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The Hobby of Traveling

Updated on January 30, 2017
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Tricia Deed favors swimming as her top hobby activity. She has also performed synchronized swimming and being a lifeguard.


Travel locally or around the world through books, movies, or actively engage in physically transporting from the familiar to the unfamiliar. Traveling is an unlimited hobby.
Travel locally or around the world through books, movies, or actively engage in physically transporting from the familiar to the unfamiliar. Traveling is an unlimited hobby. | Source

Travel to Mars

Traveling can be done in your local area, hundreds of miles, thousands of miles or even light years away. Transportation can be by land, sea, or sky. Travel for free or spend thousands of dollars. Purchase your travel ticket for your type of adventure or lifestyle.

A trip to Mars is becoming a reality. Presently it is a one way trip. There have been over 200,000 applications filled and only a handful of people have been accepted into the program. There is much to consider before taking this one way trip. Those traveling to Mars will be the pioneers for colonizing on this planet. Traveling to Mars is expected to occur in 2024.

The recent news report during the week of January 2014 indicated that a 43 year old male engineer located in Tampa, Florida was selected as one of the chosen candidates. According to this individual 40 people will be selected to colonize Mars.

Would you like to go to Mars?

Those people who are planning to do so are motivated to build and colonize Mars. This out of the world travel will be for those who want to; cannot encourage those who do not care to go.

Airline Flight

Travel by airplane for a quick trip to destination.
Travel by airplane for a quick trip to destination. | Source

Transportation Estimated Costs

What Mode of Travel Do You Prefer?

1. Space ship

2. Airplane

3. Ship

4. Train

5. Bus

6. Horse

7. Biking

8. Camel

8. Walking

Transportation costs will vary according to the use, time frame, and destination.

  1. A space ship starts at $250,000 per person
  2. Airplane - $79 and up
  3. Helicopter - $175 and up for pleasure or $15,000 or more for a hospital emergency trip.
  4. Hot air balloon - $250 per person
  5. Blimp -when used for advertising purposes the cost is free as this flying machine is used for advertising.
  6. Gliders - $100 per person
  7. Hang gliding - cost of glider estimating starts at $5500.
  8. Parachute jumping or sky diving $99 and up per person.

Are you planning to travel by sea or domestic waterways?

  1. Cruise ship 5 days start at $300 per person
  2. Sailing - $500 schooling per person, sailboat rents for $65 per person, or buy your own sailboat.
  3. Powerboat - rent $25/hour per person or purchase your own boat which will be in the thousands of dollars plus an average of $1500 a month for maintenance.
  4. Row boating and paddle boating $25 rental per person per shift

Travel by land:

  1. Train travel is a variable depending on destination, tours, and special packages. Starts at $25 per person.
  2. Bus travel may be as low as $2 a person, weekly or monthly discount fees, package deal prices to various destinations, or set prices from starting station to the final station. Some buses are also coordinated with other travel companies for packaged deals.
  3. Taxicab fees average $3.00 per mile plus additional charges for waiting, longer distances, airport pickup, hotel destinations, and any other miscellaneous costs to meet your travel needs.
  4. Horse, Camel, Biking, and Walking are the lease expensive to rent. The costs may be less if purchased.

These are estimated costs. You will need to do your own research as these costs vary from state to state.

Red Sunset Sky

Look to the sky for the seasonal or weather report.
Look to the sky for the seasonal or weather report. | Source

Travel Seasons of the Year

  1. Spring, summer, fall or winter
  2. Dry season, wet season
  3. Tourist season, off-tourist season
  4. Morning, afternoon, evening, night

There are no limitations as to when you wish to travel, it is more a matter of where you are going, then consider weather, culture, language, transportation, food, and clothing.

If not traveling in the United States you also need to consider the political climate and safety for self and family.

Off- season Traveling:

  1. Less people to slow you down. For example, less time waiting in line to see or participate in a theme park ride.
  2. Lower transportation costs
  3. Food and lodging less expensive
  4. An opportunity to experience the local people, culture, and foods (particularly important in foreign countries)
  5. Retail discount sales

A Group of Tourists

Travel alone, with another, or with a group of companions.
Travel alone, with another, or with a group of companions. | Source

Traveling Companions

1. Alone

2. Our mate

3. Traveling companion

4. Friends

5. Relatives

6. Tourist group

7. Experienced travelers

8. Travel Guide

The number of people who will be traveling with you depends heavily on where you are going and what you will be doing. It is what you prefer for the occasion or for safety.

A few examples:

  1. A family visiting relatives is limited to the family
  2. A lovers hideaway for two
  3. International travel should be in groups
  4. Special sports events or entertainment is open to couples or groups
  5. A bicycle may be singular or more

Travel Bags or Luggage

Select the appropriate bag or set of luggage for your trip.
Select the appropriate bag or set of luggage for your trip. | Source

Packing Tips

  1. The first necessary assignment before traveling is to set up all contact and emergency information. Some of this information will be with your luggage, purse, or wallet. Back up other critical information where it will be safe as well as easy access by a trusted individual in case of an emergency.
  2. Do not put all money supplies in one location. Distribute into different locations. In the event that baggage is lost, stolen, or misplaced not all monies have been lost.
  3. Pack a first aid kit and keep all medications in a carry on bag or any bag which is at your side and is easily accessible.
  4. Utilize wrinkle free clothing and pack only what you need or clothing which have multiple uses. Shipping clothing to the final destination is very helpful and cost saving. Allow space for gifts, purchasing a garment of local interest and memorabilia, or having to buy special clothing for an unplanned event. Check ahead with the family you will be visiting or the local tourism offices for weather conditions as this will help with clothing choices.
  5. Carry paper and plastic bags for dirty clothes, packing shoes, and other articles which may need protection or to protect other types of containers which may leak. Utilize small plastic containers for cosmetics and toiletries.
  6. Include snacks and beverages for those times when food may not be available.

Benefits of Travel

The benefits of travel include gaining new experiences, seeing other cultures, viewing new sites, and making new friends.
The benefits of travel include gaining new experiences, seeing other cultures, viewing new sites, and making new friends. | Source

Travel Benefits

One can travel through books, magazines, film, DVDs, brochures, or going directly to the geographical place of interest.

Why do people travel? It is a living experience which satisfies our hunger for:

  1. Curiosity
  2. History and geography lessons
  3. Fun and recreational leisure
  4. Just to be able to express "I've been there"
  5. Learn about other cultures
  6. Explore and discover
  7. Meet new people
  8. See different wildlife and plants
  9. Adventure
  10. Fun
  11. New experiences
  12. Work related

Do you prefer to travel in your own country or another?

See results

Comments Welcomed - Do you have a favorite travel destination?

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      4 years ago

      My hobby is writing, not brilliant at it yet but I am getting there. Great positive lens.


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