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Weeping Rock Trail-Zion National Park

Updated on September 28, 2014
ArtByLinda profile image

Linda is an amateur artist and photographer who loves to travel with her husband of 37 years.


Hiking the Weeping Rock Trail in Zion National Park

If you ever visit Zion, I can recommend you check out the Weeping Rocks. The trail up to the rocks is very steep but short and paved. Seemingly more steep depending on how many other trails you have hiked that day. This was the last trail I did on our last day at Zion. But I was so glad I did.

I love how you really can't see the beauty of the weeping rock until you arrive right under the tiny droplets of water falling from the huge rock mountain. There are beautiful hanging gardens that get sprinkled all day and night long with soft droplets of water.

The hanging gardens were in full bloom during our trip in April. They had different colored flowers on them too. Some were reds and some were purple. Creating an amazing visual contrast against the red variations of the sandstone.

One of the things that I found I wanted when doing research for our visit to Zion National Park was photos of each of the trails so I might have an idea on what things we did not want to miss on our short two day visit. So I thought it might be useful for all of you to have such a visual guide. Follow me below to a wondrous journey through Weeping Rock with links to the other trails we visited in the Park while there, if you want to see more.

All photos on this page were taken by the Author, Photographer Linda Hoxie.

A glance at where I am headed - Doesn't look like much from the road

Looking up at my destination, weeping rock
Looking up at my destination, weeping rock

Looking at my information packet I know that this is considered an easy trail and only .4 miles or .6 km long. Sweet, easy as pie.

Even though we are tired from our long day of hiking, I know I can do this no problem.

My only hesitation is that it doesn't look like much is up there from the bottom, do I even want to bother.

But it is the hanging gardens that pull my heart to it, rock I have seen a lot of. I have even seen rocks with water weeping out of them today.

What I haven't seen yet is beautiful hanging gardens, I am definitely going.

My hubby not so interested. He decides to stay at the bottom and enjoy the shade and gorgeous views.

Crossing the Bridge - a log beneath

Looking down from the bridge at dead tree
Looking down from the bridge at dead tree

Heading up from the shuttle stop you cross a bridge to get to the Weeping Rock trail. Not much water in the stream, a bit of a trickle.

This was a huge dead tree preserved above the ground by its roots and limbs beneath the bridge.

Are you wondering where Zion National Park is?

Zion National Park:
Zion National Park, Springdale, UT 84767, USA

get directions

A lizard sunning himself - on a warm rock

A lizard sunning himself on a rock on the hike up
A lizard sunning himself on a rock on the hike up

As you head up the trail you can't see much off to the sides of the steep trail as there is a lot of brush and trees on one side and on the other side is a hill.

So you begin to notice the little things along the edge of the steep paved trail.

Like this cute little lizard enjoying the sunshine. I think he was a blue-belly lizard but I did not investigate his under-belly.

I can see a little more of the - Weeping Rock

Getting a little closer to weeping rock
Getting a little closer to weeping rock

As you walk up further the trees open up and allow another glimpse of the Weeping Rock above. Now might be a good time to explain how the water escapes the rock according to what we learned on our trip.

There is a large amount of water that runs as Rivers inside the rock mountains in Zion National Park. Hidden beneath the Sandstone the cool water runs until it finds a place where the rock is less dense and allows the water to weep through it.

And Weep it does, shimmering in the sunlight. The water provides nourishment for plants and animals that grow and live around Zion.

A view off to the side - The trees and brush provide shade

A lot of flora and fauna to look at on the way up
A lot of flora and fauna to look at on the way up

The glimpses of trees and brush along the way provide welcome distraction from the steepness of the trail to this girl!

You can't really see it in the photo but that upside down Y shaped branch was hanging from what looked like a long vine. I think it was actually bark that peeled off and just hung it. It was moving in the breeze and that is what caught my attention.

Have you ever been to Zion National Park

Have you ever been to Zion National Park?

See results

What was your favorite hike or view in Zion?

If you visited Zion National Park, which was your absolute favorite hike or view?

Wet Rock - is this it?

Almost there and a wet rock, is this weeping rock
Almost there and a wet rock, is this weeping rock

When you are almost to the top of the trail you can glimpse this wet rock. I remember thinking, oh that can not be all it is. This can't be Weeping Rock!

Glancing back toward Big Ben - You can see Angels Landing Trail

A glimpse of the Angels Landing Trail at Big Bend
A glimpse of the Angels Landing Trail at Big Bend

I stopped and glanced back over the Canyon and could see a glimpse of Angels Landing Trail across the way. I believe it takes off from Big Ben but I am not sure.

Angels Landing is above my fitness at the moment but I am working on changing that. However, they say that if you have a fear of heights Angels Landing might not be for you as it comes to a place where the trail is the highest spot and both sides slope downward steeply. That might be an issue for me. But when I get in shape enough, I will try it! I truly believe in overcoming your fears.

When we used to snowmobile in Council, Idaho there was a very large bowl that was just over the peak of Council Mountain that we loved to ride our snowmobiles to. We had to drop off this steep, steep trail. Steep enough you could not use your brakes or turn or you might roll. It would take me five or ten minutes to talk myself into going down because that free fall feeling scares the crap out of me. But I would do it and feel better for having done so, really enjoyed the rest of my day. It gives you a feeling of accomplishment to overcome your fears.

Someday I will do Angels Trail, it is on my Bucket list as was Zions.

Arriving at Weeping Rock - The Beauty unfolds

Weeping Rock at Zion
Weeping Rock at Zion

As I arrive at the top, there are some steep steps to go up which puts you right beneath the weeping rock.

You see the beauty unfold before you. Not only is it hard to take in the entire view with a camera but it is hard to see it all with the naked eye. You are right up next to and below the rock and have to look up.

The water falls down in tiny little droplets that catch the sunshine as they fall. A mist of cool refreshing water hits you.

Everywhere you look is new discovery - The water that falls, the colors of the rock

You look up and can not take it all in
You look up and can not take it all in

Everywhere you look is new discovery.

The water that falls, the colors of the rock. The hanging gardens below.

Hanging Gardens below - Weeping Rock at Zion

Hanging Gardens on the rock wall
Hanging Gardens on the rock wall

You study the hanging gardens below the tiny waterfalls. Wondering how they are clinging to that rock. How do they grow. There is no dirt on that rock. What feeds them.

Look at the rock itself - incredible stripes of color

Stripes and variations of color on the limestone
Stripes and variations of color on the limestone

You look at the rock itself and are just amazed at the different strips and variations of color on it. Just so beautiful and unique.

This is the camera I use - I love my Canon EOS Rebel

It takes clear photos with vivid details. Easy to operate. Like most people, I have no formal training in photography but love to take photos to bring back the beauty I see to share with others. I love how when my memories fade I can bring up the photos I have taken on any of our trips and instantly those memories are so strong again.

Memories in a box, whether it be printed photos or those kept in jpg format.

I also have a 300 mm lens for my Rebel camera, someday I want to get one that allows close up photos, a Macro lens. But honestly I can zoom in pretty good with some of my lenses.

Water droplets fall - and catch the sunshine

Water droplets trickle down
Water droplets trickle down

When I look up at the rock above as I get closer the water droplets shimmer as they fall, catching the sunshine like sparkling diamonds in the air.

I love the beauty of water, every changing, in all it's forms.

Combine water with sunshine and you have rainbows of color and beauty.

The Hanging Gardens - have tiny little flowers

A close up of the hanging gardens at Weeping Rock in Zion
A close up of the hanging gardens at Weeping Rock in Zion

If you look closely at this photo, you can see the little red flowers near the top and the purple flowers closer to the bottom.

How do these hanging gardens grow on this rock face?

What gives them the nutrition they need, do you think it all comes from the water?

Looking up - above the weeping rock

The Rock is huge
The Rock is huge

When you look up above the rock you see more water coming from above.

The color and stripes are really interesting to look at, each part has a different look to it.

Amazing isn't it?

One more look across at Big Bend - With a peak at the White Ghost

Before you leave turn and take in the view one more time
Before you leave turn and take in the view one more time

Turning around I take one more look at the beautiful view you see from the top of Weeping Rock.

The view is breathtaking and beautiful!

I believe that White Mountain that the Angels Trail cross is called the "White Ghost".

A Snip from the Zion website - to show what is available at the Weeping Rock bus stop

They do have facilities at Weeping Rock
They do have facilities at Weeping Rock

Yes there are restroom at the shuttle bus stop at the bottom of the trail to the Weeping Rock, but non at Big Bend.

I hope you enjoyed this little trek with me and will visit the other trails we hiked on the links above. I would love to hear your thoughts on Zion, hiking, other places you would like to go or see or just anything.

Happy Vacationing!



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