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Easy Ways to Prepare for a Trip

Updated on July 28, 2019
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JB is an hopeless romantic who has been writing poetry and essays since childhood. She wants to travel the world more than anything.

“ Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” – Jennifer Lee.

Nami Island, South Korea
Nami Island, South Korea

If there is something we all love and would love to do, it would be to travel.

Travelling, be it locally or internationally, solo or with a group, is a way for us to unwind and temporarily detach ourselves from the hustle and bustle of our life and the pressures and weariness of our work. Some people even make it a point to at least travel every quarter. For them, it is their way of recharging and getting a new perspective so that they can start the next quarter with a whole new set of energy and vigor. But how does one prepare to travel? Packing up your bags and just leave may sound easy, but not everyone who has a desire to travel actually get to do it. Some would say they do not have the time to prepare, some would say, they don't have enough resources to do it. Basically, preparing for a trip also takes some some strategy and preparation. Here are the basic things that I do on how I prepare myself (and my pocket) for that much needed break.

1. Save and Save and Save.

At the beginning, you may still not have an idea of where you want to travel. For sure so many places and ideas pop into your mind when you think of travelling. But really, the first step of travelling is actually having the means and resources to do it.

I know some people who kept saying that they want to travel but can never push through because of lack of funds. Every penny that you get to set aside every pay day can actually go a long way in preparing financially for your dream travel. Why not opt for a regular coffee than spend bucks on that Starbucks coffee? Why not get your water refill from the office or at home instead of always buying that bottled water? Why not bring home-made lunch to work instead of always buying that expensive unhealthy fast food everyday? You know how that saying goes, if there's a will, there's a way. Banks also offer affordable short term investments for as low as PHP 10,000.00 where you can save your travel funds for the meantime. Your money can actually earn some interest instead of storing it in your piggy bank where we all know is so easy to break.

2. Watch out for those travel deals.

Do you know that those travel bloggers you all admire and envy save a lot and get to travel more because of those awesome travel discounts and promos airline companies offer? Yep! If you are patient enough and determined enough, you can snag those piso deals airline companies like Cebu Pacific Air offer. Also, if you are not yet that adventurous enough to do a DIY travel itinerary especially abroad, why not check out Klook for their awesome and discounted deals for your tour and sightseeing needs and even for your attraction entrance fees. The sooner you actually plan for your trip, the better. Because it does not only give you more time to save, but it also allows you to watch out for promo fares and promo deals.

Every penny that you get to set aside every pay day can actually go a long way in preparing financially for your dream travel.

Lakawon Island, Philippines
Lakawon Island, Philippines

3. Travel with friends or family.

You know what makes travelling with a group better that solo? It's mooore fun and you actually get to spend less!

When you travel with friends or family, you get to share expenses such as hotel accommodation and even food. Some tours also offer promos like discounts when you book for more than one person. So go and encourage those family members and friends to take the adventure of your life together.

4. Research your travel destination.

Before travelling somewhere, I also make it a point to check out the place where I am going. It gives me comfort to actually know where I am travelling to. Go find out the top places tourist recommend to visit or the must see sights and must eat foods. Trust me, it is so much better to know where you are going and how you're gonna get there especially if you plan a DIY itinerary. It also saves you a whole lot of time than just wandering around with no specific place to go.

Having an itinerary saves you the trouble of debating where to go and allows you to actually visit more places. Researching the food also gives you an idea on the local food your city or country of choice offers so that you get the whole experience of your visit. Trying out their food and culture is a must for every travel as it allows you to fall in love with travelling more, as you get to experience firsthand the diversity and creativity of other cultures.

When you travel with friends or family, you get to share expenses such as hotel accommodation and even food. Some tours also offer promos like discounts when you book for more than one person.

I know some people has more to say about how they prepare for their much needed travel. But doing the basics above can actually help you have a more comfortable and fun one. So what are you waiting for? Go plan the next trip of your life!

© 2019 JB Sevillo


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