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Five Travel Tips for the Frequent Traveler

Updated on April 15, 2018
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I'm a seasoned traveller and enjoy sharing sightseeing & travel tips . I particularly love London, my home of choice for over 50 years

These Travel Tips Can be Used by the Less Frequent Traveller Too - You're not Left Out!

I have always traveled a lot since my childhood shortly after the War. This is because my family moved to live in Africa, and we used to travel back to England (a 3-day flight on a flying boat in those days), to see the family, and then we would have holidays around Africa, and, at the age of 11, I was flying or travellng on a train for 3 days to boarding school in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Eventually I re-settled in England, but would visit family abroad, and my parents had a flat in Spain, which entailed frequent holidays for me and my family.

And then there were other places I visited frequently in the last few years, such as Bulgaria.

Church in Varna, Bulgaria


So am I qualified to give travel tips? Definitely!

See what you think - there are bound to be a few travelers' tips you will find useful

Check That all Your Injections and Vaccinations are Up-to-Date, and Your Passport has at Least Six Months to Run

We don't want any last-minute

panic, do we?

Also, make sure you have a

current Visa, if this is required

Travel Tip 1 - Keep A Fully Packed Washbag In Your Home

Have it ready at all times, then you can just grab it and run, with just a cursory check to see you haven't taken anything out of it since it was last used

Include the following basics:

  • Toothbrush with cover
  • Toothpaste
  • Sponge
  • Razor
  • Pillbox
  • Nail brush
  • Handbag-sized hairbrush and or comb
  • Mirror
  • Cotton wool and cotton wool buds
  • Nail clippers
  • Soap
  • Eye make-up remover (you can use this for general make-up removal, thus saving weight and space)

Travel Tip 2 - Keep A Fully Packed Medicine First-Aid Bag

Just the basic necessities, unless you're a hypochondriac, in which case you might be aghast at how little you can actually make do with

Keep the bag packed when at home, so it's available at a moment's notice, but make sure the medicines are not out of date. You will need the following basics, and even if you find you don't need them yourself, you could be someone else's saviour:

  • Plasters of various sizes (in case of blisters in those new shoes, and cuts when rock climbing or treading on broken glass)
  • Ibruprofen or Panadol (for headaches and fevers, reducing inflammation and generally making you feel better after various excesses)
  • Medicine to quell an upset stomach (sometimes this occurs because you are not acclimatised to the particular bacteria in the water, and it is wise to drink bottled water in some places - always ask other travelers you meet whether the water is safe - the locals will always say it's safe, because it is safe for them, they're used to it. And don't forget it includes avoiding ice as well, as this is only frozen water, and possibly only eating cooked food, as salad would be washed in the local water too)
  • Diarolyte (if you are very sick or have prolonged diarrhoea, you lose a lot of salts, and this will rehydrate you)
  • Eyedrops (in case of sore eyes after swimming, or getting foreign bodies like sand in your eyes)
  • Tweezers (good for pulling out splinters and thorns)
  • Antihistamine ointment (for insect stings and bites - it will stop them itching)
  • Insect repellant (not essential, but very useful if you are in a place where flying creatures are a nuisance)
  • Antiseptic wipes (to help avoid infection if you get a cut or blister)
  • Bandage (in case of more serious injury, including sprains)

A word of warning:

I am not medically qualified to give you medical advice, so if in doubt, see someone who is.

The paragraph above is

for your guidance only.


Snake bites, jelly fish bites, and

getting bitten by sharks or pirhanas

are outside my field of knowledge

and therefore not covered by

the travel tips given in this article!

Travel Tip 3: Keep Some Stationery At The Ready

You'll be pleased if you don't have to run round looking for bits and pieces at the last minute

These itlems will prove invaluable when travelling, and are often forgotten:

  • String (to tie up luggage, hang out clothes)
  • A non-leaking pen with a lid (remember that biro pens often leak at high altitudes, and can make a mess of your bag and hands)
  • Note- paper and/or Post-it Notes and Labels (you are bound to want to write something down, be it an address, or a note to say where you can be found if not in your room, and labels are handy for the return journey)
  • A list of important phone numbers/addresses ( don't take your address book with you, in case you lose it, and be prepared in case you lose your mobile phone)
  • Elastic Bands and Safety Pins in case you need to band things together, or pin a jacket or hem if you lose a button or catch your hem

Do Not Put Your Home Address on Your Luggage Label on Your Outward-bound Journey

If thieves spot your address,

they might make an unexpected visit

to your home whilst you are away.

You might want to put some form of

identification inside your suitcase,

but even this is not entirely without risk,

in the event that your suitcase is stolen.

Travel Tip 4 - If you Frequently Travel to the Same Place, Leave a Suitcase Behind

To be stored in the hotel or holiday home

See whether there is somewhere there (e.g. a hotel storage area or under the stairs in a holiday home) where you can leave a suitcase of clothes and necessities when you go home, to save you having to pack things which you don't need back home, such as spare swimming gear, and maybe casual clothes you wouldn't wear at home, and a sunhat, even some costume jewelry and a handbag or backpack and sandals, and a washbag and medical kit.

I try to leave behind at the resort the various clothes which I am fed up with wearing every day at home, but which still look tolerable. By the time you have left them behind for 3 months, they look quite appealing again, and of course new people will see them with new eyes.

Travel Tip 5 - Money

Keep a permanent spare wallet with cash in the currencies you use frequently

After your trip, don't change your foreign currency back to your home currency - just shove it in a drawer till your next trip. Living in the UK it would be Euro's, or $ US which are acceptable all over Europe and maybe Swiss francs. Work out by analogy what you would need in your area.

Change your money locally - it is more expensive at the airport, and you will need at least some money for taxis and tipping before you get to your destination.

Take this Poll About Travel - Are you a frequent traveller?

Do you go away more than once a year?

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Travelling on YouTube:

"I'm Leaving, on a Jet Plane" by John Denver -

I love this song, very romantic -

Couldn't you just fall in love all over again after listening to it?


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