? Okay, I will answer your request dear.

It is my personal experience that it does rain. But most of time it is very warm. In the evening, it gets colder. Just bring an umbrella and jumper. Cause you can expect all weather in one day. Snow, rain wet and sunny at the same time.

For a precaution, it is better to bring an umbrella.

During these months, you can get sunny weather.

Last year at that time, the sun was shining, very beautiful, it only rained one day, but I cannot tell you how it will be this year.

As you know, that due to the global warming and climate change in Antarctica due to Antarctic Ozone depletion, it is really not prudent to say that this will happen or that. It is totally unpredictable.

You can visit this website for knowing the facts that what UK government is doing for this:

Else, you can visit London at any time of the year.

Extreme Climate Change

Stormy Summer London Weather

Which climate do you like in London, summer or winter and what is your idea of extreme climate change around the globe?

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